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The Radiant Cut Diamond, introduced in 1977, is a relatively new addition to the diamond shape assortment. It combines the rectangular shape elegance of the emerald cut diamond with the dazzling brilliant faceting of a round cut, featuring a total of 70 facets. This unique combination results in a diamond that sparkles brilliantly and stands out for its versatility and stunning appearance. One of the key features of the Radiant Diamond is its adaptability to different proportions. It can be crafted in either a square shape or elongated shape, catering to various aesthetic preferences. The elongated cut not only enhances the perceived size of the diamond but also creates a lengthening effect on the fingers, making it a popular choice for diamond engagement rings. The square radiant cut, on the other hand, competes with other fancy shapes like the princess-cut diamond and asscher cut diamond. However, its unique brilliant facet pattern provides stronger fire and display of sparkle, setting it apart from these other styles. The modern appeal of the Radiant Cut Diamond has made it a favorite for contemporary engagement ring designs, offering both intense brilliance and a distinctive look. The creation of Lab Grown Diamonds help those with a limited budget achieve a larger look for less with no visual difference in appearance compared to natural "mined" diamonds.


If you have any questions or need assistance choosing from our selection of lab grown radiant diamonds please contact our diamond specialists who are happy to help you via phone (855-368-2837) or chat, 7 days a week.

The radiant cut diamond is an excellent choice for those looking for a brilliant sparkle and a more modern diamond shape. Whether you choose the square cut radiant or the elongated radiant cut this diamond will not disappoint in beauty and durability. It's also one of the more affordable diamond cut of the fancy diamond shapes making this the perfect diamond for exceptional sparkle and diamond price.

At Diamond Wish we have a large selection of natural (mined) diamonds to choose from. We can supply diamonds from any grading laboratory but our most common reports for natural diamonds are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratories). We also carry a collection of lab grown diamonds with grading reports from both EGL and I.G.I (International Gemological Institute).