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These stories are more than just a ring, more than an engagement, and more than just walk down the aisle, they are memories that are uniquely heartwarming and personal. Here at Diamond Wish, we can’t get enough of these stories and we hope you will love reading them as much as we do.


Got you saying things like "Yes” girl, I knew that you would be my only girl.

#SheSaidYes #OffTheMarket #Committed #BlessedWithTheBest

- Alvin

  • Cooper Cooper

    I loved the secure shopping experience online. Nice job Diamond Wish! I referred you guys to some of my buddies.

  • Brooklyn Brooklyn

    Our love came easy and so did the proposal. Thanks Diamond Wish for such amazing customer service.

  • Larry Larry

    The standards were pretty high for her and let’s just say… Diamond Wish blew them out of the water. She still can’t stop beaming from happiness!

  • Emily Emily

    Wishes really came true for me when he proposed with my Diamond Wish engagement ring. He really did find what I’ve always wanted.

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  • Peter Peter

    Easy shopping, fun experience, and a great ring!

  • Megan Megan

    He proposed during our trip to Paris in front of the Louvre. Just like his plans, the ring was just as unique and flawless.