September 15, 2022

How to Wear a Wedding Ring the Right Way

Is there a right way to wear a wedding ring? How do you wear a wedding ring with an engagement ring or other rings? Why do we wear rings on the “ring finger?” Learn the answers to these questions and more as we go over top wedding ring styling FAQs. 

What is the ring finger? 

The ring finger is the finger that’s between your pinky and your middle finger. Some people use the term ring finger specifically for the fourth finger on the left hand, which is the finger people often wear engagement rings and wedding bands on. Other people use the term ring finger for the fourth finger on both the left and right hands. 

Why do we wear wedding rings on our ring finger? 

The concept of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger dates back to ancient times. Ancient Roman people believed that humans had a vein that ran from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. This vein was called the “vena amoris,” which means the “vein of love.” It became popular to wear rings that symbolize a relationship on this finger because it was seen as romantic. 

Today, we know that the vena amoris doesn’t actually exist. Still, the tradition of wearing engagement rings and wedding bands on the fourth finger of the left hand has held strong in many parts of the world. Wearing wedding rings on the left ring finger is considered traditional in many western cultures. 

Should you wear your engagement ring and wedding band together?

Wearing your engagement ring and wedding band together after getting married is the most traditional option. However, many people also choose to wear just one of their rings after getting married. It’s fairly common for married people to wear their wedding ring most of the time, then add on their engagement ring for special occasions. 

Should you put your engagement ring or wedding band on first?

Some people say you should put your wedding ring on first, then add your engagement ring on top. Other people say the exact opposite. Let’s talk about the reasoning behind each method. 

Putting your wedding ring on first, then adding your engagement ring on top is the slightly more popular choice. Some say you should wear your wedding ring on the inside because this puts it closer to the heart. Since wedding rings are more significant symbolically, wearing this more important ring closer to the heart can be seen as more traditional or romantic. 

Putting your engagement ring on first, then adding your wedding ring on top is another popular choice. Some people wear their wedding set like this because it is the order they received their rings in. Other people wear their wedding ring on top as a way of making sure their engagement ring is secure on their finger.

How do you wear a promise ring the right way?

You can wear a promise ring on any finger you like, but the most popular option is to wear it on the left ring finger as a placeholder for an engagement ring. After getting engaged or married, people typically move their promise ring to their right ring finger. 

How do you wear a wedding ring during your wedding ceremony? 

How you put on a wedding ring during your wedding ceremony depends on how you want to wear your wedding rings. 

If you want to wear your engagement ring on the inside of your bridal set on your wedding day, your spouse can simply slip your wedding ring on the finger you’re already wearing your engagement ring on. 

If you want to wear your wedding ring on the inside of your bridal set on your wedding day, you have a few options. You can have your spouse put your wedding ring on top of your engagement ring during the ceremony, then switch the order of your rings afterward. You can also wear your engagement ring on your right ring finger as you walk down the aisle, then have your spouse slip your wedding ring on your left ring finger. Then, you can either have your spouse move your engagement ring onto your left ring finger during the ceremony or do it yourself after the ceremony. 

How should men wear a wedding ring? 

Men typically wear their wedding ring on the same finger as their spouse. In most western countries, including the United States, that would be the left-hand ring finger. 

How do you wear an anniversary ring? 

Anniversary rings are given to commemorate a wedding anniversary and are seen as a representation of continued commitment. You can wear an anniversary ring any way you like, but a popular choice is to add it somewhere in your wedding ring set. Some people also choose to wear their anniversary ring in place of their original wedding ring. 

What does it mean to wear a wedding ring on the right hand? 

In certain places, wearing a wedding ring on the right hand is the traditional option. For example, wearing a wedding ring on the right ring finger is standard in Russia, India, Greece, Poland, and Spain. 

In cultures where wearing a wedding ring on the left hand is the norm, wearing a wedding ring on the right hand usually just means the person prefers to do so for practical or stylistic reasons. A common reason is being left-handed. Some people find wearing rings on their dominant hand uncomfortable, so a left-handed person may decide to wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger instead. 

Can I wear fashion rings with my wedding rings? 

Wearing fashion rings alongside your wedding rings is a wonderful way to express and explore your personal style. You can experiment with wearing plain bands, engraved designs, diamond rings, and gemstone designs alongside your wedding rings. 

If you want to keep your ring look a bit more traditional, reserve your left ring finger for your bridal set and wear your fashion rings on your other fingers. If you don’t care about tradition, have fun mixing and matching your bridal set in whatever way you like. 

Can I wear fashion rings on my ring finger if I’m not married or engaged?

You can wear fashion rings on your ring finger regardless of your marital status, but be aware of the cultural implication of doing so. If you wear a diamond solitaire ring, a diamond eternity band, or another common bridal ring style on your ring finger, people will probably assume you are married or a bride-to-be. If you don’t care about that, wear whatever rings you like on your ring finger. If you do care about that, you can skip wearing rings on your ring finger or only wear rings that do not look like typical wedding rings. 

What’s the right way to wear a wedding ring?

There’s no correct way to wear a wedding ring. Some ways are more traditional or common, but the “right way” to wear a wedding ring is completely personal. Your wedding ring is a representation of your unique personality and love story. The right way to wear that ring is whatever way feels right to you. 

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May 23, 2022

The How and When of Posting the Perfect Ring Selfie

Most proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, which means this year’s proposal season has only just begun. In the coming months, you’re sure to see a flood of engagement ring selfie pics on social media, since this modern tradition has all but replaced the practice of calling friends and family to break the good news. 

If you’re freshly engaged (congratulations!), you may be thinking about posting a ring selfie of your own. You also may be wondering how to take a great picture, how to write a good caption, and when you should post your ring selfie. There’s more than one way to post a great ring selfie, but there are some universal tips that will help you craft a post you’ll love. We’re sharing them below as we go over the how and when of posting the perfect ring selfie. 

How to Take a True-To-Size Picture (And Why You Want To) 

A top-down picture gives an accurate view of this lovely cushion-shaped halo engagement ring.

The key to a great engagement ring picture is getting your ring and your hand to look their best, while also making sure your picture looks true-to-life. It’s all about enhancing natural beauty, rather than trying to make your ring look different. 

Many people are tempted to use photography tricks to make their ring look a bit bigger than it really is, but we don’t recommend doing that. If your ring looks different in real life, your less tactful or kind acquaintances could comment on it, and that’s just not something you should have to deal with during this happy time. 

The best way to photograph a ring and have it look true to size is to photograph the top of the ring. You want a straight-on, top-down, table view shot of your new ring since angled shots can make your ring look larger or smaller than it actually is. 

Another thing that can affect how big your center stone looks is other jewelry. It’s generally best to remove any other jewelry, including watches before you take your ring selfie. Why? Because it can make your ring look much larger or smaller by comparison. 

How to Make Your Ring Shine

This oval diamond engagement ring looks sublime in the sunshine. 

If you want your ring to pop in your selfie, photograph it in the right light. Ideally, you want to take your picture in natural light, which will make your diamond sparkle beautifully and show off the true color of your ring. 

As an added bonus, taking your picture outside gives you easy access to plenty of great backdrop options. Use whatever beautiful backdrop you have in your area, whether it’s the ocean, a scenic lookout point, a pretty plant in your garden, or perhaps the exterior wall of a trendy neighborhood business. 

One type of light you want to avoid when photographing jewelry is dim or yellow-toned light, which is the type of light in many people’s homes. While this lightning can look lovely in person, it tends to photograph poorly. It makes it hard to get a picture that isn’t blurry or yellow, which can be very frustrating, especially when it makes a colorless diamond look yellow.

Another type of light to avoid is the light emitted from a camera flash. Flash photography tends to be extremely unflattering for fine jewelry since it creates strong shadows and reflects back off shiny surfaces.

How to Get Your Hand to Look Good in Your Picture 

Neat natural nails and a relaxed hand pose lend the pic of this halo sparkler a soft, romantic look.

You want your hand to look its best, so having neat nails and moisturized skin is key. If you can get a manicure before you take your picture, do so. But if a professional mani isn’t an option, just make sure your nails look clean and even, then put on a good lotion or hand cream shortly before you take your picture. 

Something else to consider is how you pose your hand. Keeping your hand flat and holding your fingers together is a top pose choice that will help your ring take full focus in your picture, like the way the Alice Oval Ring stands out above. Another popular option is letting your hand have a natural, relaxed arch, as seen in the above picture. If neither of these poses works for you, consider resting your hand against something or holding something. Giving your hand something to do usually helps it look more natural in pictures.  

How to Write the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie Caption

A sweet message creates a built-in caption in the photo of this bride-to-be’s new bling.

The best engagement ring picture caption is different for everyone since a good caption needs to be in line with the poster’s unique personality. The best engagement ring selfie caption is honest, positive, and usually brief (unless you always post long captions). If you can’t think of anything to write, consider posting a song lyric or a quote that speaks to you. You can also simply post an emoji or two if that’s what feels authentic. 

While everyone’s perfect ring caption is different, there are a few things that no one should include in their caption. You probably don’t want to mention anyone else’s engagement or engagement ring, since that may invite comparisons or create awkward feelings. It’s also not the best idea to price-related ring details, such as your center stone’s carat weight. That may spark jealousy and prompt unwanted comments or criticism. If you want to include details about your ring, stick to sentimental details. 

When to Post a Ring Selfie 

The Charleston Ballerina Halo Diamond Ring is eye-catching no matter what time of day you post it.

Finally, let’s talk about when to post a ring selfie. While posting a unique engagement ring picture on social media has largely replaced other types of engagement announcements, you probably want to personally reach out to some people before sharing the big news with the masses. For example, you probably want to call or text your parents, your siblings, and your best friends before posting about your engagement online. You may also want to text close friends instead of having them find out you’re engaged via social media. 

After you’ve personally shared the news with your closest loved ones, you can post your ring selfie anytime you like. If you want instant feedback on your post, try to post at a time when you know people are more likely to be on their phone, like in the morning before work, around the start of lunchtime, after standard work hours, or anytime during waking hours on a weekend.`

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May 8, 2022

Why Simple Solitaire Rings Are Timeless and Most Valuable

Learn how the simplicity of solitaire engagement rings, which feature just one gemstone, has made them timelessly appealing and more valuable.

While other engagement ring styles come in and out of fashion, simple solitaire rings never go out of style. The solitaire design is utterly timeless. And as if that weren’t enough to make you fall in love with solitaire engagement rings, they’re also the most valuable engagement ring style. But what makes the solitaire engagement ring design so timeless and valuable? Find out as we dive deeper into what makes simple solitaire rings so special. 

Why is the solitaire ring design timeless?

This lab-created diamond engagement ring is as stunning as it is timeless. 

There’s more than one reason for the lasting appeal of solitaire rings, but perhaps the most important is the design style’s simplicity. Solitaire rings feature just one gemstone, giving them an inherently minimalist look. This pared down approach to ring design is attractive to virtually everyone, as the primary focus of the ring remains on the ring’s materials. High quality diamonds, colorful gemstones, gold, and platinum are things that simply do not go out of style. A ring that focuses on showing off the natural beauty of these fine materials will always be desirable.

Another reason solitaire rings are enduringly in demand is their style versatility. Though they’re simple by nature, solitaire engagement rings are not all similar in style. Depending on a solitaire ring’s design details, it can be classic, modern, romantic, avant garde, traditional, and so much more. Because solitaire rings have few design elements, changing any detail of their design can have a dramatic impact. For example, the same solitaire ring will look very different when crafted from yellow gold or rose gold, rather than white gold or platinum. Other details that can significantly change the style of a solitaire ring include center stone shape, center stone type, band shape, band engravings, and setting style. A rose gold sapphire ring with a milgrain accented bezel setting is very different in style compared to a white gold six prong solitaire with a marquise diamond center. 

Oval shaped, pear shaped, and marquise cut diamonds look uniquely striking within the same classic solitaire engagement ring setting. 

The picture above shows just how different a solitaire ring can look when you change a single design detail. These three engagement rings all feature the exact same two-tone solitaire setting style. Yet, because they have different center diamond shapes, they look dramatically different. The oval cut diamond version looks quite traditional, while the pear shaped and marquise cut versions are much more striking and unique. If you swap in a round cut, asscher cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, or a princess cut diamond, you can create even more distinct styles, even if you don’t change any other aspect of the setting.

Why are solitaire engagement rings valuable? 

This simple four prong solitaire setting shows off the true beauty of its enclosed round diamond. 

Solitaire engagement rings tend to hold their monetary value better than other engagement rings because, generally speaking, the vast majority of a gemstone ring’s value is in its center stone. When you buy a solitaire engagement ring, the majority of your budget goes toward getting the best center stone you can. You aren’t spending extra for small side stones that can be very beautiful, but are not particularly valuable as a raw material because they aren’t rare. Much of their value is in how a jeweler uses them to create beauty in a design, rather than in the raw material itself. Larger center stones, on the other hand, can have significant value on their own. High quality, high carat weight gemstones are a rare and valuable raw material. Therefore, on average, solitaire rings hold value better than rings with side stones. 

In addition to having monetary value, solitaire jewelry arguably has more practical value than other jewelry styles. Solitaire jewelry is often considered a good investment because of how useful it is to have in your wardrobe. Solitaire pieces are versatile, so they can be worn with any outfit. They’re also timeless, so they can be worn for a lifetime. Even beyond that, fine jewelry with excellent craftsmanship will stand the test of time and can be worn by future generations. There’s a reason the solitaire design is not only the most popular option for engagement rings, but also for other types of gemstone and diamond jewelry, like earrings and necklaces. The timeless, versatile nature of the solitaire design makes it an asset to anyone’s jewelry collection. 

Are solitaire rings heirloom quality?

This oval diamond solitaire engagement ring will be treasured for generations to come.

If you want your engagement ring to be a family heirloom, a solitaire engagement ring is an excellent choice. A simple solitaire engagement ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that will remain in style for generations. It will look as classic a century from now as it does today. Additionally, solitaire engagement rings tend to hold value better than other ring styles, so they’re a good choice for practical reasons. A high quality solitaire is undoubtedly among the best options for anyone who wants a ring that will stand the test of time. 

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The Clara Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a glamorous alternative to a minimalist solitaire. 

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