August 19, 2019

Celebrate August’s Birthstone – The Meaningful Peridot

Peridot, a glittering green gemstone, is August’s birthstone. While most gemstones come in many colors, peridot is comes in only one: a vibrant shade of yellow-olive green. Peridot has been loved throughout the ages for its spectacular color, as well as for its unique meaning. Today, peridots are known as a symbol of opportunity and prosperity. Throughout time, however, this gemstone has had many meanings, which we’ll share with you in this post! Read on to learn all about the many meaning’s of the August birthstone, as well as a bit about its history and formation.

Peridot Formation and Composition

The breathtaking peridot in this halo peridot diamond ring was formed by magma, deep in the earth.

Like diamonds, peridots form in the earth’s mantle, miles into the earth. Peridots form in magma, then are usually brought to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions. Peridots also sometimes arrive on earth via a flaming meteorite, though these celestial peridots are quite rare.

Peridots are technically a gemstone-quality variety of the mineral olivine. Like all other types of olivine, peridots get their color from their composition. The unique combination of magnesium and iron present in peridot creates its distinctive yellow green to olive green color.

The Meaning of Peridot: Throughout History

According to ancient Egyptians, the peridot in this halo peridot diamond ring will bring its wearer good luck, power, and confidence.

Peridot’s many meanings are intertwined with how it’s been loved throughout history. One of the first historical records we have of peridot comes from the writings of Pliny the Elder, an ancient natural historian. In his works, Pliny the Elder describes the color and appearance of Peridot, detailing its vibrant color and stating that it glows like a hot coal at night. He also states that, in his time (the first century), much peridot was sourced from an island called Topazios. Pliny the Elder states that this island was heavily protected by the ancient Egyptians, who believed it to be a source of priceless treasures.

We know from Pliny’s works, as well as from numerous other texts, that the ancient Egyptians adored peridots. Egyptians referred to peridots as the “gem of the sun” and believed that they had many magical properties. Egyptians believed that peridots protected the wearer from nightmares and brought the wearer good luck, power, good health, and confidence. Many ancient Egyptians also wore peridots around their left arms to ward off evil spirits. Cleopatra is thought to have worn numerous peridots. Cleopatra was famously fanatic about emeralds and many historians believe that a large portion of the “emeralds” in her collection were actually peridots.

Peridots have also been celebrated in Hawaiian culture throughout the ages. Since ancient times, Hawaiians have associated peridots with Pele, the volcano goddess. This association makes perfect sense, since peridot is formed in magma. Hawaii, which is home to numerous volcanoes, boasts a large amount of olivine, the non-gem variety of peridot. There’s even a green sand beach on the Big Island, Papakolea Beach, which is green due to large amounts of crushed olivine.

Since peridots have been associated with magical properties since ancient times, the myths about peridots have continued over the centuries. Peridots have also been associated with bringing happiness, strengthening the eyes, and aiding friendship. Due to their yellow-green color, they’ve also been associated with healing issues caused by the liver.

The Meaning of Peridot: Today

This beautiful peridot diamond ring features the August birthstone and six dazzling diamond side stones.

Peridot is still associated with many of the magical properties it has been tied to throughout the ages. However, today, it’s much more commonly known as the August birthstone. As the August birthstone, peridot is primarily associated with strength, opportunity, and prosperity.

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June 25, 2019

July’s Birthstone History: The Ruby

The Charleston Ring showcases a beautiful ruby in a unique, antique-style halo setting that’s fit for a queen.

If you’re a July baby, you’re lucky to have the regal ruby as your birthstone. Throughout the ages, rubies been prized for their incredible red color and their powerful meaning. In various cultures, rubies have been thought to bring their wearer passion, love, energy, health, and power. Want to know more about July’s birthstone history? In this post, we’re telling you the history of the ruby and highlighting some of our favorite ruby engagement rings along the way!

The History of The Ruby

Rubies Before Human Discovery

Rubies take between 2 and 3 million years to form in the earth’s crust, so they’ve been around since before the dawn of humanity. Rubies actually have the same development time as sapphires since, technically, they’re the made of the same mineral as sapphires. Rubies and sapphires are both made of corundum. So what’s the difference between the two? When rubies form, they’re exposed to chromium, which gives them their unique, breathtaking red color.

Ruby deposits have been found in many places in the world, including Myanmar, Thailand, Srilanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Madagascar, Kenya, Maloui, and Tanzania.

Rubies in Ancient Times

Rubies have been loved by people since they were first discovered in ancient times. We know this because rubies were mentioned in many ancient historical texts, including in the Bible (there are actually four mentions of rubies in the Bible) and in the Roman scholar Pliny’s Natural History.

Rubies have been valued in both Eastern and Western Culture. The ancient Sanskrit word for ruby is “ratnaraj,” which means “king of precious stones.” In ancient India, it was thought that rubies allowed their wearer to live in peace with their enemies. In the western world, European royalty has always favorited rubies. Medieval Europeans believed that rubies brought their wearer wisdom, good health, money, and love.

Rubies in Antique and Vintage Eras

The Elise Ring has a retro-era vintage style, thanks to its twisted rose gold band and glamorous emerald cut center ruby.

Rubies look at-home in antique and vintage designs, as the richly red ruby was very popular throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. You’ll find that many vintage and antique era engagement rings feature gemstones such as rubies, as diamonds only became the most popular choice for engagement rings in the mid 20th century.

Rubies Today

An oval cut ruby stars in this unique engagement ring, the Skylar Ring. Here, the featured ruby rests modern-style halo setting.

Rubies are just as valuable in modern times as they have been throughout history. Today, rubies are a popular choice for luxurious fashion jewelry and unique engagement rings. The high durability of rubies makes them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Rubies rank at a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of harness, which means that only a diamond is harder than a ruby. The lovely meaning of rubies (which are thought to bring their wearer love, passion, and protection) also makes them particularly appropriate for engagement rings.

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May 10, 2019

Why May’s Mesmerizing Birthstone is So Romantic

May’s birthstone is the utterly unique emerald. Emeralds are a gemstone that have been prized throughout the ages due to their unmistakable rich green hue, which can’t be matched by any other gemstone. We all know that emeralds are gorgeous, but do you know the romantic meaning behind this stunning green gemstone?

In this post, we’re filling you in on why May’s mesmerizing birthstone is so romantic and telling you all the famous figures who have used emeralds as symbols of romance throughout history.

The Romantic Meaning of Emeralds

The Darling Athena Round Cut Emerald Vintage-Inspired Wedding Ring Set

Today, emeralds are associated with May babies. But for hundreds of years, emeralds have also been known as the gemstone of passion, romance, and unconditional love.

The reason emeralds are associated with romance is that, since the time of ancient Rome, emeralds have been associated with Venus, the goddess of love. As the goddess of love, Venus was said to rule over love, beauty, seduction, and female charm. Since ancient times, emeralds have been associated with Venus, alongside other romantic symbols of the goddess, which include roses and the fragrant plant myrtle. 

Famous Fans of the Romantic Emerald

The Stunning Ella Emerald Classic Engagement Ring

Emeralds have been a symbol of romance for many famous figures throughout history. Perhaps most notably, Cleopatra, known for her many famous romantic entanglements, was an enormous fan of emeralds. Egypt was the first known location of emerald mines and Cleopatra, who is said to have been fanatical about emeralds, had quite a large emerald jewelry collection. She also often presented emeralds that had been carved with her image to visiting dignitaries.

When Elizabeth Taylor played the Egyptian queen in the 1963 film Cleopatra, she also became a big fan of this precious gemstone. So much so that when her costar Richard Burton decided to propose to her, he got her an absolutely incredible emerald necklace with a detachable emerald broach instead of an engagement ring.

Also in the 1960s, Jackie Kennedy donned emeralds for her engagement. Though, her engagement emeralds were a bit more traditional. Instead of an engagement broach, the first lady wore an emerald and diamond engagement ring.

Another famous love story involving emeralds is that of King Edward VIII of England and his American sweetheart Wallis Simpson. When the royal proposed to the Simpson in 1936, he did so with a 19 carat emerald ring, which was engraved with the message “We are ours now.”

Today, many Hollywood stars wear emeralds as signs of love. Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, and Zoe Saldana all wear emerald engagement rings. Outside of engagement rings, Angelina Jolie may be the emerald’s biggest celebrity fan today. Over the years, Jolie has been spotted wearing countless gorgeous emerald earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and emerald rings.

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