May 19, 2017

How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Alecia Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

So, you finally found the one and you’ve got the engagement ring to prove it. Your engagement ring is certainly a treasured item that you’ll be excited to wear for the rest of your life. But do you know how to take care of it? Since engagement rings are such delicate and valuable pieces of jewelry, they require a little looking after. But what do you need to do to take care of your engagement ring? We’ve put together a list of exactly what you need to do to keep your ring in beautiful condition.

The Set Up: What To Do Right Away


Aster Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Insure It

First things first, you’ll want to insure your ring. You may not think you need to insure your ring, but accidents happen. You need to be sure that you’ve protected your investment from theft or accident. Don’t skip this step! After you get your ring appraised and insured, you can rest easy that you’ll be protected from any unexpected issues.

Size It

Make sure your fiancé got the right size for your engagement ring— for security reasons, your ring should be a perfect fit. This is because improperly sized rings (even if it’s just by a little) are at a much higher risk of slipping off. If you’re not completely sure that you have the right size, have the size checked out by a jeweler.

Know When To Wear It

You’re excited about your engagement ring and you probably want to wear it all the time. But you should know that it’s okay to take your engagement ring off sometimes, especially when you’d be putting it at risk of getting damaged. You should avoid getting harsh chemicals on your ring (like when you’re cleaning) and you shouldn’t do any vigorous activity with your ring on (like working out). You might think your ring is indestructible but it can easily be damaged by chemicals or being struck. A diamond might be sturdy but precious metals like gold or many precious stones (especially emeralds) can be easily damaged.

The Maintenance: How To Take Care Of Your Ring Long-Term


Chloe Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

Get Regular Check Ups

Your engagement ring needs its own kind of annual doctor’s appointment: a check up at the jeweler. You should take your ring to be checked at a jeweler at least once a year to make sure that the setting is in place and that you aren’t at risk of losing any stones. This is a simple preventative step that you need to take to make sure your ring stays in good condition.

Don’t Be Careless With It

You already know not to wear your ring while around harsh chemicals or doing vigorous activity. But remember not to put your ring in other dangerous situations. For example, don’t start leaving your ring carelessly around the house, and especially not around any sinks or bathtubs! Have a safe place where you can put your ring at home when you take it off. You should also remember not to take your ring off in public places, which could cause you to leave your ring behind. It’s also a good idea to avoid swimming with your ring on, especially if you’re going for a dip in the ocean. If your ring slips off into the Pacific, you’re not going to see it again.

Clean It Regularly

Finally, remember to clean your ring to keep it looking its best. You can try gently cleaning your ring at home with warm water (remember to never use chemicals on your ring), but really the best method for cleaning an engagement ring is a professional steam. Most jewelers can quickly and easily clean your ring. With an occasional trip to the cleaner, you’ll keep your ring shining as brightly as the day you bought it!

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May 10, 2017

3 Subtle Ways to Hint at an Engagement Ring

Sara Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

Knowing your partner is likely to propose is incredibly exciting. You know you’re both on the same page about your future and that you want to spend it together. So, you’re really just waiting for that magic moment of proposal. And you probably have an engagement ring (or at least a ring style) in mind. But how can you make sure he’ll know which ring you’ll you want? We’ve put together a list of three subtle ways you can drop some hints while he’s shopping.

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April 20, 2017

5 Unique Proposal Ideas

So, you’ve met the one and you know you’re going to propose. Planning a proposal may seem like a daunting undertaking, since you really only get one shot at it, and of course you want it to be memorable. But, as long as you take some time to think about what your partner will love, there’s nothing to worry about. A proposal is about the two of you as a couple and, when you have the right idea, you’ll know it’s the perfect fit for you. To spark some proposal inspiration, we’ve put together a list of five unique proposal ideas to suit different couples’ personalities and interests. Check them out below and see which idea speaks to you!

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April 14, 2017

Why Are Diamonds Associated With Engagement Rings?

Giving a ring as a symbol of betrothal is an age old practice that dates back to ancient Rome. But did you know that proposing with a diamond engagement ring is actually relatively new? It may seem hard to believe, as diamond engagement rings are the standard today, and any other kind of engagement ring is considered unusual. But diamond engagement rings only became the norm in the middle of the 20th century.

So, how did diamond rings end up in the spotlight?

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March 24, 2017

Mixed Metal Ring Trends

Traditionally, brides are often seen donning pure white gold engagement rings and matching wedding bands. But, today, one of the hottest trends in wedding jewelry is wearing mixed metals. This is the practice of either using more than one precious metal in a single piece of jewelry or mixing multiple pieces of jewelry made of different metals. Wearing just one color of metal is typically seen as optional by today’s style forward brides who enjoy the fun and versatility of mixing metals.

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