The most popular of diamond cuts. Designed to highlight the diamond's natural radiance, the round diamond cut reflects the maximum amount of light, creating sparkle with a classic look.

The quintessential ring, round diamond rings flaunt the most popular circle shaped center, versatile in multiple setting types from a classic setting or in a stunning modern halo engagement ring.


Make every woman feel like royalty with this second most popular diamond shape. Known for its square cut, clean angles, and unique flare, this diamond is the perfect crossover between traditional and modern jewelry.

Considered chic, modern and trendy princess cut diamond rings fit perfectly in all setting styles. Making these clean lines and angles sparkle from every angle.


Have rounded corners and large facets that increases the diamond's brilliance. Also referred to as, "old mine cut," it returns light in a chunkier pattern than more modern cuts, making it the perfect fit for a timeless look.

Cushion cut diamond rings are revered for their antique design that evoke styles with old world charm. Also known as the pillow shape due to it's soft edges, this shape is ideal for antique and art-deco engagement rings styles.


This cut is popular for its square features, which catches everyone's eye. Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut gives off an elegant and dramatic effect, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their diamond jewelry.

Asscher cut diamond rings are a modern selection for a woman looking for a unique and uncommon engagement ring. Consider a simple setting with an asscher engagement ring as it should attract all the attention.


These are cut into an elongated shape that emphasize its clarity. Its timelessness and popularity has become a worldwide trend for those who choose to have a more mature and sophisticated appeal with their jewelry.

Dramatic and unique, an emerald cut engagement ring boasts the elongated rectangular shape ideal in adding length to the ring finger. Stunning shape selection for a classic solitaire to detailed vintage style setting.


The oval cut diamond is more diverse as they come in an array of lengths and widths. Whether you prefer a longer look or a more wider one, this cut is perfect for those who wants to sport a more feminine and refined look.

A top trend and unique fashion statement, oval diamond engagement rings boast the same sparkle as round rings. Oval rings allude a larger table size with their stunning lengthened and elegantly curved shape.


Also known as the "teardrop diamond", that has soft and elegant facets and lines. It features both a rounded and pointed end. The versatile pear-shaped diamond is great for any woman who will always be in style.

Pear shape diamond rings showcase versatility in wear. Turn your diamond engagement ring up or down to change your look. These teardrop cuts are trending with an added wedding band for even more choice in style.


Also known as the "football shaped cut" or "little boat". Its oval shape meets in pointed ends. The marquise cut is an ultimate elegance. In addition to being unique, this cut is also great for someone looking to create the illusion of elongated hands.

Size and sparkle are showcased in marquise cut diamond rings. These engagement rings flaunt the largest look with the elongated shape, while being the focus of timeless ring designs throughout history.


Cut into the shape of the universal symbol of love, the most romantic of all shapes. They have modified brilliants as the cut is based on the Round Brilliant Cut, and the standard cut has 59 facets. Perfect way to express your love.

The hopeless romantic's ideal ring is the heart shape diamond ring. It's name says it all. Consider a minimalist solitaire ring or a halo style setting that will embrace the heart shape center forever.


Defined as modern and luxurious. The 70 facets of radiant cut gives off a huge amount of shine, making the vibrant rectangular diamond, the go-to for those whom want to sparkle in the crowd.

Life's little luxuries should include a radiant diamond ring. It's uncommon shape boast length and stunning edges beaming with sparkle and sure to grab attention in any setting style. A radiant ring's name says it all.