February 28, 2020

One in a Million: The One Carat Diamond Price

Did you know that only one in every one million diamonds is a one carat diamond? One carat diamonds are quite rare, and they also have one of the most coveted carat weights. One carat diamonds are a top choice for engagement rings, stud earrings, pendant necklaces, and many other types of jewelry.

As a jeweler that specializes in diamond jewelry, we get a lot of questions about this highly desired carat weight. Mostly commonly, people ask us, “how much does a one carat diamond cost?” This is a simple question that has a bit of a complicated answer. One carat white diamonds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000– which is a very wide price range. The reason this price range is so strikingly wide is that carat weight is far from the only thing that determines the price of a diamond. Other factors, like diamond quality and diamond shape, also play a major role in a diamond’s price.

If you want to understand what determines the price of a one carat diamond, read on. Below, we’ll go over all the other major factors that change the price of a diamond, like diamond cut, clarity, color, and shape.

One Carat Diamond Price and The 4Cs

The price of a solitaire engagement ring is affected by its center diamond’s carat weight, clarity, cut, and color.

The 4Cs of diamonds are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Out of all of the 4Cs, carat weight does have the largest impact on the price of a diamond. The higher the carat weight, the higher the price tag. However, the rest of the 4Cs also play a huge role in determining a diamond’s price, since they affect a diamond’s quality and beauty.

Apart from carat weight, diamond cut is the quality that has the biggest impact on a diamond’s price. Diamond cut is a measurement of how well a diamond was cut, which affects how well it reflects light. A well cut diamond will capture and reflect light beautifully, while a poorly cut diamond will look dull and dim. Diamond cut grade dramatically affects a diamond’s beauty, so it makes sense that it can also dramatically affect its price.

Both clarity and color grade impact a diamond’s price, but not quite as dramatically as carat weight or cut. Higher clarity and and color grades will, however, always fetch a higher price. In particular, the top grades within these categories tend to fetch a premium price. For example, a completely colorless diamond will be considerably more expensive than a faintly yellow diamond (assuming all their other qualities are the same).

Each of the 4Cs impacts a diamond’s price on its own. Then a diamond’s unique combination of 4C grades will impact its price, as will details like fluorescence, polish, and symmetry. If you’re looking for a one carat diamond on a budget, consider which diamond qualities you could be more flexible on. We generally recommend prioritizing diamond cut, since it has such an enormous impact on a diamond’s beauty, and then being more flexible on diamond clarity and color.

One Carat Diamond Price and Diamond Shape

The round brilliant cut diamond, as seen above in the Reagan Ring, is the most expensive diamond shape.

Diamond shape, the shape a diamond has been cut into, is another diamond quality that has a major impact on diamond price. There are two main factors that can impact the price of a certain diamond shape: the cost of production and market demand.

Round is easily the most expensive diamond shape, since it’s both more expensive to produce and extremely popular. Cutting a round diamond leads to more diamond waste, which means it’s more expensive to manufacture. Then, round is the most popular diamond shape. Over half of all diamonds sold today are round diamonds. Because round diamonds are so in demand, manufacturers and jewelers know they can charge a bit more for them.

When it comes to fancy shaped diamonds, market demand plays the biggest role in their price. All fancy shaped diamonds will cost less than round diamonds with the same qualities, but there’s much price variety within the fancy shaped diamond category. The price of fancy shaped diamonds can vary often as market demand changes. For example, cushion cut diamonds have become a bit more expensive recently, since they’ve become more popular over the last several years.

Final Thoughts

The Black Diamond Elise Ring is a lovely one carat diamond option for those looking for a distinctive engagement ring (and a more affordable price tag!).

There you have it: everything you need to know about the price of a one carat white diamond! If you’re considering selecting a one carat diamond for your engagement ring, browse our selection of pre-set one carat engagement rings.

To close out our post, we have one final tip. If you’re shopping for a one carat engagement ring on a more strict budget, you may want to consider stepping outside of the white diamond category and exploring your other gemstone options. Center stones like black diamonds, moissanite, aquamarine, and morganite are all more affordable than white diamonds– but no less beautiful! If you have any questions about either our white diamond or our gemstone engagement rings, reach out. We’d be happy to assist you.

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February 28, 2020

Lasting Relationships: 9 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, to show your partner just how much you love them. Every day is a great day to show your partner how much you care for and appreciate them! Regularly taking a bit of time to remind your partner how much they mean to you can help your love deepen even more over time, which will help your relationship stay solid, loving, and exciting.

Wondering how you can share your love every day? Read on to see our list of 9 simple ways to show your love!

1. Hold Hands

Physical touch engages the heart and the mind, helping you and your partner stay connected.

2. Do Their Least Favorite Chore

Taking a bit of time to do a chore before they get to it is a great way to show your partner that you’re there for them and appreciate them.

3. Send a Sweet Email

Whether they’re going about business as usual or are experiencing a particularly busy or stressful day, getting a caring message from you will put a smile on their face and help them sail through their day.

4. Give the Little gifts

Giving gifts can be a great way to show your partner that you love and appreciate them. But not every gift has to be extravagant– small gifts are also a great way to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face. If you’re not sure what to get your partner, here are some ideas: a book you think they’d love, their favorite candy, their favorite snack, a new candle, flowers (or even a single flower), a handwritten love note. Side note: jewelry is always a good idea.

A stunning sapphire solitaire pendant with a white gold chain

5. Say it In a Post-It

Brighten their day way simple and sweet love note. Surprise them in the morning by placing the note on the bathroom mirror. Not sure what to write? Try jotting down something you love about them or even just writing a simple “I love you.”

6. No Phones Allowed

Spend quality time together with no phones allowed. It’s all too easy to get into the habit of scrolling through your phone while you’re relaxing with your partner. But focused, quality time is so important for maintaining a loving, lasting relationship (and smartphones are the enemy of focused attention). So consider setting aside some time to spend with your partner with no phones, tablets, or technology allowed.

7. Share Even Your Silliest of Thoughts

Share your thoughts daily with each other over your morning coffee, at dinner, or before bed. Sharing your hopes, your passions, and your interests with your partner will help you stay connected long-term, which will help your love grow deeper each day.

8. Be Their Personal Chef for an Evening

Cook or order their favorite meal. This will make your partner feel special any day of the week, but it’s especially thoughtful if you know they’ve had a long or challenging day.

9. Tell Them Why

Tell your partner why you love them, out loud. Whenever you feel moved to, don’t hesitate to let your partner know why you love them! If they just did something you find cute or sweet, or if you’re just feeling the love for no particular reason, share your feelings.

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January 23, 2020

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her Personality

The key to giving a great Valentine’s Day gift is to think carefully about your sweetheart’s unique personality and tastes. Fine jewelry of any kind is always appreciated, but fine jewelry that perfectly suits her style is something she’ll adore. To help you find the perfect unique Valentine’s Day gift for her personality, below we’re featuring our top unique Valentine’s Day gifts in every style category!

For the Modern Woman

If your sweetheart favors streamlined, yet bold clothes and accessories, a modern-style piece of jewelry is perfect for her. When it comes to modern jewelry, you can either go ultra minimalistic or opt for something a bit more unique. If you’re looking for a more unique and bold piece of modern jewelry, we’d recommend a blue topaz ring, like the beautiful halo set blue topaz cocktail ring pictured above.

For the Classic Woman

If you’re shopping for a woman with a classic sense of style, we have the perfect gift idea for her: a pair of round diamond studs. Round diamond studs are gorgeous, timeless, and incredibly wearable; they’re simply a can’t-go-wrong Valentine’s Day gift if your partner has a traditional sense of style.

For the Hopeless Romantic

If your Valentine is a romantic at heart, embrace the over-the-top romance of the holiday and opt for a heart-shaped ring. One of our current favorite heart-shaped rings is the Alice Ring, pictured above. This charming ring features a romantic rose gold setting, a lovely twisted band, and a glamorous heart-shaped diamond halo.

For the Trendy Woman

If your partner is always on top of the latest fashion trends, go for a trending jewelry style. Our top trending jewelry recommendation for 2020 is an initial pendant necklace. Initial pendants are one of the trendiest accessories of the year. However, they also happen to be quite classic. So, initial pendants are at once trendy and classic, making them a great gift option for someone with an eye for trends. She’ll be able to enjoy wearing her initial necklace now, while it’s a hot trending item, but will also be able to keep it in rotation for years to come.

For the Unique and Bold Woman

Does your Valentine like to stand out? Does she hate blending in with the crowd? If so, go for an ultra unique piece of jewelry, like a pair of black diamond studs. Black diamond studs are elegant and beautiful, yet they’re also inherently striking and bold. A pair of black diamond studs is mysterious, eye-catching, and utterly unique, just like the unique and bold woman.

For the Trend Setter

If your partner likes to experiment with her style, go for something a bit adventurous, like a piece from our Her Collection. Our Her Collection is filled with modern, luxurious designs in a wide array of styles. There, you’ll find gorgeous gemstone and diamond pieces that range from chic and minimalistic to highly detailed and distinctive. Our Her Collection also includes many designs that blend style elements from different categories, such as the earrings pictured above. These earrings are at once modern and romantic, giving them a uniquely beautiful look.

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December 4, 2019

The Diamond Details for the Perfect Holiday Look

The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones— and, of course, hitting those fabulous holiday parties! Holiday parties are a time to eat, drink, and be merry. But for all the fashionistas out there, holiday parties are also an opportunity to have fun putting together some show-stopping holiday party looks. If you’re planning your holiday party looks, don’t forget your diamond details. The holidays are all about shimmer and a fabulous diamond accessory (or two) can make any ensemble look perfectly holiday-party ready.

Some carefully selected diamond details can take a holiday outfit from good to incredible. But which diamond details should you choose for your holiday party looks? Read on to see our top recommendations as we share the best diamond details for the perfect holiday look!

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoop earrings have it all: they’re beautiful, classic, elegant, and eye-catching. So if you’re hunting for some diamond jewelry that will take your holiday looks to the next level, you can’t go wrong with a pair of spectacular diamond hoops!

One thing we love about diamond hoops is how many options you have to choose from. Diamond hoops come in so many sizes and colors, and they can be set with any size of diamond. So when you pick out your diamond hoops for the holidays, consider what type of look you’re going for. Do you want to go bold? Try an oversized pair of hoops, like the elegant yet glamorous pair pictured above. Do you want to keep your look a bit more delicate? Try a pair of petite diamond hoops that will add the perfect amount of shimmer to your ensemble.

Shop Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are always a top choice for holiday looks, since there’s no piece of jewelry that is more classic and versatile. If you want to get just one new piece of jewelry to wear during the holidays, diamond studs are an ideal option. They pair beautifully with cocktail attire, black tie looks, casual-cool looks, and even work looks (for those times when you need to take your outfit from day to night). A single pair of diamond studs is something you can use to elevate your looks all season long— and also enjoy wearing for decades to come.

As with hoops, there are many styles of diamond studs. If you want to keep your studs ultra classic, you could opt for a chic, traditional pair of round brilliant diamond studs. Or, if you want a more unique look for your studs, you could go for a pair of fancy shaped diamond studs. One of our favorite fancy diamond shapes of the moment is the cushion cut diamond (pictured above), a romantic and elegant shape with a vintage-style. Cushion cut diamonds look quite classic, but also have a distinctive, romantic beauty that adds something incredibly special to a pair of studs.

Shop Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond and Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

If you love a colorful, vibrant look, rock a diamond and gemstone cocktail ring this holiday season. Diamond and gemstone jewelry is one of our favorite ways to wear diamonds. You get some rich, eye-catching color from your gemstone, while also getting dazzling brilliance from  your diamonds— it’s the perfect combination!

There are so many different types of gemstones you can use to add a bit of color to your holiday looks. One of our current favorites is blue topaz, a glimmering sky blue gemstone. Blue topaz is rich in color, yet is also one of the more reflective colored gemstones, which makes it particularly mesmerizing. When paired with diamonds, blue topaz looks extra icy, so a blue topaz and diamond piece is an ideal glam winter accessory.

Shop Blue Topaz Rings

Black Diamond Pendant

If you’re shopping for the perfect diamond details for your holiday look, remember that white diamonds are not your only option! Diamonds come in every hue imaginable, including in a rich, velvety black.

We absolutely love black diamond jewelry for a holiday look, since black diamonds add a stunning, luxe depth to any ensemble. Black diamond jewelry is a bit unexpected. It’s striking, bold, mysterious, and incredibly eye-catching. So if you’re looking to add a uniquely luxurious touch your holiday look, black diamond jewelry is an excellent choice.

One of our favorite ways to wear black diamonds is in a solitaire pendant, like the lovely rose gold and black diamond pendant necklace pictured above. We love black diamond pendants because they’re both beautiful and versatile. They look spectacular when worn on their own or when worn as a part of an intricate layered look.

Shop Black Diamond Pendants

Want to see even more dazzling diamond jewelry that can amp up your holiday looks? Browse our full selection of handcrafted fine jewelry.

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October 31, 2019

Preparing for Holiday Parties: Your Top Jewelry Guide

There’s a lot to love about the holidays, like the delicious food, beautiful decorations and, of course, holiday parties! With holiday party season right around the corner, we wanted to share some of our favorite holiday party accessories. Holiday jewelry is all about lighting up the night, so read on to see our favorite glittery, dazzling pieces that are perfect for your next holiday party!

Dazzling Diamond Stud Earrings

These 1 carat tw cushion cut diamond stud earrings are ready to turn heads at your next holiday party.

There’s no accessory that’s more perfect for a holiday party than a pair of diamond stud earrings. Diamond studs are the ideal way to round out any holiday ensemble, whether you opt for a classic cocktail dress or a more bold and edgy look.

While all diamond studs will look beautiful at a holiday party, cushion cut diamond studs are one of our favorite styles for the holidays. Cushion cut diamonds feature a modified version of the round brilliant cut diamond’s faceting pattern. This modified faceting pattern gives cushion cut diamonds a more “icy” look, making them fit in perfectly during the winter months. Then, cushion cut diamonds also tend to have more fire (the rainbow light that emits from a diamond) than other diamond shapes. This gives them a warm, radiant look that will light up a winter night!

Whether you opt for our favorite holiday diamond shape, the cushion cut, or go with another shape, your diamond studs are sure to dazzle at every holiday party you attend. And the best thing about diamond studs is that they’re perfect for a holiday party— yet also perfect for year-round wear. Diamond studs are an enduring jewelry classic; they simply never go out of style. So if you select a new pair of diamond studs to wear this holiday season, you’ll also get to enjoy wearing them for decades to come.

A Uniquely Beautiful Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

This holiday-ready cocktail ring features December’s birthstone, blue topaz.

If you’re looking for a unique piece that will help you stand out from the crowd this holiday season, look no further than this stunning halo set blue topaz cocktail ring. This ring features a mesmerizing blue topaz with an eye-catching trillion cut shape. Blue topaz is beautiful all year long but is particularly appropriate when you’re making the rounds at holiday parties, since blue topaz is the December birthstone. Adding to this ring’s icy, wintery effect is a stunning halo setting that features an array of dazzling pave white diamonds.

If you like the idea of a unique cocktail ring for the holiday season but aren’t sure that blue topaz is the right gem you, view our full collection of gorgeous gemstone rings. With rings featuring sapphires, morganite, rubies, amethyst, peridot, citrine, and much more, our gemstone collection has something to fit any taste (or match any holiday outfit!).

A Simply Sublime Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet will add an air of luxe elegance to any holiday party look.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to make a statement this holiday season, opt for a classic diamond tennis bracelet. A diamond tennis bracelet adds a luxurious, brilliant touch to any holiday ensemble. A tennis bracelet is the perfect way to accessorize an elegant cocktail dress or sleek, chic gown. A tennis bracelet is also an excellent way to elevate a more casual outfit and quickly create a look that’s party-ready.

Tennis bracelets look beautiful when worn on their own, but they’re also quite versatile and make a great addition to an icy bracelet stack. For example, you can up the glam of a tennis bracelet by wearing it with alongside other tennis bracelets or create a stylish, unique look by wearing a tennis bracelet with a luxury watch.

Another thing we love about tennis bracelets is that they’re so easy to customize to suit your personal style. If you have a more classic sense of style, opt for a traditional tennis bracelet, like the prong-set round diamond tennis bracelet pictured above. If you have a more modern aesthetic, go with a tennis bracelet that features contemporary design elements, like bezel settings or a modern diamond shape (such as the princess cut). Then, if you have an eye for the romantic, you can opt for a more romantic design, like a rose gold tennis bracelet or or a tennis bracelet with floral-inspired settings.

Find your perfect tennis bracelet style by browsing our full tennis bracelet collection!

Final Thoughts on Our Top Holiday Jewelry Guide

There you have it: our guide to our top holiday jewelry! No matter which of these pieces you select, you’re sure to turn heads this holiday season.

Haven’t found the perfect jewelry to round out your holiday look? To see even more holiday-party-ready jewelry, browse our full selection of finely made, handcrafted jewelry.

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