March 27, 2020

Diamond: The Unsurpassed April Birthstone

People who were born in the month of April are lucky to have the gorgeous, exquisitely brilliant diamond as their birthstone. Diamonds are perhaps the most desired of all the precious gems, thanks to their beauty, durability, versatility, and lovely meaning. Since diamonds are so highly desired, diamond jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. But diamond jewelry is a particularly thoughtful gift for someone with an April birthday, as it’s both beautiful and personalized.

Thinking of picking up a diamond piece for a loved one with an April birthday? Or do you want to get yourself something special for your April birthday? Read on to learn more about the history and meaning of April’s birthstone, the diamond, and to see some of our top recommendations for April birthstone jewelry gifts!

The History Of April’s Birthstone

It takes between one and three billion years for a diamond to form within the earth, so every natural diamond in existence is at least one billion years old. This ancient gemstone has been loved and desired by humans throughout the ages, since at least as far back as the fourth century BC. Some of the earliest records of humans trading diamonds come from the fourth century BC in ancient India, where diamonds were sometimes found in India’s rivers and streams. These diamonds were very limited in quantity so, initially, they were sold only to the wealthiest classes in India. This changed over time, however, as world trade expanded. In the Middle Ages, Indian traders traveled with caravans to markets in Venice, where they sold their diamonds to wealthy Europeans. By the 1400s, diamonds had become incredibly fashionable among European nobles.

India was the world’s first source of diamonds, and they remained the primary source for hundreds of years. In the early 1700s, however, India’s diamond supplies began to dwindle, while other countries were discovering their own supplies. In the 1700s, Brazil became the world’s dominant source of diamonds, followed by South Africa in the 1800s. Today, diamonds are mined in many parts of the world, including Canada, Botswana, Russia, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, and Angola.

The Meaning of April’s Birthstone

Diamonds have been associated with love since the time of Ancient Rome, when Ancient Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. Ancient people also strongly associated diamonds with strength, as diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth. The ancient Greek word for diamond was “adamas,” which means “invincible.” Ancient Greek warriors often wore diamonds into battle, as they believed they would strengthen their muscles and make their wearer invincible in battle.

Today, diamonds are still associated with love for oneself and others, and inner strength. Then, in the modern era, diamonds are also associated with purity, innocence, and eternity. The beautiful meaning of the diamond has made it the most popular gemstone for engagement rings.

April Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

With their extraordinarily high brilliance, diamonds look absolutely gorgeous in every type of fine jewelry. Then, the immense strength and hardness of diamonds also means that they’re quite a practical choice for any type of jewelry, and they’re every jeweler’s top recommendation for everyday rings. Diamond birthstone jewelry is simply a can’t-go-wrong gift option, no matter which type or style you choose. However, to help give you some inspiration, here are some of our current favorite diamond jewelry pieces!

Alena Diamond Ring With Diamond Band

A classic diamond ring with a pave diamond band is a timeless gift your loved one will treasure forever. Pictured above is the Alena Ring, a lovely, timeless engagement ring option. But if you’re looking for another style, we do have a custom diamond ring designer tool, which allows you to easily create the diamond engagement ring or fashion diamond ring of your dreams.

Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace

A solitaire diamond pendant necklace is beautiful, classic, and quite versatile. A diamond pendant necklace looks as at-home with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a black tie ensemble. A diamond pendant necklace is a can’t-fail gift option that they’ll be able to enjoy wearing for decades to come.

Elise Twisted Band Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Elise Diamond Ring is one of our current favorite solitaire styles. This utterly elegant ring setting features a slim, twisted band and a chic, timeless four prong solitaire setting. The Elise Ring is a lovely style that works beautifully as a classic engagement ring or as a beautiful promise ring.

Skylar Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Going for glamour? The Skylar Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is the ideal choice. This gorgeous engagement ring, which could also double as a show-stopping cocktail ring, features an emerald cut halo setting adorned with shimmering pave diamonds. Additional diamonds accent this ring’s slim band, ensuring it will dazzle from every angle.

Shopping for a traditional birthstone birthday gift for a different month of the year? View our Gemstone Jewelry Collection, which features amethyst jewelry, aquamarine jewelry, topaz jewelry, citrine jewelry, and much more.

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March 27, 2020

March’s Beautiful Gemstone: Aquamarine Facts

If you’re a March baby, your birthstone is the aquamarine, a lovely blue gemstone named for its resemblance to a shimmering, crystal clear blue ocean. Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that looks simply stunning in every type of fine jewelry. Aquamarine’s soft blue hue also pairs beautifully with every precious metal, making it quite a versatile gem. But then, in addition to being beautiful and versatile, aquamarine is a gem with rich history and meaning. Curious to know more about March’s birthstone, the aquamarine? Read on to learn 14 fascinating facts about aquamarine!

This 14k white gold twisted band ring features a gorgeous cushion cut aquamarine, the gem of the sea.

1. The word aquamarine is derived from the Latin word “aqua,” which means water, and the Latin word “marina,” which means the sea. So the gemstone aquamarine’s name, “aqua marina,” literally translates to “the water of the sea.”

2. Aquamarine is the blue to blue-green variety of beryl, which means it’s in the same family as emerald (green beryl) and morganite (pink beryl).

3. Aquamarine gets its mesmerizing blue color from traces of iron that reside within its crystalline structure.

4. In engagement rings, aquamarine is thought to symbolize health, clear communication, and courage.

The emerald cut aquamarine within this beautiful diamond and aquamarine engagement ring is thought to help promote clear communication in marriage.

5. In modern times, aquamarine is associated with tranquility, mental clarity, and good health.

6. Due to its oceanic color, aquamarine has long been associated with the mermaids, the sea, and sailors. Since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome, aquamarine has been nicknamed “The Sailor’s Stone.” Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that carrying this light blue stone would ensure safe passage to sailors during their voyages and help to prevent seasickness. Greeks and Romans sometimes engraved Poseidon or Neptune, the gods of the sea, on an aquamarine stone to provide extra protection for its wearer, who would generally wear the engraved gem in an amulet.

7. The beautiful blue aquamarine is the traditional gemstone given on the 19th wedding anniversary.

This dazzling halo aquamarine ring works beautifully as an engagement ring or as a 19th wedding anniversary gift.

8. Many cultures throughout history believed that aquamarine had healing properties. Using aquamarine medicinally was particularly popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. During this time, Europeans believed that aquamarines could improve digestion, help one avoid fluid retention, and even work as an antidote against poison.

9. Aquamarine became the official modern March birthstone in 1912, when the American National Association of Jewelers gave it its new title.

10. Aquamarines rank at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making them quite a durable gemstone. Since they’re a hard gemstone, aquamarines are a great option for many types of jewelry, including rings.

The emerald cut aquamarine within this elegant halo aquamarine ring is as durable as it is beautiful.

11. The largest gemstone-quality aquamarine ever found weighed in at a staggering 243 pounds. This aquamarine, discovered in the Minas Gerais mine in Brazil in 1910, was cut into numerous smaller stones that together weighed over 200,000 carats.

12. The largest cut aquamarine gemstone in the world has a name: Dom Pedro. The Dom Pedro Aquamarine weighs 10,363 carats and is available for public view at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.

13. Queen Elizabeth II, a known lover of fine gems, adores aquamarines. During her coronation in 1953, the President of Brazil presented Queen Elizabeth with a fine aquamarine necklace and a stunning pair of aquamarine earrings. Queen Elizabeth found that she loved the gem so much that she added numerous aquamarine pieces to her collection of royal jewels. Some well-known aquamarine pieces within Queen Elizabeth’s collection include an aquamarine tiara, an aquamarine bracelet, and an aquamarine brooch.

14. Today, most of the world’s aquamarine is found in Brazil. But aquamarine has been found in many places across the globe, including in Angola, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Mozambique, Russia, Tanzania, and in Colorado, USA.

Can’t get enough of the gem of the sea? View more aquamarine jewelry.

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February 28, 2020

2020 Pantone – Sapphire Jewelry & Something Blue

Blue sapphires have always been loved for their rich, mesmerizing blue color. This spellbinding, deep blue gemstone has been worn by royals for centuries and is always of favorite of those who favor a classic look. Yet, as we enter into 2020, it seems that the blue sapphire is experiencing a notable uptick in popularity. This year, we’ve noticed a strong rise in the popularity of blue sapphire engagement rings and blue sapphire jewelry in general.

Perhaps the blue sapphire has become even more popular because of the ongoing influence of Kate Middleton’s iconic blue sapphire engagement ring. Or, perhaps the blue sapphire is more popular because it perfectly matches Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue. Whatever the reason, blue sapphire jewelry seems to be on track to be one of the biggest jewelry trends of the year.

To celebrate the surging popularity of the rich, regal sapphire, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite blue sapphire pieces. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a new piece of fashion jewelry, or that something blue for your wedding, we have the perfect blue sapphire piece for you.

Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Earrings

These blue sapphire and white diamond halo earrings are nothing short of stunning. In this design, two large, beautifully deep sapphires are surrounded by a diamond halo. This diamond halo gives the impression of blooming flower petals that spring from the depth of the center blue gemstones. The combination of the brilliant white diamonds and rich blue sapphires in this piece creates a gorgeous contrast that will draw eyes from across the room.

Shop Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Earrings

Andrea Halo Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

The design of this 8.70 carat oval blue sapphire and diamond ring was inspired by Princess Diana and her legendary blue sapphire engagement ring (now worn by Kate Middleton). This ring features a sizable center sapphire surrounded by a highly unique diamond halo. In this intricate halo setting, petite baguette and round diamonds interlock to create a shape similar to a classic tiara.

Shop the Andrea Ring

Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings

These solitaire sapphire stud earrings are a chic way to incorporate blue sapphires into your daily wardrobe. These stud earrings feature two deep blue sapphires enclosed in sleek bezel settings crafted from white gold. If you prefer a different precious metal or setting style, know that our solitaire blue sapphire studs are customizable. You can click the link below to select your ideal carat weight, setting style, and precious metal for your sapphire stud earrings.

Shop Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings

Charleston Ballerina Halo Engagement Ring

With its gorgeous Art Deco-style halo, the Charleston Ballerina Halo Engagement Ring is a true stand out within our blue sapphire engagement collection. This mesmerizing ring features a round blue sapphire enclosed within a ballerina halo. This beautiful halo is set with round and baguette diamonds, boasting 36 total diamonds that create incredible brilliance.

Shop Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

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February 28, 2020

One in a Million: The One Carat Diamond Price

Did you know that only one in every one million diamonds is a one carat diamond? One carat diamonds are quite rare, and they also have one of the most coveted carat weights. One carat diamonds are a top choice for engagement rings, stud earrings, pendant necklaces, and many other types of jewelry.

As a jeweler that specializes in diamond jewelry, we get a lot of questions about this highly desired carat weight. Mostly commonly, people ask us, “how much does a one carat diamond cost?” This is a simple question that has a bit of a complicated answer. One carat white diamonds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000– which is a very wide price range. The reason this price range is so strikingly wide is that carat weight is far from the only thing that determines the price of a diamond. Other factors, like diamond quality and diamond shape, also play a major role in a diamond’s price.

If you want to understand what determines the price of a one carat diamond, read on. Below, we’ll go over all the other major factors that change the price of a diamond, like diamond cut, clarity, color, and shape.

One Carat Diamond Price and The 4Cs

The price of a solitaire engagement ring is affected by its center diamond’s carat weight, clarity, cut, and color.

The 4Cs of diamonds are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Out of all of the 4Cs, carat weight does have the largest impact on the price of a diamond. The higher the carat weight, the higher the price tag. However, the rest of the 4Cs also play a huge role in determining a diamond’s price, since they affect a diamond’s quality and beauty.

Apart from carat weight, diamond cut is the quality that has the biggest impact on a diamond’s price. Diamond cut is a measurement of how well a diamond was cut, which affects how well it reflects light. A well cut diamond will capture and reflect light beautifully, while a poorly cut diamond will look dull and dim. Diamond cut grade dramatically affects a diamond’s beauty, so it makes sense that it can also dramatically affect its price.

Both clarity and color grade impact a diamond’s price, but not quite as dramatically as carat weight or cut. Higher clarity and and color grades will, however, always fetch a higher price. In particular, the top grades within these categories tend to fetch a premium price. For example, a completely colorless diamond will be considerably more expensive than a faintly yellow diamond (assuming all their other qualities are the same).

Each of the 4Cs impacts a diamond’s price on its own. Then a diamond’s unique combination of 4C grades will impact its price, as will details like fluorescence, polish, and symmetry. If you’re looking for a one carat diamond on a budget, consider which diamond qualities you could be more flexible on. We generally recommend prioritizing diamond cut, since it has such an enormous impact on a diamond’s beauty, and then being more flexible on diamond clarity and color.

One Carat Diamond Price and Diamond Shape

The round brilliant cut diamond, as seen above in the Reagan Ring, is the most expensive diamond shape.

Diamond shape, the shape a diamond has been cut into, is another diamond quality that has a major impact on diamond price. There are two main factors that can impact the price of a certain diamond shape: the cost of production and market demand.

Round is easily the most expensive diamond shape, since it’s both more expensive to produce and extremely popular. Cutting a round diamond leads to more diamond waste, which means it’s more expensive to manufacture. Then, round is the most popular diamond shape. Over half of all diamonds sold today are round diamonds. Because round diamonds are so in demand, manufacturers and jewelers know they can charge a bit more for them.

When it comes to fancy shaped diamonds, market demand plays the biggest role in their price. All fancy shaped diamonds will cost less than round diamonds with the same qualities, but there’s much price variety within the fancy shaped diamond category. The price of fancy shaped diamonds can vary often as market demand changes. For example, cushion cut diamonds have become a bit more expensive recently, since they’ve become more popular over the last several years.

Final Thoughts

The Black Diamond Elise Ring is a lovely one carat diamond option for those looking for a distinctive engagement ring (and a more affordable price tag!).

There you have it: everything you need to know about the price of a one carat white diamond! If you’re considering selecting a one carat diamond for your engagement ring, browse our selection of pre-set one carat engagement rings.

To close out our post, we have one final tip. If you’re shopping for a one carat engagement ring on a more strict budget, you may want to consider stepping outside of the white diamond category and exploring your other gemstone options. Center stones like black diamonds, moissanite, aquamarine, and morganite are all more affordable than white diamonds– but no less beautiful! If you have any questions about either our white diamond or our gemstone engagement rings, reach out. We’d be happy to assist you.

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February 28, 2020

Lasting Relationships: 9 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, to show your partner just how much you love them. Every day is a great day to show your partner how much you care for and appreciate them! Regularly taking a bit of time to remind your partner how much they mean to you can help your love deepen even more over time, which will help your relationship stay solid, loving, and exciting.

Wondering how you can share your love every day? Read on to see our list of 9 simple ways to show your love!

1. Hold Hands

Physical touch engages the heart and the mind, helping you and your partner stay connected.

2. Do Their Least Favorite Chore

Taking a bit of time to do a chore before they get to it is a great way to show your partner that you’re there for them and appreciate them.

3. Send a Sweet Email

Whether they’re going about business as usual or are experiencing a particularly busy or stressful day, getting a caring message from you will put a smile on their face and help them sail through their day.

4. Give the Little gifts

Giving gifts can be a great way to show your partner that you love and appreciate them. But not every gift has to be extravagant– small gifts are also a great way to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face. If you’re not sure what to get your partner, here are some ideas: a book you think they’d love, their favorite candy, their favorite snack, a new candle, flowers (or even a single flower), a handwritten love note. Side note: jewelry is always a good idea.

A stunning sapphire solitaire pendant with a white gold chain

5. Say it In a Post-It

Brighten their day way simple and sweet love note. Surprise them in the morning by placing the note on the bathroom mirror. Not sure what to write? Try jotting down something you love about them or even just writing a simple “I love you.”

6. No Phones Allowed

Spend quality time together with no phones allowed. It’s all too easy to get into the habit of scrolling through your phone while you’re relaxing with your partner. But focused, quality time is so important for maintaining a loving, lasting relationship (and smartphones are the enemy of focused attention). So consider setting aside some time to spend with your partner with no phones, tablets, or technology allowed.

7. Share Even Your Silliest of Thoughts

Share your thoughts daily with each other over your morning coffee, at dinner, or before bed. Sharing your hopes, your passions, and your interests with your partner will help you stay connected long-term, which will help your love grow deeper each day.

8. Be Their Personal Chef for an Evening

Cook or order their favorite meal. This will make your partner feel special any day of the week, but it’s especially thoughtful if you know they’ve had a long or challenging day.

9. Tell Them Why

Tell your partner why you love them, out loud. Whenever you feel moved to, don’t hesitate to let your partner know why you love them! If they just did something you find cute or sweet, or if you’re just feeling the love for no particular reason, share your feelings.

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