June 27, 2018

Unique Engagement Rings Part II

Unique engagement rings are a trend that’s going strong. The lasting popularity of this jewelry trend ties to the fact that more and more couples want engagement rings as unique as they are. One of the most exciting elements of unique engagement ring design is the use of color. Instead of using only traditional white diamonds, today’s unique engagement rings use gemstones in every color of the rainbow, along with an array of colored diamonds. To celebrate this ongoing trend, here are a few of our favorite unique engagement rings.

Skylar Halo Green Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

This ring is a showstopper. The main focus of this elegant ring is the gorgeous emerald center stone. This richly green gemstone is prong set and surrounded by an emerald-shaped halo of white diamonds. White diamonds continue along this ring’s rose gold band, creating a radiant and glamorous effect.

Blossom Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Blue Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

This beautiful engagement ring has a charming vintage style. Here, a yellow gold band winds like branches in a garden. These vine-like twists are set with “leaves” made of white diamonds. The centerpiece of this flowering beauty is a rich yet dazzling blue diamond, which adds a playful pop of color to this unique engagement ring.

Merilyn Halo Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

This ring is glamorous and eye-catching. The Merilyn ring features a stunning yellow diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. The warm color of this radiant center stone plays beautifully off the icy quality of the ring’s white gold and white diamond band.

Raelynn Black Oval Diamond Ring

Oval Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold 

The Raelynn ring is edgy yet elegant. This ring features a deep black diamond complemented by .75 additional carats of white diamonds. A few particularly unique features set this ring apart: the black diamond center stone, its pointed prong settings, and the use of rose gold. The juxtaposed elements of this ring create an interplay between sweeter features (the use of rose gold, white diamonds) and more bold features (the black diamond, the pointed “claw” prongs), creating a truly unique look.

Penelope Halo Ruby Ring

Ruby Engagement Ring in White Gold 

The Penelope ring has many antique-inspired elements that help it stand out from the crowd. First, there’s the use of a ruby, a very popular choice among kings and queens, as the center stone. Then there’s the unique halo on this ring, which is a vintage style made more bold by the white gold outline around the halo. This regal ring is distinctive, powerful, and luxe.

Can’t get enough unique engagement rings? Be sure to check out part 1 of our unique engagement ring series, where we talked about the most popular gemstones for unique engagement rings.

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April 11, 2018

Trending: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The rose gold engagement ring trend has been around for a few years and, this year, it’s stronger than ever. Rose gold has taken its place among the other fine jewelry classic metals (like platinum, white gold, and yellow gold) as a new neutral— one that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Rose gold has been popular in fine jewelry, but has been particularly desired for engagement rings. It’s easy to see why: the soft pink hue of rose gold goes beautifully with engagement rings; it’s simply a perfect match for a piece of jewelry that symbolizes romance.

In past years, we’ve seen mostly rose gold and white diamond engagement rings but, this year, the rise in popularity of colored diamonds and gemstones for engagement rings has led to rose gold being paired with many vibrantly colored stones. The combination of rose gold and bright gemstones or colored diamonds has created a fresh new kind of engagement ring style that feels both modern and timeless.

Ready to see some of this season’s best rose gold rings? Read on to see our favorite trending rose gold engagement rings!

Marquise Morganite Engagement Ring

The Skyler Marquise Morganite Engagement Ring 

When it comes to pairing rose gold with gemstones, every gemstone looks beautiful with the soft pink precious metal. But there’s one gemstone that’s edging out most of the competition when it comes to being paired with rose gold: morganite.

The color of morganite, a naturally pink variation of beryl, goes so beautifully with rose gold, it almost looks like an extension of the metal itself. Morganite and rose gold in an engagement ring create an incredibly romantic, elegantly feminine look.

The morganite, white diamond, and rose gold ring pictured above is a perfect example of how well this trendy new stone works with rose gold. Here, a marquise-shaped morganite is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, alongside a slim, diamond encrusted band. This ring is gorgeous and unique.

Blue Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This sweet blue diamond rose gold ring has an elegant, vintage-inspired look. Here, a radiant blue diamond is surrounded by a flower-like, lightly scalloped halo of white diamonds. The high radiance of the diamonds here pairs beautifully with this ring’s thin, simple rose gold band. This ring is glamorous, classic, and will add a stunning pop of color to any ensemble.

Emerald Morganite Engagement Ring

This emerald cut morganite rose gold engagement ring combines vintage elements and modern trends to create a glamorous look. The centerpiece of this engagement ring is a stunningly clear, emerald cut morganite. The morganite is surrounded by a rectangular halo of white diamonds and is accented by a delicately detailed, yet simple rose gold band. This engagement ring is elegant, bold, and right on trend.

Morganite and Rose Gold Art Deco Ring

This unique morganite and diamond rose gold engagement ring takes the vintage engagement style in a different direction with its distinct art deco era inspired design. Here, two separate squares of white diamonds form halos around the center morganite in the ring, creating a unique geometric pattern. This ring’s design feels fresh and cool, yet timeless.

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March 1, 2018

Alternative Engagement Ring Trends

There’s been an exciting new trend emerging in engagement ring fashion: alternative engagement rings. Alternative engagement rings are rings that feature something other than a white diamond (aka a diamond “alternative”) as their center stone. The rise in popularity of these rings has spiced up the engagement jewelry scene, adding pops of lively color to bridal shops around the world.

Brides are choosing all kinds of gemstones in place of diamonds. Gemstones have the advantage of offering a huge array of different colors for brides to choose from— but which ones are the most popular? Read on to learn all about the top gemstones brides are buying right now in this alternative engagement ring trends report!


This engagement ring features a marquise shaped morganite center stone surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.

Morganite is having a huge moment right now. And while it’s one of the lesser-known gemstones that brides are choosing for their engagement rings, it’s not a new stone at all. Morganite is a kind of naturally colored beryl and is closely related other kinds of beryl like emerald and aquamarine. Beryl, which is naturally clear, changes color when exposed to various elements of the earth. Emeralds get their green color from being exposed to chromium or vanadium, while aquamarines get their blue color from iron. Morganite is beryl that has been exposed to manganese, making it an incredibly beautiful shade of soft pink.

Morganite’s lovely pink color can range from light salmon to deep pink. This pink gemstone has an incredibly romantic look and is said to symbolize compassion, healing, and promise. Perhaps that’s why more and more couples are choosing morganite engagement rings.

Black Diamond

A round black diamond is elegantly featured in a halo setting in this boldly beautiful engagement ring.

Black diamonds have been growing in popularity as more people are drawn to their mysterious and bold style. And not only do they offer an engagement ring a unique look, they also offer incredible strength and durability. Black diamonds are still diamonds, after all, and diamonds are the hardest gemstone on earth. So, this rich, midnight shade of diamond offers all the benefits of a traditional diamond, but with a fresh new style. Black diamond engagement rings are great engagement ring alternatives for mysterious and unconventional brides. 

Blue Sapphire

A rich blue sapphire is surrounded by icy white diamonds in this stunning engagement ring.

Sapphires can actually come in many different colors, like pink, orange, and yellow, but the blue sapphire reigns supreme as the most sought-after shade. Blue sapphires are a mesmerizing, deep shade of blue that’s reminiscent of a deep ocean.

In general, blue sapphires are said to symbolize wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. When used in an engagement ring, they’re also said to symbolize faithfulness and sincerity— a lovely meaning to have in an engagement ring.

While blue sapphire engagement rings are trending, this isn’t their first time in the spotlight. Blue sapphires have been in Vogue many times over the years and have been worn by many famous engaged women, perhaps most notably by both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds alternate with white diamonds in this sweetly beautiful diamond engagement ring set.

Blue diamonds are one of the rarest shades of diamonds. They’re prized for their lovely color and high radiance for a colored stone. They’re also said to symbolize eternity, truth, and devotion— who wouldn’t want that in an engagement ring? Also, those that would like to stick to a diamond as the main stone of their engagement ring, but would like a unique look, a blue diamond engagement ring might be a great choice. 

Green Emerald

The distinctive green color of an emerald is unlike any other shade of green on earth. The emerald’s rich, deep green hue has made it highly desired throughout history. Perhaps that’s why using an emerald stone for an engagement ring today has a bit of vintage feel. Using an emerald harkens back to an antique era when emeralds were all the rage.

In addition to its vintage appeal and incredible hue, there’s another reason emeralds are an excellent choice for an alternative engagement ring. Emeralds are referred to as the “stone of successful love” and are said to preserve love and inspire passion. 


Rubies are the color of love: a lushly rich red. They, like emeralds, also have a wonderful vintage appeal, as they were incredibly popular in past eras.

Rubies are said to symbolize luck, love, and passion, making them the perfect choice for an alternative engagement ring. Ruby engagement rings make a powerful statement and can surely be passed down as a family heirloom for generations to come. 

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January 31, 2018

Love These Valentine’s Day Top Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give your sweetheart a present that shows them how much they mean to you. And there’s no better romantic gift to give than an incredible piece of fine jewelry. But picking exactly the right piece to gift on Valentine’s Day can be stressful. After all, there are so many options to choose from and you want to make sure you choose the right piece. To help you pick an incredible piece— and to take the stress out of sorting through all the many options online— we’ve put together this list our most popular items. These are the pieces that women across the world are flocking to, pieces that every woman will adore. Read on to see the full list of our Valentine’s Day Top Gift Ideas!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Diamond tennis bracelets are in high demand this year, as they are most years. Tennis bracelets are popular with women of all ages, thanks to their elegant beauty and timeless appeal. This featured certified 18k white gold tennis bracelet is a great example of the traditional tennis bracelet women covet. It features 66 incredible round diamonds delicately set into a slim white gold band. The radiance of the diamonds makes this piece dazzling, while the slim profile of the band makes it chic and perfect for everyday wear. This is a gift that any woman would be wowed by on Valentine’s Day.

Skylar Halo Ring


The Skylar ring is perhaps our most popular ring. This ring combines trendy elements, like its halo setting, with vintage touches, like its rose gold band and cushion cut diamond. This beautifully designed blend of styles creates a uniquely stunning piece. Whether you want to pop the question this Valentine’s Day or simply want to give your partner a dazzling right-hand ring, you can’t go wrong with the Skylar ring.

Rose and Ruby Studs


These ruby studs bezel set in rose gold have been popular all year long but are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. That’s because rubies are perhaps the most romantic gemstone. They’re said to symbolize love, passion, and a zest for life. They’re also a beautiful, deeply rich red, the color most closely associated with love. Give the gift of romance this year with these rose gold and ruby studs.

Black Diamond Studs


Black diamond studs are as edgy as they are beautiful. Gifting a piece with black diamonds is a great choice if you’re shopping for a woman with a distinctive sense of style. They’re much more unique than a pair of standard white diamond studs, making them the perfect gift to give the style-setter in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Elise Rose Gold Solitaire Ring


Rose Gold Twisted Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 

Rose gold solitaire rings are having a major moment right now. They’re simple and simply elegant. Rose gold is trendy right now but the use of rose gold in jewelry is actually a vintage element. So, even though this ring is right on trend, it will also stand the test of time, either as an engagement ring or as a fun cocktail ring.

Sapphire Studs


Sapphires are another gemstone with a lovely message attached. Sapphires are said to bring wisdom and good fortune to the wearer, making them a perfect choice to give to someone you love. Plus, they are absolutely stunning. The deep blue shade of a sapphire is as radiant as the ocean. These sapphire studs are a gift any woman will love and are a particularly perfect gift to give to someone with blue eyes, as they will enhance their beauty.

Princess Diamond Studs


White diamond studs are a classic piece that aren’t going out of style anytime soon. While all shapes of diamond studs are popular, princess shaped diamonds are particularly popular at the moment. Princess cut diamonds have an elegant and romantic appeal. Their simple square shape is timeless, and also has the benefit of being unique than a standard round diamond. You can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of dazzling princess diamond studs this Valentine’s Day.


There you have it: all of our top Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Whichever you choose, you’re sure to put a smile on her face. But if you want to make her Valentine’s Day even more special, try giving her the gift in a sweet and memorable way. Here’s an idea we love: have her do a scavenger hunt to find her gift! You can make it complicated, and give clues that have her searching all over the house or keep it simple with just a few clues. However you choose to plan it, a scavenger hunt adds an extra element of fun to the gift that she’ll remember every time she wears her new piece.




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September 29, 2017

Fall Wedding Trends We Are Loving In 2017

Fall is here and so are the season’s fall wedding trends. There’s a lot to love about this fall’s trends: gorgeous fall-inspired colors, fun personalized foods, and a lot of refined rustic flair. Since there are so many to-die-for trends this season, we decided to take a look at some of our favorites. Here are the fall wedding trends we are loving in 2017.

The Color Palette

We can’t get enough of this year’s dominant color palette, made up of rich warm colors and muted cool colors. Plum and burgundy lead the pack this year, with many couples finding inspiration in these lovely fall-inspired hues. Icy blues and muted pastels are also popular, beautifully complimenting the jewel-toned reds and purples of the season. Metallic accents are still popular this year, with vintage-inspired brass and rose gold being the most popular choices.

Fun Food Trends


(picture courtesy of thenewportbride.co) 

One of the most fun trends of the fall wedding season is unique food stations. Couples are getting creative and personalizing their wedding food, serving up everything from mini pie stations to hot sauce bars for their guests to enjoy. We love this fun and creative trend that lets the personality of the bride and groom shine through.

Wild Bouquets


(image courtesy of whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com)

Couples are getting inspiration from mother nature this year with wild looking bouquets. Instead of traditional floral bouquets, couples are choosing unique flowers and incorporating more greenery. Larger fronds like bay leaf branches and wheat greens add whimsical drama to these rustic bouquets.

Cold Weather Bridal Wear


(image courtesy of India Earl)

This fall brings some exciting trends in bridal wear, with long-sleeved lace and two-piece ensembles at the forefront. Another trend we love in bridal wear is incorporating a cashmere sweater or knitted cardigan, adding a cozy winter touch to your look.

Rose Gold Jewelry


Diamond Engagement Ring Lisa Set In 14k Rose Gold and 4-Prong Basket


Diamond Stud Earrings In 14k Rose Gold


Three Stone Engagement Ring In 14k Rose Gold

Rose gold isn’t just trending as a part of wedding decor; it’s also the top trend in bridal jewelry. Perhaps it’s because of how well soft, lovely rose gold pairs with the rich jewel tones of the season, or perhaps it’s because of rose gold’s romantic vintage style. Whatever the reason, brides are flocking to elegant rose gold for their bridal jewelry.

For our top picks of rose gold engagement rings check out our blog post here.

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