Storing the Ring Before the Proposal: Safe Places to Hide Your Engagement Ring

Storing the Ring Before the Proposal: Safe Places to Hide Your Engagement Ring

You’ve found the one and the ring— but where do you hide that ring before the proposal? Making sure your partner doesn’t find the engagement ring can be a little tricky. You don’t want them to stumble across it, since that would ruin the surprise! And finding a great hiding spot can be challenging, especially if you already live together or if your partner spends a lot of time at your place. But we’re here to help! Read on to learn our top tips on where you should store the ring before the proposal.

In Your Stuff (That They Don’t Have Interest In)

A lot of hobbies come with a good amount of supplies or gear. And if you have a hobby that your partner isn’t at all interested, hiding the engagement ring in your personal supplies or gear can be a great strategy. Consider tucking the engagement ring away in your baseball memorabilia collection, in your golf bag, in your craft supplies, or in whatever other stuff your partner never looks through (and would never want to).

In Your Luggage

If you aren’t going on a trip any time soon, hiding your engagement ring in your luggage is a great strategy. Luggage is something that tends to just sit in a closet until it’s time to jet off. Since luggage is something most people rarely think about until it’s time to go on a trip, it’s very unlikely that your sweetheart would stumble across the ring if you go with this hiding spot.

In Holiday Decorations

If you have holiday decorations stored away (and that holiday isn’t coming up), consider hiding your engagement ring in a holiday storage box. Unless you live with your partner and they’re having a decluttering moment, it’s very unlikely that they’ll search through your off season holiday decor and find the ring.

Up High in a Hard to Reach Spot

When people search for things, they tend to look look under or below things. So if you think your partner may search around your place, consider putting your engagement ring up high in a hard to reach spot. You can hide the ring on a tall shelf, at the top of a closet, or in a high cabinet.

This strategy works even better when combined with some of our other hiding spot tips. If you normally store any luggage, hobby equipment, or holiday decorations up high, it’s even less likely that your partner will find the engagement ring hidden away up high in something they never normally look through.

At Your Office

If you have a private office at work, your office is a great place to hide your engagement ring. Your partner is pretty unlikely to be at your office without you, so it’s very unlikely they would find your office hiding spot. If you use this hiding spot idea, just remember not to keep your ring in an area other people you work with (or other people who have access to the building) could easily access. Engagement rings are valuable, after all, so the best hiding spot within an office is in a private locked drawer or private safe.

With a Trusted Friend or Family Member

If you have a friend or family member who is trustworthy and can keep a secret, it’s a great idea to give them the engagement ring for safekeeping. If your engagement ring is safely tucked away at a secure second location, there’s virtually no chance of your partner discovering it.

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