December 3, 2021

DIY Measure Your Ring Size

The best way to figure out your ring size is to get measured at a local jeweler, but that’s not always an option. If you’re in need of a DIY ring sizing method, try one of these three easy ways to measure your ring size at home. If you want your DIY sizing to be as accurate as possible, be sure to read our ring sizing tips before you start measuring your fingers. 

Ring Sizing Tips

  • Understand how a ring should fit. Your ring should fit snugly yet comfortably at the base of your finger. You want your ring to be loose enough to take on and off easily, but tight enough for there to be some resistance as you pull it over your knuckle. 
  • Measure the exact finger(s) you want to wear your ring on. Your ring size can vary not only between fingers but also between your hands. For example, your left-hand ring finger may be a slightly different size from your right-hand ring finger. 
  • Measure your ring size a few times throughout the day. Your fingers change slightly in size depending on your body temperature. Your fingers will be slightly smaller when you’re cold and slightly larger when you’re hot. To make sure your ring will fit regardless of your body temperature, take 3 or 4 measurements throughout the day. 
  • Think about your knuckles when measuring your ring finger size. Remember that your ring will need to get over your knuckles when you’re putting it on, so be sure to think about both the size of your finger and the size of your knuckles. 
  • Compare your results to standard ring sizes. Most women wear rings between size 3 and size 9, and the average women’s ring size is size 6. Most men wear rings between size 8 and size 14, and the average men’s ring size is size 8.5. Consider how your ring size measurement compares to these typical sizes. If you’re outside these ranges and you don’t have a particularly large or small hand, there may be something wrong with your measuring strategy.
  • When in doubt, go with the larger size. If you find that you’re in-between ring sizes, it’s usually best to go with the larger size. This is especially true if you have larger knuckles. 
  • Don’t measure your fingers with anything that stretches. Some people suggest using floss or a piece of string to measure your ring size, but there are better DIY sizing methods. Why? Floss and string are both stretchable, making them less than ideal for accurate measuring. The difference between half sizes is only 0.4 millimeters, so using something that’s even slightly stretchy to measure your ring size is not the best idea. 
  • Understand whether or not resizing is an option Some rings, like plain yellow gold wedding bands, are very easy to resize. But other rings, like diamond eternity bands and tension set diamond engagement rings, can be challenging or impossible to resize. If you’re buying a ring style that’s hard to resize, be extra careful when measuring your ring size. 

DIY Ring Sizing Method #1: Use a Paper Ring Sizer

To use this method, you need a printer, scissors, and a printable ring sizer, like the one available here in our free Ring Size Guide

  1. Print out the paper ring sizer in our Ring Size Guide. Make sure you print with your printer’s Page Scaling set to “None.” You can double-check that your page is printed correctly by measuring the two-inch and twenty-millimeter marks on the chart with a ruler. 
  2. Cut out your paper ring sizer and cut a slit in the perforated area along the strip of paper. 
  3. Wrap your paper sizer around the widest part of your finger, keeping the numbers on the outside. 
  4. Slip the pointed end of your sizer through the open slit on the other end and note the number it lines up with. 

DIY Ring Sizing Method #2: Compare Your Own Ring to a Ring Size Chart 

It’s easy to figure out your correct ring size using this method, but you need to have an existing ring with a perfect fit. You also need a printable ring diameter comparison chart, like the one in our Ring Size Guide

  1. Grab the ring that has the fit you want for your new ring.
  2. Print our ring size chart, making sure you print with your printer’s Page Scaling set to “None.” You can double-check that your page is printed correctly by measuring the two-inch and twenty-millimeter marks on the chart with a ruler. 
  3. Place your ring on the sizing circles until you find one that lines up with the inside diameter of your ring.

DIY Ring Sizing Method #3: Order a Ring Sizer 

The most accurate way to figure out your perfect ring size at home is to order a ring sizer online, then use it once it arrives. This is an easy and inexpensive option, but it does involve a bit of waiting since you’ll have to wait for your sizer to come in the mail. 

There are two common types of at-home ring sizing tools: keyring sizers and plastic measuring tape sizers. Both of these tend to be more accurate than using a printable sizer since they allow you to simulate slipping each ring size on and off. 

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November 18, 2021

Jewelry Gift Guide – Shop Early for Holiday Gifts in 2021

Picking out the ideal piece of jewelry for your loved one can be tricky, but we’re here to assist. In this holiday gift guide, we’re showcasing five of the best jewelry gifts you can give in 2021. Whether you’re shopping for someone who prefers classic fine jewelry or for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, you’ll find the perfect gift on our list. 

Diamond Earrings  

up close, black diamond earring

Brighten up their jewelry box with a luxe pair of diamond stud earrings. Solitaire black diamond studs are at the top of our wish list for 2021, since their striking look is right on trend for winter 2021. But if you’re shopping for someone with a classic sense of style, go for something more traditional, like round-cut diamond studs or diamond hoop earrings. 

Shop Earrings

Unique Rings

black diamond and rose gold ring

Thanks to the bold ring and ring stacking trends, unique rings are a top choice among those who are shopping for fashion jewelry. Unique diamond rings are also very popular for engagement rings since more couples are searching for distinctive designs that speak to their one-of-a-kind love story. 

Shop Rings 

Diamond Bracelets

diamond tennis bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is timelessly beautiful, making it one of the best jewelry gifts you can give. At Diamond Wish, we offer a wide range of tennis bracelet styles, so you can easily find a design that suits your taste. Our tennis bracelets are also quite easy to customize. You can choose your desired length and select from rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold for your setting. For many of our designs, you can also choose from different diamond carat weight and quality options, allowing you to customize your gift down to the tiniest detail. 

Shop Diamond Bracelets 

Blue Topaz Rings

blue topaz ring

If you’re on the hunt for something a bit more colorful, blue topaz jewelry is an excellent choice. Blue topaz is a stunning blue gemstone that ranges in depth from light sky blue to deep ocean blue. Every shade of blue topaz looks breathtaking alongside diamonds, so blue topaz is a particularly good gemstone for glamorous cocktail rings or unique engagement rings. 

Shop Blue Topaz Rings 

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Under $500 

"XO" necklace

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give them a beautiful piece of jewelry that they can enjoy for a lifetime. For those who are looking for an affordable fine jewelry gift, we’ve gathered together over 100 women’s jewelry gift ideas that are all under $500. Click the link below to discover our top affordable jewelry picks for the season. 

Shop Jewelry Gifts Under $500 

Final Thoughts – Shop Early for Holiday Gifts in 2021

There are so many reasons to shop early for holiday gifts in 2021. If you shop early, you’ll be able to take your pick of the hottest gifts of the year before they sell out. You also won’t have to worry about weather-related shipping delays, which plagued the east coast and midwest last holiday season. And, best of all, early shoppers can take advantage of the biggest sales of the year, like our Early Black Friday Sale. Everything on the Diamond Wish online store is 25% to 60% off during the sale! That means you can take 25% to 60% off diamond necklaces, diamond drop earrings, gemstone pendant necklaces, baguette diamond jewelry, birthstone jewelry, baguette diamond jewelry, amethyst jewelry, aquamarine jewelry, and so much more.

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September 21, 2021

Simple Solitaire Rings: Timeless and Most Valuable Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are beautiful in their simplicity. A solitaire ring features only one center gemstone, allowing that center stone to truly shine. But though solitaire rings are simple by nature, things like impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful design details can make a solitaire ring incredibly striking. 

If you’re searching for a simple yet stunning solitaire engagement ring that speaks to your style, read on. Below, we’re taking a closer look at some of our favorite solitaire designs. To ensure you find a solitaire ring you’ll treasure for a lifetime, we’re also discussing what makes solitaires valuable and how you can easily create a custom solitaire engagement ring for yourself or a loved one.

Simple Solitaire Engagement Rings 

The best solitaire engagement rings are simple, yet show-stopping. They feature just the right amount of subtle, timeless design details to ensure their center stones look as gorgeous as possible. Here are four of our favorite simple solitaire engagement ring designs that do just that. 

1. Classic Round Cut Solitaire Ring

We’ll start our list with an utterly classic solitaire design: the timelessly beautiful Scarlett Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting. Pictured here with a center moissanite, this six-prong solitaire is minimalistic but features thoughtful details that give it a special look. This ring’s six-prong setting adds symmetry to its design while also allowing for excellent light entry, ensuring its enclosed 3-carat moissanite gemstone can shine brightly. The ring also features a rose gold band that tapers slightly as it nears the ring’s center stone, making the sizable gem even larger by comparison. Together, these design details make the ring’s already stunning center moissanite look even more brilliant, bold, and gorgeous. 

2. Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring 

A round cut emerald gemstone is the star of this simple, yet breathtaking solitaire emerald engagement ring. Here, a lush green emerald rests in our Elise Solitaire Ring setting. This design has a classic four-prong gemstone setting and an elegantly twisted upper shank that creates a romantic look. 

Something that makes this ring particularly eye-catching is its use of color and light. This ring features a cool, deep green emerald and a warm, lustrous 14k rose gold band. These are both richly colored materials, but they contrast in tone and depth. The result is a fresh, unexpected diamond jewelry combination that’s nothing short of captivating. 

3. Simple Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring 

This sophisticated engagement ring can act as an example of just how much difference your choice of center stone and precious metal can make. Like our last ring, this beautiful engagement ring features our Elise Solitaire setting. Yet, it has a very different style due to its materials. 

This variation of our Elise Ring features a white gold band and a round diamond at its center. This combination creates a romantic, yet still rather traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. This ring also has an especially chic appearance, as the bright white shine of its band and the stunning brilliance of its center diamond look wonderfully cohesive together. 

4. Vintage-Inspired Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Reagan Engagement Ring is a vintage-inspired dream. Here, we have a single diamond shining beautifully in a six-prong setting atop a spectacularly detailed 14k yellow gold band. This lovely band features intricate engraving that’s inspired by past eras. The chevron detailing atop the band takes its cue from the geometric styles of the Art Deco period, while the leaf accents on the side of the band call back to the nature-inspired motifs of the Victorian era. Milgrain bordering ties these two accents together and ensures that every bit of the ring’s upper shank is gilded in delicate detail. 

What Makes Solitaire Engagement Rings Valuable?

Have you heard that solitaire engagement rings tend to hold their value better than other engagement rings? It’s true, but the reason behind this actually has nothing to do with the solitaire setting style itself. 

Solitaire engagement rings tend to hold their value better than other engagement rings because almost all of the monetary value of a solitaire ring is in its center stone. Other rings may have side stones or pave set diamonds that up the sparkle of their band, but those elements usually don’t hold value nearly as well as a high-quality center stone with substantial carat weight. So, while solitaire rings aren’t always more valuable than other styles (total carat weight and precious metal content do, of course, matter), they tend to hold their value better than other styles on average. 

Design Your Own Solitaire Engagement Ring 

Didn’t see your perfect solitaire engagement ring style on our list of featured simple solitaires? You can always design your own solitaire engagement ring using our online diamond engagement ring designer. 

Our ring designer allows you to pick your ideal center diamond from a wide range of options. Start by choosing your diamond shape. You can go for a classic round diamond or choose a fancy-shaped diamond, like a marquise, cushion cut, oval, or princess cut diamond. Then, once you’ve picked your shape, you can choose your quality and carat weight, and move on to picking out your customizable setting. 

Our engagement ring designer features dozens of beautiful solitaire engagement ring styles for you to choose from. Filter by style, center diamond shape, metal, and price range to narrow down your options and easily find your perfect setting. If you want to make sure your engagement ring comes with a matching wedding band, you can also view paired wedding ring sets until you find a set you love. 

Once you’ve selected your perfect center diamond and setting, all you have to do is select your ring size and complete your order. We’ll then handcraft your custom engagement ring in our Los Angeles studio. 

Ready to start creating your custom engagement ring? 

Click here to start with a natural diamond.

Click here to start with a lab-created diamond.

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June 6, 2021

Non-Binary Wedding Rings – Gender Neutral Engagements

Wedding rings are a representation of your unique love story and personal style. Engagement rings and wedding bands symbolize something incredibly personal, and your rings should be as distinct as your love itself. 

Wedding ring shopping is all about finding the rings that feel right for you. And for many people, that means looking for more non-binary options. While anyone can wear any piece of jewelry regardless of their gender identity, there’s no question that wedding jewelry is often marketed as being just for women or just for men. Because of this, finding unisex wedding ring styles can sometimes feel like a challenge. So, to help make non-binary wedding ring shopping more seamless and fun, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite non-binary wedding and engagement jewelry. 

This non-binary wedding ring guide features gender-neutral jewelry in a range of styles. Our picks include chic bands for those with a minimalist sense of style, and also include a range of striking and colorful non-binary designs for those who like more eye-catching jewelry. 

Non-Binary Bands

Band-style rings are a very popular gender-neutral ring option. With an inherently minimalist design style, band-style rings look at home on the wearer regardless of their gender. They also tend to be quite comfortable (and can usually be made with a comfort fit), making them a wonderful option for people who don’t normally wear much jewelry. 

Classic Diamond and Gold Wedding Bands in 14k Yellow Gold, 14k Rose Gold, and 14k White Gold

Band-style wedding rings are available in many design styles, as exhibited by the modern and classic diamond wedding bands pictured above. This makes it easy to find a wedding band that suits your aesthetic. Band-style rings can also work for both wedding rings and engagement rings, so they’re a versatile choice.

Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings 

Purple Amethyst Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

Some people think that gender-neutral rings have to be simple in order to be non-binary, but we certainly don’t agree. Many glamorous ring styles can be considered gender-neutral, especially when they’re unique in design. Take, for example, the beautiful purple amethyst and diamond ring pictured above. The luxe materials and graphic, streamlined design details of this alternative engagement ring give it a strong, modern style that’s perfectly unexpected.

In general, gemstone rings are a great option for people who love color and want a gender-neutral look. Rings that feature colored gemstones as their center stones tend to have more unique designs, so they’re less likely to have traditionally feminine or masculine elements. And, of course, they’ll always feature lush color, so they’re an ideal option if you want your wedding rings to have vibrance. 

Black Diamond Engagement Rings 

Black diamonds have a deep, mysterious style that ensures every black diamond ring stands out. Black diamonds also have a beautiful meaning. Like white diamonds, black diamonds symbolize eternity, but they also have a meaning that’s all their own. Black diamonds symbolize transcendence, strength, unchanging love, and passion, making them a fitting choice for an engagement ring or wedding band. 

Stackable Wedding Rings 

Stackable Diamond Wedding Bands 

Stackable rings offer an easy way to create a custom wedding ring look. You can keep things simple and choose only two bands, or create an intricate style by layering on your rings. For a more understated take on stackable wedding rings, stick to pure gold wedding ring styles. For a more luxe take, try choosing all diamond or gemstone styles. 

Colored Diamond Rings 

Blue Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14 Karat Rose Gold

Colored diamond rings are currently trending for non-binary and LGBTQ+ rings. Rainbow rings with multiple diamond colors are a popular choice, as are rings with colored diamond center stones. 

If you’re considering a colored diamond engagement ring or wedding band, you can choose your diamond color based on looks, meaning, or both. All diamonds are a symbol of eternity, but each diamond color also has its own unique meaning. For example, blue diamonds are a symbol of truth, devotion, spirituality, and royalty, while purple diamonds symbolize pride and yellow diamonds symbolize optimism. Choosing a center stone that has a meaning you connect with can make your wedding ring feel even more special than it already does. 

Final Thoughts

Your wedding jewelry should showcase your unique style, personality, and relationship, and we hope this guide has helped you find a design that fits the bill. At the end of the day, the most important thing about your wedding jewelry is that you adore it. If you didn’t find your ideal non-binary ring style on this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Diamond Wish. We’d love to help you find the wedding ring or wedding ring set that perfectly represents your love story.

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February 24, 2021

Manicure Ideas and Tips to Announce You’re Newly Engaged: Engagement Ring Selfies

An engagement ring selfie is basically the modern version of an engagement announcement. After you’ve told your closest loved ones the good news one-on-one, posting an engagement ring pic on social media will help you spread the word on a wider scale. And, of course, it’ll also help you show off that new engagement ring that you’re probably obsessed with!

If you want your engagement ring selfie to shine and stand out on social media, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: a gorgeous manicure. A manicure can help ensure that your hands, nails, and cuticle beds are put-together and perfectly picture ready. When paired with some good lighting, a great background, and maybe an artfully placed prop or two, the right mani can pull your whole ring selfie look together. 

Not sure what type of manicure or backdrop to pair with your engagement ring? We’re here to help with these easy and beautiful manicure ideas and picture tips for your engagement ring selfie. 

Spell Out Your Love With a Prop or Nail Art

The vibrant colors and clear messaging of this oval engagement ring selfie help this engagement photo pop. 

One of our favorite engagement ring selfie ideas is to put a cute written message right in your picture. You could use a mug, as seen alongside the stunning oval diamond ring and fun blue manicure pictured above. Or, you could go trendy and use a letter board. If you’re good at DIY nail art, you could also go the extra mile and spell out your love on your nails itself. Writing a simple “yes,” “love,” or “I do” on your nails is a pretty and sweet way to let your followers in on your engagement news.  

Moody Hues 

A lush black nail polish adds sophistication and glamour to this halo engagement ring selfie. 

While many people associate bridal manicures with pastel hues, a dark nail color can really help an engagement ring selfie pop. Sporting a polish color like black, deep grey, or dark green can add a moody elegance to an engagement ring picture that’s simply captivating. To make this engagement mani look even more romantic alongside your engagement ring, try pairing it with a background that features natural elements, such as wood, stone, leaves, or flowers. 

Classic Red

Classic red nail polish is the perfect way to complement a classic engagement ring

If you’re a red nail polish lover, an engagement ring selfie presents the perfect opportunity to don this classic manicure hue. Red nail polish will add a feminine and bold, yet classy element to your picture that will make your engagement ring look even more glam. 

Chic Neutrals 

Classy and understated, this peachy light pink nail polish is an ideal accent that doesn’t try to compete with the stunningly brilliant Kinsley Ring (or it’s chic matching wedding band).  

If you want to add a refined element to your pic without pulling focus from your ring, go for a chic neutral nail. Note that a neutral nail polish color is a particularly good complement for brides-to-be who have especially eye-catching gemstone or diamond engagement rings. If your ring is bold in design, size, brilliance, or detail, a chic neutral nail look is a lovely choice that will help all eyes stay on your mesmerizing ring. 

A metallic neutral polish adds a pretty touch to this engagement ring selfie, while the gorgeously glam vintage-inspired Charleston Ring shines bright. 

Ring Finger Accent 

This crisp white manicure and understated accent nail makes this solitaire diamond engagement ring look even more beautiful. 

What could be more fitting for an engagement ring selfie than a ring finger accent? Decking out your wedding ring finger with a sparkly bit of bling, like a rhinestone or a metallic reverse french manicure accent, will draw even more attention to your gorgeous new engagement ring. 

Engagement Ring Selfie Photography Tip 

We’ll close out our post with one final tip! A lot of people find it hard to take a good picture of their hand, so they may struggle to capture the perfect engagement ring selfie. But if you’re having no luck getting a good shot, try holding something in your photo. Some ideas of things you can hold include a wine glass, a mug, or your partner’s hand. Giving your hand something to hold can make a hand photograph look much more natural. So, if the fact that you’re a first time hand model is holding back the potential of your on-point mani, great natural lighting, and dazzling new engagement ring, try holding a few different props until you get a shot you adore. 

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