October 4, 2019

How to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Many people want their proposal to have an element of surprise, so the proposal will be even more exciting! But there’s one thing that can make a surprise proposal particularly challenging: figuring out her ring size. When you go to order an engagement ring, you have to order it in a specific size. And since ring size basically never comes up in a casual conversation, most people don’t know their sweetheart’s ring size. So how do you sneakily figure out this crucial piece of information before you pop the question? Read on to learn our top tips on how you can find out her ring size without her knowing!

1. Borrow a Ring

One way to find our her ring size without her knowing is to borrow one of her rings, then get it measured by a jeweler. If you use this strategy, know that it’s very important that you know which finger she wears this ring on. All of our fingers are slightly different sizes. So if she doesn’t wear the ring you sneak away with on her left ring finger, be sure to note which finger she does wear it on. Then, tell that info to the jeweler (also be sure to tell them which hand is her dominant hand, which can affect finger size) so they can make an educated guess on her engagement ring finger size.

2. Imprint or Trace a Ring

If you’re worried she may notice if you borrow one of her rings for a while, you can also try tracing one of her rings, then taking your tracing to a jeweler for measurement. Draw an outline of one of her rings on a piece of paper or put it on your finger and mark where it sits with a pen. If you’re concerned that your tracing skills will be inaccurate, you can also try the classic strategy of making an imprint of her ring in a bar of soap.

3. Sneakily Use a Ring Sizer at Home

Another way to figure out her ring size without her knowing is to use an at home ring sizer. This printable ring sizer allows you to measure one of her rings by aligning it with a circular ring size chart. It also includes a printable paper sizer that is a bit harder to use sneakily. But to learn how you can, read on our next idea!

4. Use the Sleeping Beauty Strategy

If your sweetheart is a very heavy sleeper, you can measure her ring size when she’s sleeping. Use a paper sizer, like the printable one mentioned above, while she’s in a deep sleep. Or, alternatively, try measuring her ring finger with a piece of string or fishing line. While this strategy only works if she’s a deep sleeper, this is a great option (that’s usually highly accurate!) if she is.

5. Ask Her Friends or Family

Another way to sneakily figure out her ring size is to ask around. If you’re getting close to engagement, it’s very possible that your girlfriend has told her friends or family her ring size. Also, it’s possible that her family has bought her a ring in the past, so they might know her ring size even if she hasn’t mentioned it recently. While her friends and family may not always know her size, this strategy is always worth a shot!

If one of her friends or family doesn’t know her ring size, you can also ask them to do a bit of intel for you. If she has a close friend or family member who is a good actor (and can keep a secret), you can ask them to help you discover her size. They can pull the classic “try on my ring so I can see how it looks on you” move. Or, if she has any loved ones who are close to engagement themselves, you can ask them to go ring shopping with her (for the friend or family member) and note her size while they shop.

General Tips for Guessing Ring Size

The most accurate way to find out her ring size is to ask her directly or go get her professionally sized together. But, of course, many people don’t want to do that, since it would ruin the element of surprise. While the tips above are great ways to figure out her ring size, some of them require a bit of guessing. If you do have to guess her approximate size, we have a few tips!

First, know that the average women’s ring size is a size 6. So if you’re guessing based on no information and her fingers look average in size, size 6 isn’t a bad place to start with your guess. Then, also know that it’s generally better to go with a slightly bigger size than a size that is too small. Most engagement rings can be resized but it’s usually easier to size down rather than size up. Plus, for the proposal itself, you’ll want to make sure you can actually get her engagement ring on her finger. Finally, if you’re completely unsure about her size and really don’t want to guess, know that you can always get a temporary proposal ring. You can propose with a plain sterling silver or gold band, then order that real, spectacular engagement ring after she says yes!

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September 24, 2019

Storing the Ring Before the Proposal: Safe Places to Hide Your Engagement Ring

You’ve found the one and the ring— but where do you hide that ring before the proposal? Making sure your partner doesn’t find the engagement ring can be a little tricky. You don’t want them to stumble across it, since that would ruin the surprise! And finding a great hiding spot can be challenging, especially if you already live together or if your partner spends a lot of time at your place. But we’re here to help! Read on to learn our top tips on where you should store the ring before the proposal.

In Your Stuff (That They Don’t Have Interest In)

A lot of hobbies come with a good amount of supplies or gear. And if you have a hobby that your partner isn’t at all interested, hiding the engagement ring in your personal supplies or gear can be a great strategy. Consider tucking the engagement ring away in your baseball memorabilia collection, in your golf bag, in your craft supplies, or in whatever other stuff your partner never looks through (and would never want to).

In Your Luggage

If you aren’t going on a trip any time soon, hiding your engagement ring in your luggage is a great strategy. Luggage is something that tends to just sit in a closet until it’s time to jet off. Since luggage is something most people rarely think about until it’s time to go on a trip, it’s very unlikely that your sweetheart would stumble across the ring if you go with this hiding spot.

In Holiday Decorations

If you have holiday decorations stored away (and that holiday isn’t coming up), consider hiding your engagement ring in a holiday storage box. Unless you live with your partner and they’re having a decluttering moment, it’s very unlikely that they’ll search through your off season holiday decor and find the ring.

Up High in a Hard to Reach Spot

When people search for things, they tend to look look under or below things. So if you think your partner may search around your place, consider putting your engagement ring up high in a hard to reach spot. You can hide the ring on a tall shelf, at the top of a closet, or in a high cabinet.

This strategy works even better when combined with some of our other hiding spot tips. If you normally store any luggage, hobby equipment, or holiday decorations up high, it’s even less likely that your partner will find the engagement ring hidden away up high in something they never normally look through.

At Your Office

If you have a private office at work, your office is a great place to hide your engagement ring. Your partner is pretty unlikely to be at your office without you, so it’s very unlikely they would find your office hiding spot. If you use this hiding spot idea, just remember not to keep your ring in an area other people you work with (or other people who have access to the building) could easily access. Engagement rings are valuable, after all, so the best hiding spot within an office is in a private locked drawer or private safe.

With a Trusted Friend or Family Member

If you have a friend or family member who is trustworthy and can keep a secret, it’s a great idea to give them the engagement ring for safekeeping. If your engagement ring is safely tucked away at a secure second location, there’s virtually no chance of your partner discovering it.

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June 26, 2019

Stackable Rings: How to Stack in Style

Ring stacks are a great way to get creative with your style. When you put together a custom ring stack, you can create a look that’s completely your own— the possibilities are endless! You could go for a super cohesive ring stack with matching rings, mix different metals, add in colorful gemstone rings, and so much more. To give you some ring stack inspo, here are some of our favorite ways you can stack your rings in style!

Nest Rings Around Your Engagement Rings

For this look, try surrounding a gemstone or diamond ring (like this Halo Aquamarine Diamond Ring) with curved bands on each side (like the Primrose Diamond Ring).

Stacking rings around your engagement ring can add new life to a piece you’ve worn many times. If your ring has a flat profile, you can comfortable choose any standard rings you like to amp up your engagement ring stack. If your engagement ring’s center stone juts out from its band, you may want to go with a curved ring for a more harmonious stack.

A look we love is choosing to nest rings on both sides of your engagement ring. By adding symmetrical curved rings on either side of your stack (meaning, one of each curved ring on each side), you can create a super unique, romantic look. You can have one pair of curved rings or go the extra mile and add multiple sets of curved bands around you engagement ring.

Note: This idea works for an engagement ring, but it will work for any fun cocktail or fashion ring too!

Embrace Mixed Metals

For an eye-catching look, try mixing your ring stack’s metals. Mixing ring metals is actually easier than you might think! To ensure your mixed metal stack still has a cohesive look, try pairing rings that have similar design details. For example, the beautiful wedding rings pictured above look lovely together because they all feature white pave diamonds.

You can tie rings in with many details, like choosing mixed metal rings that all have engraving, that all feature the same gemstone, that all have migraine detailing, and more.

Stack the Same Ring

A great way to get an ultra-cohesive look in a ring stack is to wear more than one of the same ring. Take the stack of Merilyn rings pictured above: though these rings are made of three different precious metals, they look incredibly chic together since they all have the same design.

You can use this trick with simple rings like the Merilyn ring but it also works well with more detailed rings like the Keira Diamond Ring.

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March 26, 2019

How to Choose Anniversary Bands

An anniversary band is a wedding band you give your partner to celebrate the anniversary of your marriage. While many people choose to gift anniversary bands on major anniversaries (like the fifth or tenth), they can be given on any anniversary. If you’re considering giving this romantic, thoughtful gift, you might be wondering how to choose one. You might wonder what kind of style should you choose, if there are rules to choosing an anniversary band, or if an anniversary band is meant to replace a wedding ring. We’ll answer all these questions and more in our guide to choosing anniversary bands.

Are Anniversary Bands Supposed to Replace Wedding Bands?

Many people wonder if anniversary bands are meant to replace their partner’s wedding band. The answer to this question is that it isn’t necessarily meant to, but it can. An anniversary ring can really be worn in any way the recipient likes. It can be worn in place of a wedding band, alongside a wedding band, or as a fashionable right hand ring.

If you like the idea of an anniversary band becoming an updated wedding band, be sure to choose an anniversary band that complement’s your partner’s engagement ring.

Are There Rules for Anniversary Bands?

There really aren’t rules for anniversary bands but there are some anniversary traditions you can keep in mind. While old-fashioned rules say that gold isn’t given until the 50th year of marriage, modern conventions have gold as the color of your year one anniversary. Let’s go through some of the modern conventions for giving jewelry on major anniversaries.

Year One: Gold

Gold is the modern tradition for gifting jewelry on your first anniversary. It makes sense: gold is precious and so is your first year as a married couple.

Gold is a highly versatile precious metal, so you should have no trouble finding a gold anniversary band that would fit your partner’s personal style. You can choose from traditional yellow gold, chic white gold, or romantic rose gold for your partner’s anniversary ring.

Year Five: Sapphire

Sapphires symbolize truth and loyalty, making it fitting that this precious gem is the traditional gift for a fifth year anniversary. While blue sapphires are the most popular variety, sapphires actually come a rainbow of hues, including the second-most popular color for sapphires, pink. No matter which color you choose, sapphire anniversary bands are classic, elegant, and something your partner is sure to love.

Year Ten: Diamonds

A ten year anniversary is incredibly exciting. You’re marking a decade of life as a married couple— that’s truly something to celebrate. If you want to follow tradition, the best way to celebrate and show your partner your appreciation is with the traditional ten year jewelry gift, diamonds. You can get your partner an anniversary band with just a few diamonds or go all out with a beautiful infinity band.

Do You Have to Follow Tradition?

If you love tradition, you may want to go with the gemstone or precious metal that matches your anniversary year. However, you definitely don’t have to follow these traditions if you have something else in mind. If you want to get a diamond anniversary band, your partner will be just as thrilled to get it on your third anniversary as they would on your tenth (if not even more so!).

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to wait for a major year to give an anniversary band. You can give an anniversary band on any year or even on multiple years.

What Style Should An Anniversary Band Be?

There’s no rule on what kind of style an anniversary band should be. When considering style, just think about what your partner would love. Would they want something sleek they could add to their wedding stack? Or would they maybe want an ultra glam ring that could be worn on its own? Choosing the right style for an anniversary ring is really just a matter of choosing the right style for you and your partner.

Browse more anniversary bands at diamondwish.com. 

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