May 29, 2018

Gift Guide for the Grad

Graduation is a time to celebrate achievement and the start of a new chapter of life. One of graduations greatest traditions is the graduation gift. When giving a graduation gift, it’s important to choose something that shows the graduate in your life that you’re proud of their accomplishments. It’s also a great idea to give them something that they can enjoy for a lifetime, which is why it’s so common to gift fine jewelry upon graduation. To help you pick an incredible gift this graduation season, we’ve put together this gift guide for the grad.

Diamond Pendant

This gorgeous diamond pendant is something any graduate would be thrilled to receive. This is a classic diamond pendant, with a dazzling round white diamond set in 14k white gold. This piece is something that will never go out of style. It’s also incredibly versatile. Not only could this pendant be worn at any occasion, from casual to black tie, but it would also be perfect worn either alone or as a part of a layered look.

Princess Black Diamond Studs

Black diamonds are a particularly sophisticated gemstone. They have a distinctive beauty, with their rich midnight depth giving them a unique look. These black diamond studs are the perfect choice for the graduate who likes to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Ruby Solitaire Pendant

This ruby necklace is not just beautiful, it’s also meaningful. The ruby is a gemstone that is said to harness the power of the sun. Rubies are said to promote a clear mind, increase motivation, and bring a sense of power to the wearer. It’s also said to propel the wearer toward prosperity, making it perfect for a graduate setting out on a new chapter in their life.

Morganite Solitaire Ring

Morganite has become incredibly trendy in recent years and its easy to see why. Not only is it beautiful on its own, the soft pink hue of morganite pairs beautifully with another recent jewelry trend, rose gold. In this piece, a dazzling marquise shaped morganite stone is set in a swirling rose gold band. This gorgeous rose gold morganite ring is a great choice for the graduate who loves a touch of glamour.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If you’re looking to wow this graduation season, consider a diamond tennis bracelet. A classic white diamond tennis bracelet is something every woman should have in her collection. It’s elegant, beautiful, and chic. The gorgeous tennis bracelet featured here features 81 radiant princess white diamonds prong set in 14k white gold. This tennis bracelet would be something any graduate would treasure for a lifetime.

Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation gifts are important, of course, but no graduation celebration is complete without a graduation party. If you’re planning something this year, we have a few ideas to help you throw a memorable party. One idea is to plan a lovely graduation out at brunch or dinner (depending on the time of their ceremony). You can make a brunch or dinner more special by bringing something personalized, like monogrammed napkins or mylar balloons. Another great graduation idea is to throw a themed party for your graduate and base it around something they love. You can decorate with themed accessories (some theme ideas: their favorite television show, their dream vacation spot or, for college grads, a theme relating to their major) and could even consider setting up a photo area, complete with fun props.

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April 19, 2018

2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The key to getting your mother a Mother’s Day gift she’ll love is to think carefully about her personality and style while shopping. Some mothers may love traditional gifts, while others like to take more risks and prefer more unique gifts. To help you pick the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together this gift guide for different types of moms. Read on to find out which type of mom you’re shopping for— and discover the gift she’ll love.

Which SuperMom is She?



Halo Set Ruby Earrings in White Gold, $476 with 10% Savings

The bold mom lives her life out loud. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks and she’s not afraid to take risks— in her life or in her fashion choices.

This head-turning, uniquely gorgeous ruby earrings are the perfect choice for the bold mom. The rubies in these studs are richly beautiful and totally unexpected. The white diamond halo setting on each stud adds to the unique look of these studs, while also majorly upping their glam factor.


Elise Twisted Ring in Yellow Gold, $359 with 10% Savings

The chic mom has a distinctively sophisticated style. She prefers classic options, but stays away from anything that would be considered old-fashioned or stuffy. The chic mom is elegant, fashionable, and always knows the right thing to wear to any occasion.

This twisted gold band is a gift the chic mom will love. This ring is simple and classic, but it’s not boring. The twisted design of this gold band heightens its design— it’s classic but has just the right amount of unique detailing to make it incredibly chic.


Princess Diamond Studs in Rose Gold, $535 with 10% Savings

The classic mom loves tradition and simple beauty. She loves timeless looks and prefers to stay away from anything too trendy.

These princess diamond studs are sure to be the classic mom’s new go-to earrings. Outfitted with two sweetly beautiful princess cut diamond studs and settings made of rose gold, these earrings are true classics.


Black Diamond Pendant in Rose Gold, $224 with 10% Savings

The daring mom loves to think outside the box. She’s always ready to try something new or take a walk on the wild side.

This incredible black diamond pendant is exactly what the daring mom needs amp up her everyday style. Black diamonds are unexpected and bold. Here, a princess cut black diamond has been paired with rose gold, a more traditional choice. The juxtaposition of softly beautiful rose gold with a boldly beautiful black diamond makes this pendant incredibly unique— just like the daring mom.


White Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold, $1,529 with 10% Savings

The elegant mom is always the most sophisticated woman in the room. She has an eye for tasteful beauty; she loves glamour but never looks gaudy.

There’s no better gift for the elegant mom than a white diamond tennis bracelet. The bracelet seen here features 50 incredible white diamonds set in white gold. It’s endlessly glamorous, yet remains classic and understated. This white diamond tennis bracelet is something the elegant mom will treasure for a lifetime.


Pear Shaped White Diamond Pendant in White Gold, $404 with 10% Savings

The trendy mom likes to have fun, both in her life and with fashion. She loves trying new things and keeping up with the latest trends.

The trendy mom will love this beautiful pear-shaped diamond pendant. This pendant is simple enough to wear every day but it isn’t basic or old fashioned. The pear-shaped diamond in this piece is a trendy, fun choice. It takes the classic diamond pendant to another level, making something traditional feel modern and fresh.


Blue Diamond Pendant in White Gold, $359 with 10% Savings

The cool mom is uniquely herself. She doesn’t care about tradition or following dated societal rules. The cool mom likes to carve her own path.

This absolutely stunning blue diamond pendant is a unique choice the cool mom will love. The use of a blue diamond, rather than a traditional white diamond, in this piece is unexpected and eye-catching. This blue diamond and white gold pendant will add color and a dash of distinctive style to the cool mom’s wardrobe.

Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Want to know how to make her Mother’s Day gift even more special? Try surprising her with her jewelry. Choose an activity to do together— an idea we love is planting some new flowers in the garden together. Then, find a way to surprise her with her gift. For example, if your activity is gardening together, you could hide her ring in some rose seeds or tuck the jewelry box in with the gardening tools. Surprising her with her jewelry will help make the gift-giving moment even more special. And when you surprise her during an activity you’re doing together, she’ll remember that moment forever and think about the time you spent together every time she puts on her new piece of jewelry.

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April 11, 2018

Trending: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The rose gold engagement ring trend has been around for a few years and, this year, it’s stronger than ever. Rose gold has taken its place among the other fine jewelry classic metals (like platinum, white gold, and yellow gold) as a new neutral— one that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Rose gold has been popular in fine jewelry, but has been particularly desired for engagement rings. It’s easy to see why: the soft pink hue of rose gold goes beautifully with engagement rings; it’s simply a perfect match for a piece of jewelry that symbolizes romance.

In past years, we’ve seen mostly rose gold and white diamond engagement rings but, this year, the rise in popularity of colored diamonds and gemstones for engagement rings has led to rose gold being paired with many vibrantly colored stones. The combination of rose gold and bright gemstones or colored diamonds has created a fresh new kind of engagement ring style that feels both modern and timeless.

Ready to see some of this season’s best rose gold rings? Read on to see our favorite trending rose gold engagement rings!

Marquise Morganite Engagement Ring

The Skyler Marquise Morganite Engagement Ring 

When it comes to pairing rose gold with gemstones, every gemstone looks beautiful with the soft pink precious metal. But there’s one gemstone that’s edging out most of the competition when it comes to being paired with rose gold: morganite.

The color of morganite, a naturally pink variation of beryl, goes so beautifully with rose gold, it almost looks like an extension of the metal itself. Morganite and rose gold in an engagement ring create an incredibly romantic, elegantly feminine look.

The morganite, white diamond, and rose gold ring pictured above is a perfect example of how well this trendy new stone works with rose gold. Here, a marquise-shaped morganite is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, alongside a slim, diamond encrusted band. This ring is gorgeous and unique.

Blue Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This sweet blue diamond rose gold ring has an elegant, vintage-inspired look. Here, a radiant blue diamond is surrounded by a flower-like, lightly scalloped halo of white diamonds. The high radiance of the diamonds here pairs beautifully with this ring’s thin, simple rose gold band. This ring is glamorous, classic, and will add a stunning pop of color to any ensemble.

Emerald Morganite Engagement Ring

This emerald cut morganite rose gold engagement ring combines vintage elements and modern trends to create a glamorous look. The centerpiece of this engagement ring is a stunningly clear, emerald cut morganite. The morganite is surrounded by a rectangular halo of white diamonds and is accented by a delicately detailed, yet simple rose gold band. This engagement ring is elegant, bold, and right on trend.

Morganite and Rose Gold Art Deco Ring

This unique morganite and diamond rose gold engagement ring takes the vintage engagement style in a different direction with its distinct art deco era inspired design. Here, two separate squares of white diamonds form halos around the center morganite in the ring, creating a unique geometric pattern. This ring’s design feels fresh and cool, yet timeless.

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