January 21, 2021

Expressing Their Love Language This Valentine’s Day

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the bestselling book The Five Love Languages, there are five love languages that describe the different ways we feel loved. In his years acting as a couple’s counselor, Dr. Chapman noticed that people tend to have one main love language. He also noticed that people who were able to “speak” their partner’s top love language had more successful relationships. Per Dr. Chapman, understanding your partner’s love language and making an effort to show your love through it allows you to love better and, ultimately, deepen your bond with your partner. 

The five love languages are quality time, physical touch, receiving gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation. No matter which love language your partner “speaks,” we’re here to help you make their Valentine’s Day the best yet with this guide to expressing each of the love languages. In our love language gift guide, we’re summarizing each of the five love languages, then giving you ideas on how to express them this Valentine’s Day. 

Quality Time 

Give your partner the gift of your undivided attention this Valentine’s Day. 

If your partner’s love language is quality time, they adore it when you spend quality time together. “Quality” is the key word here, since people with this love language feel loved when you give them your undivided attention. If your partner’s primarily love language is quality time, you should prioritize regularly spending time with them with no distractions. 

Someone with the quality time love language would be thrilled with so many Valentine’s Day activities– just as long as you put your smartphone away and make sure to focus on your partner during them. Some ideas of romantic activities for your quality-time-loving Valentine include taking a walk in the park, having a romantic candlelit dinner at home, taking a virtual art class together, or going on a road trip to a place they’ve been dreaming of visiting. 

Physical Touch 

Holding hands this Valentine’s Day will make their heart skip a beat. 

If your partner has the physical touch love language, they feel loved when you show them affection through physical touch. Physical displays of affection like kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding hands make a person with this love language feel connected, safe, and valued. 

There are many ways to show your physical touch focused partner that you care about them this Valentine’s Day. You could watch their favorite movie while cuddling or holding hands, do some couples yoga together, exchange romantic massages, or cuddle up in your hot tub while sipping champagne. Additionally, if you got them a piece of jewelry (such as the halo diamond ring pictured above) as their gift this year, you can add a physical element to your gift by placing it on their finger, wrist, or neck yourself.

Receiving Gifts 

Someone with this love language adores receiving special, meaningful gifts. 

People with the receiving gifts love language treasure receiving physical representations of their partner’s affections for them. A person with this love language loves to receive gifts, but note that the type of gift certainly matters. People with this love language feel most appreciated and valued when they receive meaningful and thoughtful gifts, gifts that make them feel like you spent time thinking of them. 

If your partner has this love language, you have lots of options for your Valentine’s Day itinerary. Any date night activity that your partner normally enjoys will work well, just as long as you give them a special gift early on your celebrations. If you’re not sure what to gift your partner on Valentine’s Day, fine jewelry is always a wonderful choice for someone with this love language. Fine jewelry is special and beautiful, but can also be incredibly thoughtful when you pick out the right piece. 

If you’re planning on proposing this Valentine’s Day, you can make your love’s engagement ring even better by tailoring it to her tastes and imbuing it with meaning. There are many ways to add meaning to an engagement ring, but one of our favorites is by choosing a center gemstone that represents something dear to you. For example, thanks to its beautiful blue center stone, a blue topaz engagement ring represents peace, honesty, and deep emotional attachment. 

If you’re already married or just aren’t quite at the proposal stage yet, you have many other gorgeous options for your receiving-gifts-focused Valentine. An enduringly excellent Valentine’s Day gift would be a pair of diamond studs. A pair of diamond studs is something that your love can enjoy wearing every day for decades to come. Diamonds also represent eternity, so they’re always a romantic option. 

Need more Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas? Discover a variety of gorgeous and meaningful jewelry pieces in our women’s jewelry gift guide.

Acts of Service 

Give your love the gift of free time and relaxation this Valentine’s Day.

If your partner’s top love language is acts of service, they feel most loved when you complete tasks that make their life better or easier. An act of service can be virtually any action that your partner would like. It could be something that’s traditionally romantic, like cooking their favorite meal. But an act of service can also be a task that wouldn’t feel romantic to other people, like picking up the dry cleaning, organizing the pantry, or doing the dishes. 

To express this love language on Valentine’s Day, you may want to think about whether or not there’s some type of chore, household project, or errand your partner has been meaning to do. It could mean the world to them if you completed this task without them having to ask. Some other ideas include making breakfast in bed for your partner (do the dishes too), drawing a romantic bath for your partner to relax in while you get things done around the house, or giving them a homemade coupon book that they can redeem for services.

Words of Affirmation 

Spell out your love if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation. 

People with the words of affirmation love language feel most loved when their partner expresses their love through verbal or written words of affirmation. This includes saying “I love you,” but also more specific affirmations. For example, it can be deeply meaningful when you tell someone with this love language why you’re proud of them, what you admire about them, and how much you believe in them. 

To express this love language on Valentine’s Day, you can incorporate words of affirmation into your gift, your plans for the day, or both. Some gift ideas for someone with this love language include a handwritten love letter, a piece of jewelry with a thoughtful engraving or affirming meaning, or a playlist of songs that remind you of them. If you want to incorporate more words of affirmation into your plans, try sneakily putting up sweet post-it notes where your partner will see them throughout the day. Also, make an effort to up your verbal affirmations. Tell your partner why you love them out loud this Valentine’s Day. 

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November 25, 2020

The Healing Powers and Meanings of Gemstone Rings

Choosing a gemstone for your ring’s center stone gives you the opportunity to add more meaning and purpose to your jewelry, since every gemstone has its own unique properties. Throughout the ages, people have associated gemstones with different sentiments and healing powers. By choosing your ring’s center gemstone thoughtfully, you can make your jewelry so much more special and powerful. Wondering which gemstone may be perfect for your jewelry? To help you find a gem that resonates with you, below we’re going over the healing powers and meanings of some of our favorite gemstones to wear in rings. 


A lushly colored purple amethyst stuns at the center of this diamond halo set amethyst ring. 

Amethyst is a gemstone that has long been associated with peace. Amethysts are thought to have a calming energy that balances the mind and body, allowing you to feel grounded and in touch with your spirituality. Crystal healers often use amethysts to promote more peaceful sleep, to relieve pain, and to help with arthritis or circulatory issues.  

Blue Sapphire

A double diamond halo setting provides a gorgeous backdrop for the beautiful blue color of the gem at the heart of this blue sapphire engagement ring.  

In ancient times, blue sapphires were thought to symbolize spirituality, hope, and faith. Ancient Greeks believed that wearing a blue sapphire could bring protection, spiritual insight, good health, and good fortune. Today, blue sapphires are still closely associated with inner vision and are also a symbol of fidelity and mental focus. Many people believe that wearing a blue sapphire can help with concentration, aid in meditation, and help one practice mindfulness. 


The vintage inspired diamond halo on the Charleston Ruby Engagement Ring adds to its center ruby’s regal quality. 

Due to their lush red color, rubies are associated with love, power, and energy. Rubies are also strongly associated with royalty, since they’ve been favored by royals since ancient times, when nobles valued rubies above all other gemstones. Legend has it that the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan once offered an entire city in trade for a large ruby. Spiritually, rubies are thought to help with the emotions and increase life-force energy. Rubies are also thought to promote increased motivation, boost self-confidence, stimulate the heart, and increase passion. 


A morganite engagement ring like this brilliant rose gold halo style is a romantic choice, since morganite is a stone of the heart. 

Morganite, the soft pink variety of beryl, is thought to be connected to the soul, the heart, and love. Crystal healers believe that morganite is a particularly good gemstone for attracting positive energy, calming anger, and bringing new love and romance into your life. Many healers also believe that wearing morganite will bring compassion, joy, confidence, and self-love.  

Blue Topaz 

According to crystal lore, a blue topaz engagement ring will help promote peace, truth, and forgiveness.

Blue topaz is known as one of the most powerful gemstones. This gemstone reflects the energy of the mind and of knowledge, and is thought to be able to help one think clearly through complex ideas and challenging situations. Blue topaz is said to promote truth and forgiveness. It’s also said to help balance the emotions, helping the wearer feel more peaceful. 


Can’t get enough gorgeous precious gemstones? View our full selection of colored gemstone jewelry, which features enchanting semi-precious and precious gemstones such as aquamarine, citrine, peridot, emerald, pink corundum, green amethyst, and garnet. Discover our collection and find precious stones in a variety of colors and designs in a wide range of styles. Whether you’re searching for a meaningful piece to wear everyday, personalized birthstone jewelry, a gorgeous gemstone engagement ring, or a unique wedding ring, you’ll find your perfect design within our stunning selection of birthstone and gemstone pieces.

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November 25, 2020

Fall Color Palette and Top Jewelry Trends

Fall is the perfect time of year to refresh your jewelry collection and add some new energy into your wardrobe. If you’re on the hunt for something fresh and new this fall season, we’re here to help with our list of all of autumn 2020’s top trends. Below, we’ll go over fall’s most dominant trends, which include a range of elegant styles and lush colors that are perfect for the season. 

Personalized Pieces 

Personalize your look with a chic initial pendant charm necklace in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Initial jewelry has been trending all year and this trend is still going strong as we head into fall. And, perhaps due to the initial trend’s ongoing popularity, other types of personalized jewelry have started to trend as well. Birthstone pieces, monogrammed jewelry, nameplate styles, and zodiac designs are all trending for fall. Necklaces that feature initial pendants, solitaire set birthstones, and other personalized charms are the top choices within this trending category, either worn alone or in stylish layered looks. 

Simple and Petite Engagement Rings 

Simple and delicate, the Alison Classic Diamond Engagement Ring is right on trend for fall.

This fall, petite engagement rings and delicate classic styles appear to be at the top of every bride-to-be’s wishlist. Simple solitaire styles, minimalistic diamond band designs, petite three stone engagement rings, and designs with small center stones are all top trending styles this autumn. 

The rise in popularity of smaller center stones is a very interesting element of this bridal jewelry trend, since it’s so different from the size-maximizing halo settings and elongated diamonds that have been popular in recent seasons. It seems that couples are shying away from ultra glam and eye-catching styles in favor of more delicately beautiful designs. 

Stacked Rings 

Add a dazzling touch to your fall ensembles by incorporating diamond bands into your ring stacks. 

Stacked rings are a jewelry classic that have been a major trend since spring of this year. Stacking slim, minimalistic rings has been very popular in 2020 and we’ve seen celebs, influencers, and models alike all rocking delicate stacked rings with both casual and upscale looks. For the fall, versatile and simple slim rings are still en vogue, but they’re joined by some complementary styles that can add a bit more wow factor to your ring layering combos. Delicate diamond bands, slim gemstone rings, chain link bands, and minimalistic but oversized yellow gold rings all trending this fall. 

Lush and Uniquely Colored Gemstones

Gemstones with muted colors, like gorgeous green amethyst, are among fall’s most refreshing jewelry color trends.

Gemstones of all kinds are trending this season for engagement rings, wedding bands, and every type of fashion jewelry. Fashionistas have been gravitating toward gemstones with lush, autumnal colors, such as blue sapphires, rubies, garnets, emeralds, and citrines. Then, there have also been some more muted, pale gemstones making waves this season. Luxe pastel gems like green amethyst and lightly colored aquamarines have been trending among stylish shoppers who love the unique element these gemstones can add to a fall ensemble. 


Add a vibrant pop of color to your fall style with a peridot ring

One gemstone is so popular this fall that it demands its own category: peridot. Peridot is a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone with a lush, olive-green hue. Known by Ancient Romans as “the evening emerald,” peridot’s striking green color doesn’t darken in dim light and instead radiates its mesmerizing color even in the weak light of lamps. Peridot is said to inspire creativity and hope, and to bring natural energy and vitality into your life. 

It’s been an underappreciated gemstone in the past, but peridot is a huge jewelry trend this year. Peridot rings, pendant necklaces, statement earrings, and studs are all trending this season. In part, peridot is trending because it fits perfectly into another one of the season’s fine jewelry trends: the general gemstone trend. It also fits into a color trend we saw on the fall Fashion Week runways, where olive green rose up as a dominant fashion trend. In addition to fitting both the jewelry and fashion color trends for fall, peridot has a meaning that may be more appreciated during our current times, which we’d guess may have boosted its popularity. Wearing peridot is thought to promote optimism, hope, and happiness, all things that could add a wonderful new energy to one’s year.

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August 11, 2020

Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Alternatives

Today, more and more couples are looking for alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings. Some people want a non-traditional ring because they’re looking for something unique that will stand out, while other people want an alternative engagement ring because they want something that feels more personalized and meaningful.

Whatever your reason for wanting a non-traditional engagement ring, opting for an alternative engagement ring is an excellent choice. Non-traditional engagement rings are beautiful and special– and, as an added bonus, they can also be much more affordable than traditional diamond engagement rings.

Another thing we love about non-traditional engagement rings is that there are no rules on what you can choose for your gemstone. So, which gem is right for you and your partner? Learn about your options as we go over some of our favorite diamond alternatives below!

Morganite Engagement Rings

This east-west set morganite and diamond engagement ring shows off how beautiful rose gold and morganite look together.

Morganite is a beautiful pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, putting it in the same family as emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (blue beryl). With its blushing pink hue, morganite is an incredibly romantic alternative engagement ring option. Morganite tends to be particularly popular when paired with rose gold, since the warm pink tones of these luxe materials look simply stunning together.

Shop Morganite Engagement Rings

Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

This white gold diamond ring has a classic look and a non-traditional center stone: a round cut lab-grown diamond.

Over the last few years, lab-grown diamond engagement rings have skyrocketed in popularity, quickly becoming one of the most popular non-traditional engagement ring options. Lab-grown diamonds have almost all of the same advantages as natural diamonds. Since lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, they’re just as brilliant, durable, and beautiful as natural diamonds. But lab-grown diamonds are different from natural diamonds in two ways that are very important to many modern consumers: they aren’t mined and they come with a significantly more affordable price tag. So, for those who want a diamond engagement ring or wedding band but don’t want a mined diamond (or just don’t want to pay the premium for a mined diamond), a lab-created diamond ring is an ideal choice.

Shop Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

A two carat moissanite stuns in this vintage-inspired engagement ring, which features a rose gold band set with marquise cut diamonds.

Moissanites are brilliant, colorless gemstones that look remarkably like diamonds, yet cost around 90% less. This gorgeous gemstone was first discovered in 1893 by the French scientist Henri Moissan. Initially, Moissan thought that he had found diamonds in a meteor crater, but later discovered that he had found an entirely new gemstone made out of silicon carbide.

Moissanites look similar to diamonds, but these gemstones do have some differences, including in light reflection. Moissanites have a higher refractive index than diamonds, so they’re actually more brilliant and fiery than diamonds. Moissanites shine brightly on their own in solitaire settings, then also look gorgeous in bands with diamond accents, as moissanites and diamonds look stunning together.

Shop Moissanite Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

This white gold halo diamond ring features a mesmerizing pear shaped black diamond.

Black diamond engagement rings have a luxurious, dramatic beauty, making them an ideal option for the style-setter who loves to stand out from the crowd. Black diamonds are a wonderful center stone option not only because of their striking look, but also because of their meaning. Like all diamonds, black diamonds symbolize eternal love. But then, black diamonds also have a unique meaning of their own, symbolizing passion and strength.

Shop Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

This white gold, white diamond, and blue sapphire engagement ring is the picture of classic beauty.

Blue sapphire engagement rings are somewhat rare today, but they were actually the default choice for hundreds of years. Until diamond engagement rings skyrocketed in popularity in the 19th century, almost all brides wore sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires were chosen for their beauty and durability, but also for their meaning. For millennia, sapphires have been associated with fidelity, loyalty, and truth.

Blue sapphire engagement rings are an uncommon choice in the 21st century, but they’ve had a couple of notable surges in popularity within the last few decades. Most notably, in the 1980s, Princess Diana’s 12 carat blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring sparked a sapphire engagement ring trend. Then, when Kate Middleton started wearing the same sapphire ring in 2010, it led to another spike in sapphire engagement ring popularity.

Shop Sapphire Engagement Rings


Still searching for your perfect non-traditional engagement ring or wedding ring? Browse our full bridal jewelry collection. Or, if you’re looking for a colored gemstone style, browse our gemstone collection, which features a wide selection of gemstone engagement rings and birthstone jewelry options, including blue topaz rings, amethyst rings, morganite rings, aquamarine rings, emerald rings, and ruby rings.

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August 11, 2020

Three Stone Rings and Their Significant Meaning

Three stone engagement rings are enduringly popular. This style of engagement ring, which features a center stone that’s accented by two prominent side stones, is loved for its aesthetic appeal and its rich meaning. While all engagement rings are meaningful, three stone rings have a beautiful symbolism that can make them particularly special and romantic.

The Meaning of Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three gems at the heart of a three stone engagement ring represent a couple’s past, present, and future. The largest stone in the ring, the center stone, represents the present, while the side stones symbolize the past and future.

The unique meaning of a three stone engagement ring allows it to tell a story, the story of your love and commitment. When proposing with a three stone ring, people often use their engagement ring’s gems to reflect on how their love blossomed in the past, how deep their love is in the present, and how they foresee their love growing in the future.

Alternate Symbolism of Three Stone Engagement Rings

While the three stones in a three stone ring are most commonly thought to be a symbol of the past, present, and future, three stone rings have been ascribed other meanings. Some people associate the three stones in a three stone ring with a friendship, love, and fidelity, the three building blocks of a lasting relationship. Devout couples also sometimes associate three stone rings with the Holy Trinity, taking the three stones of the ring to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Styles

One of the best things about three stone engagement rings is the diverse selection of styles within the category. There are classic three stone rings, vintage-inspired three stone styles, unique modern three stone designs, and much more. So, if you’re drawn to three stone rings because of their lovely meaning, you’ll have no issue also finding a three stone engagement ring with a style you love.

Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The Emerson Three Stone Engagement Ring, pictured here in yellow gold, is as beautiful as it is classic.

The most traditional three stone engagement ring designs feature three round diamonds, which can vary in proportion. Some three stone round diamond engagement rings feature a large center diamond and more petite side diamonds, which can enhance the visual impact of the center stone. Then, other three stone round diamond designs feature side diamonds that are only slightly smaller than their paired center stone, which provides a balanced look that many people find incredibly attractive.

Colorful Three Stone Engagement Rings

This three stone yellow diamond engagement ring from our Le Desir Collection features a captivating 3 carat radiant cut yellow diamond and two exquisite trapezoid cut side diamonds.

Three stone engagement rings that feature colorful diamond or gemstones are lush and vibrant, making them an eye-catching three stone option. Colorful three stone engagement rings can feature one colored gemstone as their center stone, two colorful side stones, or three colorful gemstones.

Fancy Shaped Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy shaped diamond three stone rings have a distinctively captivating look that makes them feel highly personal. This style of three stone ring tends to lean one of two ways: either more classic or more modern in style.

Emerald cut diamonds stun in this chic three stone engagement ring design.

This three stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring shows off a more classic fancy shaped three stone design. This 14k white gold ring features three emerald cut diamonds and a beautifully proportioned channel set diamond band, giving it an elegant and somewhat retro look.

The Clara Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a contemporary beauty.

This halo three stone pear shaped diamond ring provides an excellent example of how striking and gorgeous a more modern fancy shaped three stone design can be. Here, a pear shaped diamond rests in a halo setting atop a rose gold band. This glamorous centerpiece is accented by more petite round cut side diamonds, which make the center stone look even more bold and breathtaking.


Interested in seeing even more beautiful, meaningful three stone setting styles? Browse our full collection of three stone engagement rings. Or, if you’re interested in browsing other traditional engagement ring styles, browse our complete fine jewelry collection, which includes round brilliant cut solitaire engagement rings, princess cut diamond solitaire rings, halo engagement rings, diamond band engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, classic bridal sets, and our gemstone ring collection, which features a wide selection of gemstone engagement rings and birthstone rings.

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