Anniversary Rings

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Anniversary rings are a perfect choice for an anniversary gift and a beautiful way to mark a significant milestone in your relationship, either by enhancing your current bridal set or adding to your collection as a right-hand ring. At Diamond Wish, we offer a vast selection of anniversary rings to help you celebrate these special moments. Some anniversary rings are designed to complement and enhance your existing engagement and wedding rings. Other anniversary rings are meant to be worn independently from your bridal set, serving as standalone pieces that symbolize your enduring love and the journey you've shared. Anniversary rings can symbolize a range of milestones, from your 1st anniversary, 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary, 70th anniversary and beyond. Each relationship is unique and the ring you choose should reflect the special bond you share while also upholding your unique personal style.


At Diamond Wish, our collection of diamond anniversary rings is designed to help you celebrate the meaningful milestones in your relationship. Whether you're looking to add a stackable ring to your bridal set or find a bold statement piece, our diamond anniversary bands are crafted to showcase your love and commitment. Explore our selection of brilliant diamond collections and various metal types to find the perfect ring that resonates with your unique story and helps you commemorate your journey together.


If you have any questions or need assistance choosing from our assortment of diamond anniversary bands please contact our product specialists who are happy to help you via phone (855-368-2837) or chat, 7 days a week.

Anniversary rings are a beautiful way to mark a significant milestone anniversary in your relationship, either by enhancing your current bridal set or adding to your collection as a right-hand ring. Stack with your current engagement set or select a statement piece that should be worn alone. Celebrate any milestone in your relationship with these beautiful and dazzling anniversary rings. 

How you choose to wear a wedding ring and/or engagement ring is completely up to the wearer, however, a traditional placement is under an engagement ring on the left hand ring finger. By placing the wedding band underneath the engagement ring it is closer to the heart. Although, it is becoming more popular to have two bands with one on either side of the engagement ring. This is common for those who like a balanced look or it is common for the second band to be given as an anniversary addition to the set.


While traditional placement is known to be on the left hand some countries choose the right hand ring finger and the reasons vary from country to country.


There is no right or wrong way in how you choose to wear your rings, choose what is the most comfortable or meaningful method to you and your special someone.