July 25, 2019

Top Gemstone Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

Gemstones are a beautiful and unique choice for your engagement ring. They can add color, distinctive style, and lovely meaning to your ring. Though diamond engagement rings are still the most popular option, gemstone engagement rings have been rapidly rising in popularity. As this trend has continued, we’ve seen many unique and exciting trends pop up within the gemstone engagement ring category. To celebrate the best of these trends (and to give you some gemstone engagement ring inspiration!), here’s our list of the top gemstone engagement ring trends of 2019.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings are one of the hottest engagement ring trends of 2019. Rubies are a gemstone classic. They’re one of the four gemstones that have have been popular since ancient times, alongside sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. The rise in the popularity of ruby engagements is likely due to the rise in another trend: antique-style engagement rings. Rubies are the perfect choice for an antique-style engagement ring, as they were one of the most popular stones for jewelry in the antique era.

Since ancient times, rubies have been prized for their gorgeous red color and powerful meaning. Due to their deep red hue, rubies are associated with passion, love, and the heart. This deep meaning makes a ruby a lovely choice for your engagement ring’s center stone.

The ruby engagement ring set pictured above is the perfect example of an antique-inspired ruby engagement ring pairing. In the pictured engagement ring, a round ruby rests in a rose gold solitaire setting. This ring has been paired with a delicately detailed wedding band. This wedding band features vintage details like a scalloped silhouette and ornate engraving that enhance the set’s antique look.

Gemstone Engagement Rings With Unique Halos

It’s very popular to choose a diamond halo setting when selecting a setting for a gemstone engagement ring. A diamond halo always adds impact and glamour to an engagement ring. Then, they also add brilliance, which can make a gemstone engagement ring more appealing. Gemstones have beautiful color and depth. However, they’re usually lacking in brilliance when compared to diamonds. A diamond halo can amp up the sparkle of a gemstone ring. It also provides a bright white backdrop that makes a deeper gemstone “pop.”

A big trend within the halo set gemstone ring category is unique halo settings. A traditional diamond halo setting surrounds the ring’s center stone, echoing its shape. However, there are many types of halo settings that can add unique style to your engagement ring.

One of our favorite unique halo settings is the Charleston setting, pictured above with a center emerald. The Charleston setting is romantic, geometric dream. This setting features one traditional halo that is echoed by second halo comprised of diamonds in varying shapes. Larger round diamonds and tapered baguette diamonds spring from the inner halo to create an eye-catching starburst effect. Unique halo settings like the Charleston setting are perfect for those looking to add even more distinctive beauty to their gemstone engagement ring.

Crystal Vibes

In years past, those who chose gemstone engagement rings often stuck to traditional gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Today, however, brides-to-be seem to be looking for much more variety. This has led to our next big trend: semi-precious gemstone engagement rings.

Semi-precious gemstones have been used in jewelry for thousands of years. They come in so many different colors and textures, which makes them extremely versatile. Semi-precious gemstones are also popularly used in crystal healing, which is perhaps another reason they’ve become more commonly used in engagement rings. Every crystal is associated with different properties. So, selecting a crystal gemstone for your engagement ring gives you an opportunity to add unique meaning to your engagement ring.

Beyond adding beauty and meaning to an engagement ring, semi-precious gemstones have another benefit: their price. Semi-precious gemstones tend to be much more affordable than precious gemstones, which makes them great for those shopping on a budget. Or, just for those who would prefer to spend less on their engagement ring. Semi-precious gemstones are still beautiful and durable, yet offer a big price advantage.

One of our favorite semi-precious stones for engagement rings is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a crystal-clear, light blue gemstone. This gorgeous gemstone is associated with good luck, trust, and truth. It’s also associated with the sea, so it’s a popular choice for those with a connection to the ocean.

The Skylar Aquamarine Engagement Ring, pictured above, shows how glamorous a unique semi-precious gemstone ring can be. In this design, a soft blue emerald cut aquamarine is surrounded by a glittering diamond halo. More diamonds rest along this ring’s slim yellow gold band, adding to the brilliance of the engagement ring.

Morganite and Rose Gold

Our list of the top gemstone engagement ring trends of 2019 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning morganite. This millennial pink gemstone has been incredibly popular in recent years, due to its lovely color and attractive price. Morganite is particularly popular when paired with rose gold, a blush pink precious metal that perfectly complements the color of morganite.

You can see just how beautiful morganite looks with rose gold in the ring pictured above. In the Melanie Morganite Engagement Ring, a cushion cut morganite rests in a unique halo setting. This halo setting is comprised of rose gold petals set with pave diamonds, which together create a floating diamond shape. This beautifully detailed halo rests atop a delicately detailed band. This ring’s rose gold band features engraving and is set with sparkling white diamonds that add brilliance to this enchanting ring.

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June 25, 2019

July’s Birthstone History: The Ruby

The Charleston Ring showcases a beautiful ruby in a unique, antique-style halo setting that’s fit for a queen.

If you’re a July baby, you’re lucky to have the regal ruby as your birthstone. Throughout the ages, rubies been prized for their incredible red color and their powerful meaning. In various cultures, rubies have been thought to bring their wearer passion, love, energy, health, and power. Want to know more about July’s birthstone history? In this post, we’re telling you the history of the ruby and highlighting some of our favorite ruby engagement rings along the way!

The History of The Ruby

Rubies Before Human Discovery

Rubies take between 2 and 3 million years to form in the earth’s crust, so they’ve been around since before the dawn of humanity. Rubies actually have the same development time as sapphires since, technically, they’re the made of the same mineral as sapphires. Rubies and sapphires are both made of corundum. So what’s the difference between the two? When rubies form, they’re exposed to chromium, which gives them their unique, breathtaking red color.

Ruby deposits have been found in many places in the world, including Myanmar, Thailand, Srilanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Madagascar, Kenya, Maloui, and Tanzania.

Rubies in Ancient Times

Rubies have been loved by people since they were first discovered in ancient times. We know this because rubies were mentioned in many ancient historical texts, including in the Bible (there are actually four mentions of rubies in the Bible) and in the Roman scholar Pliny’s Natural History.

Rubies have been valued in both Eastern and Western Culture. The ancient Sanskrit word for ruby is “ratnaraj,” which means “king of precious stones.” In ancient India, it was thought that rubies allowed their wearer to live in peace with their enemies. In the western world, European royalty has always favorited rubies. Medieval Europeans believed that rubies brought their wearer wisdom, good health, money, and love.

Rubies in Antique and Vintage Eras

The Elise Ring has a retro-era vintage style, thanks to its twisted rose gold band and glamorous emerald cut center ruby.

Rubies look at-home in antique and vintage designs, as the richly red ruby was very popular throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. You’ll find that many vintage and antique era engagement rings feature gemstones such as rubies, as diamonds only became the most popular choice for engagement rings in the mid 20th century.

Rubies Today

An oval cut ruby stars in this unique engagement ring, the Skylar Ring. Here, the featured ruby rests modern-style halo setting.

Rubies are just as valuable in modern times as they have been throughout history. Today, rubies are a popular choice for luxurious fashion jewelry and unique engagement rings. The high durability of rubies makes them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Rubies rank at a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of harness, which means that only a diamond is harder than a ruby. The lovely meaning of rubies (which are thought to bring their wearer love, passion, and protection) also makes them particularly appropriate for engagement rings.

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January 30, 2019

Tips for Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold has has a beautiful, romantic look, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. Thinking of choosing blushing rose gold for your ring? We’re here to fill you in on all the important info you should know before buying a rose gold engagement ring. We’ll answer all of the most commonly asked questions about rose gold, like what it’s made of, how it wears over time, how durable it is, what it costs, and which type of diamond you should pair it with.

Rose Gold: What Exactly Is It?

Rose gold is an alloy, which means it’s made of more than one type of metal. Pure gold (24k gold) is too soft to be worn everyday, so almost all gold used in jewelry is an alloy. When making 14k or 18k rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, craftsmen add in other metals to make the gold durable enough to be worn regularly.

Rose gold is usually a mixture of gold and copper, though it can sometimes contain zinc or silver as well. The addition of copper is what gives rose gold its beautiful, rosy pink hue. How intense this pink color is depends on how much copper is inside the rose gold. Pure gold is 24k and most gold alloys are either 14k or 18k gold. Since 14k rose gold has less pure gold in it, and therefore more copper, it will look more richly pink. And 18k rose gold will be a bit less pink.

You can see an example of the rich color of 14k rose gold in the Rose Gold Elise Engagement Ring, pictured above. This romantic solitaire design features a cushion cut diamond set in a twisting rose gold band. The brilliance of this ring’s enclosed white diamond contrasts beautifully with the rich color of the 14k rose gold setting. 

Rose Gold: Is It Good For Everyday Wear?

Like other gold alloys, rose gold is excellent for everyday wear. And, in fact, rose gold is a bit more durable than yellow gold and white gold, as copper is a strong metal.

Rose gold is a particularly good choice if you’re looking for a gold ring with engravings, like the stunning, the Vintage-Inspired Emilia Ring pictured here. Because rose gold is more durable than other golds, engravings are less likely to get scratched or worn down on a rose gold ring.

Rose Gold: Does It Tarnish Easily? Do I Need to Clean It Often?

A big benefit of rose gold is that doesn’t tarnish. Instead, it develops what’s called a patina, which is a coating (caused by oxidation) that gives rose gold a deeper, more rich look. Patinas are generally considered assets— most people want to keep the patinas that slowly appear on their rings. However, if you don’t like the vintage look that a patina gives, you can easily have a rose gold ring polished to remove a patina.

Rose Gold: Is It Cheaper Than Other Golds?

Some people think that rose gold will be cheaper than other golds, because copper is generally thought of as a cheaper metal. However, gold jewelry is largely priced based on the amount of pure gold in the metal. So, since 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold contain the exact same amount of pure gold, they’re usually priced similarly.

Rose Gold and Pairing Diamonds: Special Considerations

Now that you’ve learned a bit about rose gold, let’s talk about how this beautiful precious metal pairs with diamonds. Because of the color of rose gold, you should pay close attention to two diamond aspects: color and shape. One thing that’s excellent about rose gold is that it hides the color of a diamond well if it’s a bit yellow. When pairing a diamond with a rose gold ring, you can usually go as low in color as an H or an I grading without noticing the yellow in the diamond when it’s placed in the ring. Of course, diamonds with colors above that will also look look beautiful in a rose gold ring, as they will “pop” beautifully against the rich color of rose gold. 

For shapes, many people prefer brilliant cut shapes (like round, cushion cut, or princess) over step cut shapes (like emerald or asscher cut) in a rose gold setting. This is because brilliant cuts draw light from many facets, while step cuts draw much of their light from the bottom of the diamond, including where the setting is. Some people find that step cut diamonds absorb too much of rose gold’s color, making them look less white than they are. So, if you want your diamond to look as white as possible, you may want to avoid step cut diamonds in your rose gold ring.

The Nicole Rose Gold Engagement Ring is the perfect example of just how stunning brilliant cut diamonds look in a rose gold setting. This ring features a dazzling brilliant cut oval diamond and dozens of brilliant cut pave diamond accents. Because the diamonds used here are brilliant cut, they capture light beautifully, allowing them keep their sparkling white color, even against this ring’s rose gold band.

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January 30, 2019

Valentine’s Day Fine Jewelry Gift Guide

If you’re looking to give a gift that will dazzle her this Valentine’s Day, look no further. Whether you’re thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day or are simply looking to gift her a gorgeous new piece of jewelry, we have the perfect piece for you. Read on to discover all our top fine jewelry picks in our Valentine’s Day fine jewelry gift guide!

Valentine’s Day Sale Alert! Keep reading to the end of this post to learn how you can take advantage of our limited time 20-40% off sale!

The Perfect Time to Propose

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to propose. If you’re thinking of popping the question on the most romantic day of the year, we’ve selected some of our top picks to propose with this Valentine’s Day.

Ruby Engagement Rings

The lush red ruby has long been associated with romance, passion, and devotion, making ruby engagement rings incredibly romantic. And not only are rubies beautiful, they’re also unique. So, if you’re looking for a distinctive, eye-catching engagement ring this Valentine’s Day, a ruby engagement ring is the perfect choice.

The ruby engagement ring pictured above shows just how gorgeous and glamorous a ruby engagement ring can be. This ring features a stunning cushion shaped rose cut ruby, which is flanked by two shimmering rows of pear shaped accent diamonds. These dazzling gemstones rest atop a sleek, rounded split shank band, which perfectly balances the sizable beauty of the featured ruby.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is another romantic option for your Valentine’s Day proposal. And rose gold engagement rings are trending at the moment, thanks to their elegant vintage-inspired appeal.

Rose gold looks lovely when used in both simple solitaire designs and more detailed, glamorous designs. You can see an example of a stunning rose gold solitaire in the Elise Rose Gold Engagement Ring, pictured above. In this design, a beautifully white cushion cut diamond dazzles against the ring’s elegant, twisted rose gold band.

The Ariel Diamond Engagement Ring shows that rose gold also looks gorgeous when used in more intricate designs. This unique engagement ring features a diamond set, swirling rose gold band. This modern band winds beautifully to surround a mesmerizing, glamorous halo set round diamond. This ring is eye-catching, brilliant, and romantic.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea!

If you’re thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day, try making your proposal even more memorable by surprising her. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to propose, so catch her off guard by proposing at an unexpected time (meaning, basically any time that’s not at a nice dinner out). You can propose first thing in the morning or before you head out to dinner. Then, you can bask in the glow of your new engagement for the rest of the day or evening!

Update Her Wedding Band

If you’re already married, an excellent (and incredibly thoughtful) gift idea is to update her wedding band. Gifting her a new wedding band is a simple way to add new life to her engagement set.

At Diamond Wish, we have a wide array of stunning wedding bands to suit any style and complement any engagement ring. If she loves the vintage look, try gifting her a new wedding band that features delicate engravings, like the one at the top of the gorgeous stack pictured above. Or if she loves glamour, consider gifting her a diamond set band (or even two!) that will up the brilliance of her engagement set.

Fine Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you’re not quite ready to propose this Valentine’s Day, you can still set her heart on fire with a new piece of luxe, timeless fine jewelry. Let’s take a look at a couple of can’t-go-wrong pieces that are sure to wow your sweetheart.

Halo Diamond Studs

These stunning halo set diamond studs offer a glamorous take on the classic diamond stud. This design features two dazzling round brilliant diamonds, enclosed in gorgeous halo settings. These studs are crafted from lush 14k rose gold, which adds a warm, romantic touch to these beautiful earrings.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is something she’ll treasure for a lifetime. The tennis bracelet featured here boasts three total carats of shimmering round brilliant diamonds, which rest in chic three prong settings crafted from white gold. This tennis bracelet is the ultimate classic; it’s something any woman would be thrilled to add to her collection.

Valentine’s Day Sale!

Take advantage of our limited time Valentine’s Day Sale! All of our fine jewelry is currently 20% off! (Our site wide sale excludes only our loose GIA and EGL certified diamonds.) And, right now, we also have a Valentine’s Day Specials page, where we’re offering 40% off some of our most romantic fine jewelry pieces.


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July 25, 2018

8 Major Engagement Ring Trends in 2018

2018 has been an exciting year for engagement ring trends. This year, we’re seeing a huge boom in unique and creative engagement rings. Beautiful pops of color, uncommon shape choices, and creative ways to wear old and new styles— 2018 has it all. Let’s take a look at 8 of the major engagement ring trends for 2018.

Morganite and Rose Gold

Darya Halo Morganite Engagement Ring

Morganite emerged as a major trend last year and this year the pretty pink gemstone’s popularity has continued to rise. In particular, pairing a morganite center stone with a rose gold setting has been hugely popular. It’s easy to see why: the soft pink hue of morganite pairs beautifully with blush-colored rose gold. Together, these two precious materials create an incredibly unique and romantic look.

Oval Diamond Rings

Clara Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

There are many things to love about oval diamonds. For one, they’re unique, yet still have a classic, traditional look. For another, the slimmer profile of an oval diamond can make the fingers look slimmer. And, perhaps best of all, oval diamonds are a great value, as their high top surface area makes them look bigger per carat than a round diamond.

Colored Diamonds and Gemstones

Merilyn Blue Diamond Engagement Ring 

Colored diamonds and gemstones are all the rage right now with brides looking for more unique, personalized engagement rings. This year, diamonds and gemstones in a rainbow of colors can be found in a huge array of engagement ring designs.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Raelynn Black Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Black diamond engagement rings have been rising in popularity with brides who love their rich, mysterious look. The gorgeous and rare black diamond has a unique depth that brings an air of  sophistication to every black diamond engagement ring.

Three Stone Rings

Meghan Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

Three stone rings are traditional and sweet. Each of the three stones on this style of engagement ring represents a different moment in a couple’s life together: their past, present, and future. This engagement ring style is as sentimental as it is beautiful.

Rose Gold

Emilia Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Rose gold has been rising in popularity over the last few years and it shows no sign of stopping. This beautiful, soft pink form of gold can be seen in a huge range of styles, popping up on everything from vintage to modern settings.

Ring Stacks

Ring stacks are a creative way to get a unique and dazzling look. Whether you stack multiple engagement rings or go with a combo of an engagement ring and a decked out wedding band, the stacked engagement ring look will turn heads.

Multiple Wedding Bands

Caroline Classic Diamond Wedding Band

Keira Vintage Diamond Wedding Band

Tying in with our last trend, many brides have been forgoing traditional engagement rings altogether. Instead, they’re choosing to stack wedding bands to create their own unique, custom look. The best thing about this engagement ring option is the endless number of ways you can customize your stack. You can choose bold rings, classic rings, delicate rings, or any mixture you can imagine.

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