December 23, 2019

What Does Diamond Fluorescence Mean?

As a jeweler that specializes in diamond jewelry, we often get questions from our customers about diamond fluorescence. Many of our customers wonder if diamond fluorescence is a good thing or a bad thing, or they may wonder what it is to begin with.

To help clear up some of the confusion around this topic, in this post we’ll be taking a closer look at diamond fluorescence. We’ll talk about what diamond fluorescence is, what causes diamond fluorescence, what diamond fluorescence means, and how you can tell whether or not a diamond is fluorescent.

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

Does the marquise diamond featured here in our Ella Classic Diamond Engagement Ring have fluorescence? You’d have to look at it under a UV light to see.

Fluorescence is a light effect that occurs when something (such as a diamond) is exposed to ultraviolet light. Some diamonds can emit a “glow” under UV light. When a diamond glows or radiates under UV, it’s displaying fluorescence.

According to the GIA, around 25% to 35% of diamonds have some degree of fluorescence. Then, if a diamond has fluorescence, the fluorescence can range from faint to very strong.

What Causes Diamond Fluorescence?

As diamonds form in the earth over millions of years, they can absorb other minerals. And if these minerals are fluorescent, the diamond can become fluorescent. Trace minerals that can cause fluorescence include aluminum, boron, and nitrogen.

What Does Diamond Fluorescence Mean? It is Good or Bad?

So, now that you know what diamond fluorescence is and what causes it, let’s talk about the top question we get about diamond fluorescence: its it good or is it bad?

In our opinion, whether or not you like or dislike diamond fluorescence is largely a matter of personal preference. Diamond fluorescence primarily affects whether or not a diamond will glow under UV light. If this is something you dislike, then you may want to select a diamond with little to no fluorescence. If this is something you don’t care about, then you may be perfectly happy with a diamond with fluorescence.

However, there is one important thing to understand about diamond fluorescence and what a diamond looks like when it’s not under UV light. Even in regular lighting, diamond fluorescence can sometimes affect the color of a diamond— in either a good way or a bad way.

There are two primary types of diamond fluorescence: blue fluorescence and yellow fluorescence. Blue fluorescence, the most common type of diamond fluorescence, can actually have a positive impact on a white diamonds color, since it can make a diamond look a bit more white in full natural daylight. Yellow fluorescence, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on a white diamonds color, since it can make the diamond look more yellow in natural daylight. Additionally, yellow fluorescence can sometimes give a diamond a “hazy” or “milky” look.

So, if diamond color is important to you, it’s important that you consider a diamond’s fluorescence before you purchase it. You’ll likely want to avoid diamonds with yellow fluorescence. But on the other hand, you may be happy with a diamond with blue fluorescence, since it can give a diamond’s color a boost in natural lighting.

How Can You Tell if a Diamond is Fluorescent?

To tell whether or not a diamond is fluorescent, all you have to do is check its grading report. Since 1997, the GIA has included fluorescence on all white diamond grading reports. So, a diamond’s level of fluorescence will be noted on its GIA report. Then, if it has a fluorescence level of Medium, Strong, or Very Strong the color of the fluorescence will also be noted on this report.

Additionally, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring on our online site, know that you can sort diamonds by fluorescence when you browse our diamonds. You can also request a diamond’s full grading report by clicking the “Request Diamond Certificate” link below a selected diamond.

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December 4, 2019

4 Luxurious Rings to Day Dream About for the Holidays

While we love a good minimalist engagement ring, we also adore a ring with a more of a “maximalist” vibe. There’s just something so utterly gorgeous about an engagement ring that’s simply dripping with dazzling white diamonds.

To celebrate the best of the best in the ultra luxurious engagement ring category, we’re taking a closer look at some of our favorite pieces from our Le Desire Luxury Collection. These luxury couture pieces feature breathtaking center diamonds and beautifully arranged diamond accents that shimmer from every angle. The holidays are all about shimmer. So this holiday season, spark your imagination with these luxurious rings that you’ll be dreaming about all season long.

Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s so much to love about this ultra-glamorous halo engagement ring, which features an absolutely exquisite 4.03 carat oval cut diamond at its center. In addition to its 4 carat centerpiece, this ring also features a halo setting (which ups the impact of the center diamond even further), a diamond set split shank bank, and beautiful, swirling diamond set accents under its raised cathedral setting. With over 5 total carats of dazzling white diamonds, this ring is truly something to dream about.

Double Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This double halo cushion cut diamond ring is simply mesmerizing. In this design, a beautifully clear 2 carat cushion cut diamond rests in a romantic, dazzling double halo setting. Additional diamond accents adorn this enchanting ring’s band and raised setting, creating a refined and highly brilliant look.

Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This sophisticated, icily beautiful engagement ring features a 2 carat emerald cut diamond at its center. This ring’s gorgeous center diamond is enclosed in an emerald shaped halo setting that adds brilliance and impact to the piece. A wide, diamond set split shank band adds balance to this ring’s design, while hidden engravings along the cathedral setting add an extra dash of romance.

Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A stunning 3 carat cushion cut diamond rests in a glamorous halo setting in this breathtaking design. This ring’s halo setting beautifully echoes the elegant shape of its enclosed center diamond. Along this ring’s slim split shank band, pave diamonds add additional brilliance. This ring also features delicate hidden diamond details, which rest along curling white gold accents upon the ring’s cathedral setting.

Looking for even more luxurious rings to day dream about this holiday season? View our full Le Desire Luxury Engagement Ring Collection.

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December 4, 2019

7 Best Ideas for a Whimsical Winter Proposal

There are so many ways to use winter’s beauty (and many fun activities) to your advantage during a winter proposal. And in this post, we’re rounding up some of our favorites! Read on to see our list of the 7 best ideas for a whimsical winter proposal, full of charming, memorable proposal ideas she’ll adore.

1. Take a Sleigh Ride Together

Taking a sleigh ride with your sweetheart is undeniably romantic. So why not make it even more romantic by popping the question while you go dashing through the snow together? If you don’t live in an area where sleigh rides are freely available, you can adapt this proposal idea by opting for a horse drawn carriage ride instead!

2. Head to the Ice Skating Rink

Give her an icy, glamorous halo engagement ring on the ice with this whimsical proposal idea.

If you’re steady on your feet, consider proposing at an ice skating rink that’s all decked out for the holidays. This proposal idea is fun, sweet, and absolutely charming.

3. Try a New Year’s Countdown Proposal 

When people think of a winter proposal, their first thought is often of a Christmas or Hanukkah proposal. But there’s another romantic winter holiday that can make your proposal ultra magical: New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s is an incredibly exciting holiday, full of optimism for the coming year. So why not start your new year with a “yes!” by getting down on one knee as the ball drops?

4. Consider a Puppy Proposal 

What’s better than a puppy? A puppy that also comes with an engagement ring, such as this beautiful blue topaz engagement ring.

If you have a dog (or if you’re thinking of gifting a puppy for the holidays) get your pup in on the proposal action to create a fun and memorable proposal.

There are many ways you can incorporate your dog into your holiday proposal. For example, you could have your dog deliver a holiday letter with your proposal message enclosed. Or you could dress your dog up in a festive outfit that includes a ring bearer collar. If you’re gifting a puppy for the holidays, you could also try writing your proposal message on the new pup’s collar or on a ribbon around their neck, then get down on one knee as your partner reads it.

5. Say it With Snow

Add a bit of winter magic to your proposal by incorporating one of the season’s most beautiful features, soft white snow, into your proposal. First, find a pretty outdoor location with plenty of snow. Then, write “will you marry me” into the snow. You can carve out your message, write it with flowers, or say it with lights. This proposal idea is simple, sweet, and memorable. And, as an added bonus, it’s also incredibly photogenic, so it can make for some incredible engagement pictures.

6. Give the Best Stocking Stuffer Ever

Give her the best stocking stuffer of all time by slipping her engagement ring box into her Christmas stocking. This proposal idea is so simple and easy to pull off, yet it’s also something that’s sure to surprise and thrill her!

7. Propose on a Romantic Holiday Trip

This pretty peridot engagement ring is a dazzling, unique option that will take her breath away when you propose on holiday.

If you want to wow her with your winter proposal, propose while on a romantic holiday trip. You could go to a cozy, secluded mountain cabin or perhaps visit a beautiful city that’s decked out for the holiday season. Wherever you choose to visit, proposing while on a romantic holiday excursion is a sure way to wow her with your proposal!

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October 31, 2019

Your Hand Size and the Ideal Diamond Shape for You

There are ten common diamond shapes: round, princess, cushion, asscher, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, heart, and radiant. While many people select their engagement ring’s diamond shape based on its style, there’s another (often overlooked) factor to consider: how the shape will look on your hand.

Often, people find that they love the look of a certain diamond shape when they see it in pictures or on other people, then find that they just don’t love how it looks on them. This is because diamond shapes can look very different depending on the size and shape of your hand. So what’s the ideal diamond shape for your hand size and shape? Below, we’re taking a closer look at which diamond shapes tend to look best on different hands. We’ll talk about why certain diamond shapes may be more flattering for you and we’ll also give some tips on how to use ring settings to your advantage to flatter your fingers.

Diamond Shapes for Small Hands

When selecting a diamond shape for smaller hands, proportion is key. Smaller diamonds in general tend to look best on small hands, since this balanced proportion is aesthetically pleasing. There are a few shapes that tend to look stunning on small hands: round, asscher cut, and princess cut diamonds. These shapes have more depth than surface area when compared to other diamond shapes, so they look perfectly proportioned on small hands.

There is one exception to this “smaller and more compact is better for small hands” rule, however. If you have small hands but also have short fingers, you may prefer the look of a diamond that has an elongating effect. Oval shaped, pear shaped, and marquise cut diamonds are all excellent for elongating the fingers.

For ring settings for small hands, we recommend selecting a simple setting that doesn’t have large side stones. Large side stones can often look unbalanced on smaller hands. Some excellent setting options for small hands include slim solitaire bands and elegant split shank bands. If you have a smaller hand but still want diamond accents on your engagement ring setting, we generally recommend selecting a setting with pave diamonds. Pave diamonds add beautiful shimmer, yet still look quite delicate and harmonious with more petite hands.

Diamond Shapes for Wider Hands or Fingers

Those who have wider hands or fingers often love diamond shapes that provide a slimming effect. Some diamond shapes that are particularly good for this include oval shaped, marquise cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut diamonds. Then, larger diamonds in general also tend to look best on wider hands. So some of the most flattering diamonds for wider hands and fingers tend to be long fancy shapes with higher carat weights. (Note: If you want a larger looking diamond but a hefty carat weight center stone won’t fit in your budget, a halo setting is a great way to visually amp up the size of a smaller diamond.)

As far as ring settings go for wider hands or fingers, we recommend going for a more bold setting, rather than a delicate setting. Wider, more sizable settings tend to look harmonious and balanced with wider hands and fingers. Some great setting options for wider fingers include medium to wide solitaire bands, three stone settings, halo settings, and modern settings with bold asymmetrical details.

Diamond Shapes for Slim Hands or Long Fingers 

If you’re looking for a diamond shape for slim hands or long fingers, you many options. Your ideal diamond shape will depend on the type of effect you want when wearing your engagement ring. If you love the look of your long fingers, you can accentuate this by going with an elongated fancy shaped diamond. Or, if you would prefer to balance out the length of your fingers, you can go with a symmetrical diamond shape, like a round, princess cut, or asscher cut diamond.

For long and slender hands, we generally recommend selecting a wider engagement ring setting. Wider ring settings work beautifully with longer hands, since they look proportional. Some excellent setting options for longer hands include wide solitaire bands, double bands, and triple bands.

Final Thoughts on the Ideal Diamond Shape for You

We hope that this guide to finding the ideal diamond shape for your hand size has been helpful! While this guide includes many tips on how to flatter your fingers, we do want to mention that, at the end of the day, there are no hard rules on which diamond shape you should pick. The most important thing about your engagement ring is that you love it. So if you find that you’re drawn to a diamond shape that may not be perfectly flattering for your fingers, we advise you to follow your heart.

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June 25, 2019

Celebrity Engagement Ring Spotlight: Unique Rings

Some celebs go for classic engagement rings, some want a glamorous engagement ring, and some favor unique engagement rings. While ultra-glamorous celebrity engagement rings (which usually feature massive white diamonds) tend to get talked about more, in this post we’re looking at an under-appreciated celebrity engagement ring category: unique celebrity engagement rings.

Unique engagement rings are glamorous in an unexpected way. They feature unexpected silhouettes and colorful gemstones. In this post, we’re taking a look at 10 of our favorite unique celebrity engagement rings, organized by their type of unique center stone. Read on to see the best of unique celebrity engagement rings!

Sapphire Rings

1. Penelope Cruz

Photo Courtesy of Eonline

Starting off the sapphire engagement ring category, we have Penelope Cruz’s engagement ring from Javier Bardem. Cruz’s ring features a beautiful deep blue sapphire that’s estimated to be around three carats. Her sapphire is enclosed in a floral diamond halo setting, which gives her ring a highly romantic look.

2. Elizabeth Hurley

Photo Courtesy of

Elizabeth Hurley’s engagement ring features a breathtaking 9 carat blue sapphire. Hurley’s ring also features two trillion cut white diamonds as side stones, making this a very unique three stone ring.

3. Kate Middelton

Photo Courtesy of Readers Digest

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is one of the most legendary engagement rings of all time. Middleton wears an 18 carat blue sapphire and white diamond engagement ring that was once worn by Princess Diana.

Get the Look: Celebs know that sapphires look their best when they’re surrounded by white diamonds, as they are are in the Mya Ring. In this design, an incredibly beautiful 10.15 carat blue sapphire is surrounded by an intricately detailed diamond halo comprised of round and marquise diamonds.

Colored Diamond Rings

4. Blake Lively’s Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Blake Lively’s engagement ring, given to her by her now husband Ryan Reynolds, is a unique colored diamond engagement ring. Lively’s ring features a massive oval cut light pink diamond (it’s thought to be around 12 carats!). The setting for this stunning engagement ring is crafted from rose gold, which beautifully complements the pink hue of her diamond.

Get the Look For Less: For a much more affordable version of Blake Lively’s massive oval cut pink diamond engagement ring, try an oval cut morganite engagement ring like the Hazel Ring. This glamorous engagement ring features an oval cut pink morganite surrounded by two cushion shaped diamond halos.

Ruby Rings

5. Jessica Simpson

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Jessica Simpson heads a trendy, modern fashion line that’s decidedly mainstream. Her engagement ring, on the other hand, is anything but. Simpson wears a unique three stone ruby engagement ring, which has a 5 carat ruby at its center and two pear shaped diamonds as the ring’s side stones.

6. Ashlee Simpson

Photo Courtesy of Eonline

Jessica Simpson’s sister Ashlee Simpson also rocks a ruby engagement ring, though hers has a very different style. Ashlee, who changed her last name to Ross after marrying Evan Ross, has a one-of-a-kind Edwardian Era-inspired ruby and white diamond engagement ring that was designed by jeweler Neil Lane.

7. Victoria Beckham

Photo Courtesy of

Victoria Beckham has not one, but thirteen engagement rings, all from her husband David Beckham. We’re currently honing in on her 2009 engagement ring look starring a breathtakingly beautiful and massive oval cut ruby gemstone with a diamond encrusted halo.

Feeling inspired by these ruby engagement rings?  View our Ruby Engagement Ring Collection.

Emerald Engagement Rings

8. Halle Berry

Photo Courtesy of

First up in the emerald engagement ring category, we have Halle Berry’s yellow gold and emerald ring. Halle Berry’s ring, which is modern yet has an antique look, was created for Berry by Parisian jeweler Robert Mazio. It features a four carat emerald at its center and, supposedly, it contains hidden codes that only the wearer can see.

9. Olivia Wilde

Photo Courtesy of Glamour

Though Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring has a diamond as its center stone, its extremely eye-catching and unique, thanks to its unusual halo setting. Wilde’s engagement ring has an emerald halo setting, which her husband Jason Sudeikis said he selected because the emeralds reminded him of Wilde’s beautiful green eyes.

10. Jackie Kennedy

Photo Courtesy of Glamour

Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring is one of the most famous engagement rings in modern history. When John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie O, he presented her with an engagement ring with two center stones: a 2 carat emerald cut diamond and a two carat emerald cut diamond. While this ring originally featured baguette diamonds along its band, Jackie Kennedy had the band revamped during her time as First Lady, swapping out the baguette diamonds for marquise and round brilliant diamonds.

Do you think the unique green emerald could be right for your engagement ring? Explore our Emerald Engagement Ring Collection.

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