January 31, 2018

Love These Valentine’s Day Top Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give your sweetheart a present that shows them how much they mean to you. And there’s no better romantic gift to give than an incredible piece of fine jewelry. But picking exactly the right piece to gift on Valentine’s Day can be stressful. After all, there are so many options to choose from and you want to make sure you choose the right piece. To help you pick an incredible piece— and to take the stress out of sorting through all the many options online— we’ve put together this list our most popular items. These are the pieces that women across the world are flocking to, pieces that every woman will adore. Read on to see the full list of our Valentine’s Day Top Gift Ideas!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Diamond tennis bracelets are in high demand this year, as they are most years. Tennis bracelets are popular with women of all ages, thanks to their elegant beauty and timeless appeal. This featured certified 18k white gold tennis bracelet is a great example of the traditional tennis bracelet women covet. It features 66 incredible round diamonds delicately set into a slim white gold band. The radiance of the diamonds makes this piece dazzling, while the slim profile of the band makes it chic and perfect for everyday wear. This is a gift that any woman would be wowed by on Valentine’s Day.

Skylar Halo Ring


The Skylar ring is perhaps our most popular ring. This ring combines trendy elements, like its halo setting, with vintage touches, like its rose gold band and cushion cut diamond. This beautifully designed blend of styles creates a uniquely stunning piece. Whether you want to pop the question this Valentine’s Day or simply want to give your partner a dazzling right-hand ring, you can’t go wrong with the Skylar ring.

Rose and Ruby Studs


These ruby studs bezel set in rose gold have been popular all year long but are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. That’s because rubies are perhaps the most romantic gemstone. They’re said to symbolize love, passion, and a zest for life. They’re also a beautiful, deeply rich red, the color most closely associated with love. Give the gift of romance this year with these rose gold and ruby studs.

Black Diamond Studs


Black diamond studs are as edgy as they are beautiful. Gifting a piece with black diamonds is a great choice if you’re shopping for a woman with a distinctive sense of style. They’re much more unique than a pair of standard white diamond studs, making them the perfect gift to give the style-setter in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Elise Rose Gold Solitaire Ring


Rose Gold Twisted Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 

Rose gold solitaire rings are having a major moment right now. They’re simple and simply elegant. Rose gold is trendy right now but the use of rose gold in jewelry is actually a vintage element. So, even though this ring is right on trend, it will also stand the test of time, either as an engagement ring or as a fun cocktail ring.

Sapphire Studs


Sapphires are another gemstone with a lovely message attached. Sapphires are said to bring wisdom and good fortune to the wearer, making them a perfect choice to give to someone you love. Plus, they are absolutely stunning. The deep blue shade of a sapphire is as radiant as the ocean. These sapphire studs are a gift any woman will love and are a particularly perfect gift to give to someone with blue eyes, as they will enhance their beauty.

Princess Diamond Studs


White diamond studs are a classic piece that aren’t going out of style anytime soon. While all shapes of diamond studs are popular, princess shaped diamonds are particularly popular at the moment. Princess cut diamonds have an elegant and romantic appeal. Their simple square shape is timeless, and also has the benefit of being unique than a standard round diamond. You can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of dazzling princess diamond studs this Valentine’s Day.


There you have it: all of our top Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Whichever you choose, you’re sure to put a smile on her face. But if you want to make her Valentine’s Day even more special, try giving her the gift in a sweet and memorable way. Here’s an idea we love: have her do a scavenger hunt to find her gift! You can make it complicated, and give clues that have her searching all over the house or keep it simple with just a few clues. However you choose to plan it, a scavenger hunt adds an extra element of fun to the gift that she’ll remember every time she wears her new piece.




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January 29, 2018

2018 Engagement Ring Trends We Are Loving

The new year is off to a fast start and with it comes fabulous engagement ring trends just in time for the start of engagement season! Whether you’ve already begun to look at engagement rings or you’re just starting the search for the perfect ring, getting a feel for the popular trends can be a huge help. In this article, our engagement ring experts at DiamondWish.com fill you in on 2018’s top engagement ring trends.

Chevron Rings


The Jocelyn Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

We begin with one of our favorite trends of the season, chevron rings. Chevron rings are refined and classy, but at the same time unique and different. A dazzling row of diamonds grace the elegant band which dips at the center, creating an exquisite chevron shape that allows light to beautifully reflect on the centered diamonds from many different angles.


The Lisa Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Engagement Eternity Bands


The Riley Classic Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

A seemingly endless amount of diamonds illuminate the band on engagement eternity bands, one of the most popular engagement ring trends of the year. Where the ring itself has a simple and timeless shape, the diamonds take the ring to the next level, making it bold and one-of-a-kind.


The Penelope Diamond Ring in Platinum

Three Stone Rings


The Riley Three-Stone Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

The three diamonds on three stone rings are thought to represent the stages of love between you and your better half: past, present, and future. In addition to the meaning behind this ring, three-stone rings are certainly beautiful and definitely one of 2018’s hottest trends so far. A large center stone is tastefully complemented with a smaller diamond on each side, creating both a stellar engagement ring and as well as a visual representation of your growing love.


The Emerson Three-Stone Diamond Ring in Platinum

Gemstone Rings


The Alena Classic Ruby Engagement Ring

Undoubtedly a unique engagement ring trend of this season are gemstone rings. Whether it’s a ruby, sapphire, or emerald, a gemstone engagement ring is a ring like no other and your wife-to-be will certainly embrace that. The vibrant colors of gemstone rings and many different designs make it an option to really consider when looking for a ring that’s truly special and from the heart.


The Audrey Halo Green Emerald Ring

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December 29, 2017

7 Winter Wedding Ideas We Are Loving

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: winter wedding season! Winter weddings have a charm and magic all their own. And this year’s winter wedding season brings with it a ton of fun trends to help light up your wedding night. Ready to learn all about this season’s dazzling trends? Here are the seven winter wedding ideas we are loving this year.

Leather and Lace


Photo Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

This fall, we saw sweaters with wedding gowns emerge as a huge trend. This winter, it’s all about leather. You can pair a white leather jacket with your wedding gown to add a cool (but warming) touch to your wedding day look. And, of course, you can wear a vegan leather jacket if you prefer not to wear real leather.

Mixed Patterns

A big trend this year is mixing patterns. Brides are getting creative and straying away from the traditional rule of having only one pattern used in their wedding decor. This year, you’ll see plaids, polka dots, stripes, and many more patterns mixing things up at weddings across the world. A good rule of thumb if you’re thinking of mixing patterns: stick to a simple color palette, with just one or two colors used in your patterns. This will help make sure your mixed patterns still have an elegant feel.

Icy Flowers


The biggest winter trend in florals is ice-y flowers. Suspending your wedding blooms (whether it be all or just a few) in blocks of ice is a gorgeous way to showcase your flowers. This is a newly emerging trend so, you may not have seen it yet, but you’re sure to see these icy blooms popping up everywhere this winter. If you want to try this trend but don’t want to go full ice block, you can try a variation on the trend by putting flowers in your ice buckets or freezing small blooms into ice cubes for your guests to enjoy with their cocktails.

Velvet Touches


Using velvet to decorate your wedding is a great way to add a luxe winter touch. There are so many ways to use velvet to enhance your wedding, whether it be decking out your groomsmen with velvet pocket squares or wrapping your floral arrangements with a soft velvet ribbon.

Neon Lights


Photo Courtesy of Electric Confetti

Neon signs have a retro appeal yet also look new and fresh when used outside of one of their more common locations (i.e., a bar or a restaurant). We absolutely love the trend of incorporating neon into your wedding. Using a neon sign to decorate your wedding is a fun and beautiful touch that your guests are sure to remember.

Metallic Cakes


Photo Courtesy of Cake by Nicole

Adding a metallic touch to your wedding cake is a great way to add some extra winter magic to your wedding. You can go full metallic with a cake frosted in gold or silver or simply add some metallic touches, like a glittering cake stand or shimmering decorations. You don’t have to stick with just traditional metallics, either. You could use bronze, copper, rose gold, or even use a colorful metallic shade.

Food and Drink Pairings

Many guests are in for a treat this wedding season. That’s because food and drink pairings are all the rage this year. Fun wedding foods, like taco bars or s’mores stations, have been popular for a few years. But, this year, many brides and grooms are treating their guests to multiple customized drink pairings. From serving mini tacos with margaritas to serving spiked apple cider with pie, there are so many combinations waiting to delight wedding guests this winter.

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