December 22, 2017

2017 Holiday Shopping Guide for Diamond Jewelry

The holidays are almost here but it’s not too late to pick out the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one. And what kind of jewelry does every woman want? Diamond jewelry. That’s why we’ve put together this expertly curated list of the best diamond jewelry of the holiday season. Ready to see the best jewelry of the year? Here’s our 2017 holiday shopping guide for diamond jewelry.

The Classic Pendant


This diamond solitaire pendant is as classic as it is beautiful. Featuring a glittering white diamond set in chic 14k white gold, this pendant is delicately gorgeous. The added detailing of the six-prong setting adds a star-like effect to this radiant pendant. You can also choose the chain length of this pendant, allowing you to customize it to suit the wearer’s taste.

The Tennis Bracelet


Want to see stars in her eyes this holiday season? Choose this incredible certified 14k white gold and diamond tennis bracelet. Featuring 4 total carats of incredible princess shaped diamonds, this bracelet is a stunner. Each diamond is carefully enclosed in a white gold setting along this 6-inch long chain. Tennis bracelets are a timeless piece of jewelry that every woman covets. If you want a gift with a real wow factor, you can’t go wrong with this breathtaking piece.

The Halo Dangle Set


Halo settings have been a popular trend for several years. It’s easy to see why so many women want jewelry featuring a halo setting. The radiant ring of white diamonds that encircles the center stones of these dazzling earrings creates a dazzling effect. Not only does this setting add extra sparkle, it also gives the illusion that the center diamonds in the piece are larger. Adding, even more, sparkle to this look are the extra diamonds that sit along the earrings’ hoops. These magnificent dangle drop earrings feature a total of 36 white diamonds— that’s a lot of shimmer. Maximizing the glitter of these earrings, even more, is the drop setting itself. These earrings will sway gently when worn, catching the light as they move and drawing eyes from across the room.

The Diamond Ring


Diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings. Diamond fashion rings are a beautiful accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any look. This beautifully swirling diamond ring creates a modern and stylish effect. It features 32 dazzling white diamonds set in a slender, curving design. The white gold band of this setting complements the diamonds perfectly, adding a sophisticated yet dreamy white glow to the piece.

The Halo Pendant


Here we have another incredible halo set piece she’ll adore: a brilliant halo diamond pendant set in 14k white gold. In this piece, the halo setting features 12 dazzling white diamonds that enhance the beauty of the featured center stone. This halo pendant dangles delicately on a slim white gold box chain, which is customizable in length. This piece is radiant, stylish, and endlessly wearable.

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November 30, 2017

10 Rustic Themed Centerpieces Perfect for the Fall Wedding

The beauty of fall has helped it overtake spring and summer as the most popular wedding season. Fall brings colorful harvests, lovely weather, and the changing of the leaves. What could be better? If you’re planning a fall wedding, consider incorporating the rustic beauty of fall into your centerpieces to celebrate the season. Fall-themed centerpieces are not only charming and beautiful, they can also be more affordable than traditional floral centerpieces. Looking for some fall centerpiece inspiration? Here are 10 rustic-themed centerpieces perfect for a fall wedding.

1. Sprigs and Fruits


Add a touch of bountiful whimsy to your centerpiece by using fall fruits as the main focus. You can pair sprigs of deep green leaves with fall fruits like pomegranates, persimmons, and cranberries for a richly colorful display.

2. Cinderella Pumpkins In Fairytale White


White Cinderella pumpkins are beautiful and have a fairytale feel. Using these as your centerpieces, or adding smaller cinderella pumpkins to accent a floral arrangement, is as charming as it is pretty. Consider placing small and medium-sized cinderella pumpkins on gilded pedestals for an elevated look.

3. Gold and Silver Pumpkins


Another of our favorite pumpkin centerpiece ideas is using painted pumpkins to add sparkle. You can spray paint clusters of pumpkins in varying sizes to add a touch of whimsical glimmer to your table. If you want even more sparkle, consider bedazzling your pumpkins for a rustic yet glamorous look.

4. Colorful Vegetables and Herbs


Using scattered fall vegetables and herbs is a lovely way to decorate your fall wedding. The rich colors of fall vegetables like artichokes, small carrots, and eggplants pair beautifully with deep green of delicate herbs like rosemary and thyme.

5. Tall Wheat


Reach for the skies with tall centerpieces of bundled wheat. Wheat can be used as an accent piece in a floral arrangement or it can stand boldly alone in a tall glass vase with a twine accent.

6. Vine Table Runner


A long, leafy vine used as a table runner adds a dramatic touch to rustic decor. You can choose to let your vine runner stand alone or decorate it with fall blooms or apples.

7. Vase of Mixed Produce and Pine Cones


A tall glass vase full of fall’s harvests is a beautiful way to display the bountiful colors of the season. Add accents of warm wood by mixing pine cones into your display.

8. Driftwood and Soft Blooms


Using beautifully colored driftwood to accent your table is a lovely way to add an outdoorsy touch to your table. For a more romantic version of this look, try placing soft white blooms with your driftwood.

9. Bundles of Wildflowers


Using an eclectic mix of small wildflowers is a fun and pretty take on a traditional floral arrangement. You can use small vases to scatter these blooms across your table or place larger arrangements in rustic mason jars.

10. Succulent Gardens


Succulent gardens are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your table. You can use flat clay dishes to display your succulents or try using small glass containers. You can also try using hanging succulent gardens for a delicate, magical touch.

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November 28, 2017

A Fine Jewelry Gift Guide For Your Bridal Party

Your wedding day is one you’ll never forget. This incredible day spent celebrating the love you and your partner share, surrounded by the love of your family and friends, is one you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. It’s common practice to give the loved ones in your bridal party gifts of appreciation, showing them how much it means to you to have them there as a part of your special day. Fine jewelry is a thoughtful gift choice for your wedding party, as they can wear it on the day of the wedding and for many years to come. Want to know the best fine jewelry gifts to give your bridal party? We’ve rounded up a bevy of gorgeous fine jewelry gifts for your bridesmaids and have included some elegant options for the mother of the bride. Keep reading to see all the dazzling picks in our fine jewelry gift guide for your bridal party.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

A Classic Solitaire Diamond Pendant


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

This delicate diamond pendant is a perfect compliment to any bridesmaid look. It features an elegant and classic white diamond set in radiant white gold. A round diamond is a great choice for a solitaire pendant, as it is the most timeless and wearable diamond shape. This is a gift that your bridesmaids will enjoy for a lifetime.

Dazzling Halo Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold Halo Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Halo diamond studs add glamour to every look. These dazzling studs, featuring a halo of stunning white diamonds circling a larger center diamond, are eye-catching, stunning, and fashionable. This is a beautiful and on-trend option that your bridesmaids will be thrilled to receive.

Gemstone Studs to Match Their Dress


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Ruby Gemstone Stud Earrings

Another lovely option for your bridesmaids’ gift is gifting them a pair of gemstone studs to match their bridesmaid gown. Seen here in a rich red ruby option, these studs are a great way to enhance any wedding day look. Gemstone studs come in a variety of colors to match any bridesmaid dress.

Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

Classic Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Show your mother how much you appreciate her with these classic diamond studs. These elegant diamond studs feature two brilliant diamonds set in beautiful white gold. Diamond studs are truly classic, just like the mother of the bride.

An Elegant Sapphire Pendant


14k White Gold 6-Prong Round Sapphire Gemstone Solitaire Pendant

Sapphires have an unparalleled air of sophistication and glamour. This simple and delicate 6-prong set sapphire gemstone pendant lets the beauty of the enclosed rich blue sapphire shine. This elegant sapphire pendant is something your mother will cherish.

A Delicate Ring


Blossom Ring in 14k White Gold

This elegantly designed diamond and white gold band is sweetly beautiful. Featuring three delicately placed marquise shaped diamonds, this band is the perfect compliment to a mother of the bride’s wedding day gown. This is a gift that your mother can wear for years to come. Each time she glances down at it, she will think of the love and happiness she felt on her daughter’s special day.

Want more bridal party gift ideas? See even more fine jewelry picks for your bridal party at our Bridal Party Gifts page.

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November 21, 2017

A Diamond Jewelry Gift Guide for Her Under $500

Diamond jewelry is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that every woman loves to receive— and it doesn’t always have to break the bank. There are many gorgeous pieces of luxury diamond jewelry that are still attainable within a smaller budget. Today, we wanted to highlight some of these lovely pieces of fine jewelry. So, if you’re shopping for someone special, check out our diamond jewelry gift guide for her, with every piece under $500.

Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant


Certified 14k White Gold and Diamond Solitaire Pendant $499

This pear-shaped diamond pendant is a stunner. The elegant teardrop shape of this featured gemstone dangles delicately from a 14K white gold chain. This is a great gift for the woman in your life, as it is not only beautiful, it’s also endlessly wearable. You can dress it up or wear it every day. This is a gift that will add beauty to the daily life of whoever receives it.

Blue Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold and Round Blue Diamond Studs $299

White diamonds are not the only choice when shopping for jewelry. Blue diamonds, with their rich deep color, are a lovely way to mix up a pair of classic diamond studs. These elegant blue diamond studs are sure to wow any recipient, with two radiant blue diamonds set in softly glowing white gold settings. This is an especially great gift to give someone with blue eyes, as these earrings will beautifully complement them. Rare people deserve rare blue diamond earrings. 

Halo Diamond Pendant


Certified 14k White Gold Halo Diamond Pendant $439

Halo settings are a great way to add the illusion of a larger size to a smaller center stone. This incredible halo diamond pendant has 12 smaller diamonds encircling the radiant center diamond, adding huge sparkle to this elegant pendant. Give the gift of everyday glamour with this halo set diamond pendant. 

Yellow Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold 3-Prong Round Yellow Diamond Studs $299

These yellow diamond studs set in 14k white gold are an exotic and beautiful gift. Yellow diamonds are a great choice to give the style-setter in your life. They are unique, stylish, and show-stopping. The unexpected beauty of these yellow diamonds is enhanced by the cool, distinctive style of their 3-prong settings. These are a great twist on traditional diamond studs and are sure to put a smile on any woman’s face.

Stacking Diamond Band


Julia Classic Diamond Wedding Band In 14k White Gold

Gifting a diamond stacking band is a perfect choice for any woman. A diamond band can be worn alone, as a dazzling fashion ring, or can be worn alongside an existing engagement ring or wedding ring. This is an especially great option to gift your wife, as it offers her more versatility when wearing her wedding set, making it feel brand new again.

Want to see even more dazzling diamond jewelry under $500? Check out our wide selection of fine jewelry under $500.


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