November 28, 2017

A Fine Jewelry Gift Guide For Your Bridal Party

Your wedding day is one you’ll never forget. This incredible day spent celebrating the love you and your partner share, surrounded by the love of your family and friends, is one you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. It’s common practice to give the loved ones in your bridal party gifts of appreciation, showing them how much it means to you to have them there as a part of your special day. Fine jewelry is a thoughtful gift choice for your wedding party, as they can wear it on the day of the wedding and for many years to come. Want to know the best fine jewelry gifts to give your bridal party? We’ve rounded up a bevy of gorgeous fine jewelry gifts for your bridesmaids and have included some elegant options for the mother of the bride. Keep reading to see all the dazzling picks in our fine jewelry gift guide for your bridal party.

Bridesmaid Jewelry

A Classic Solitaire Diamond Pendant


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

This delicate diamond pendant is a perfect compliment to any bridesmaid look. It features an elegant and classic white diamond set in radiant white gold. A round diamond is a great choice for a solitaire pendant, as it is the most timeless and wearable diamond shape. This is a gift that your bridesmaids will enjoy for a lifetime.

Dazzling Halo Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold Halo Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Halo diamond studs add glamour to every look. These dazzling studs, featuring a halo of stunning white diamonds circling a larger center diamond, are eye-catching, stunning, and fashionable. This is a beautiful and on-trend option that your bridesmaids will be thrilled to receive.

Gemstone Studs to Match Their Dress


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Ruby Gemstone Stud Earrings

Another lovely option for your bridesmaids’ gift is gifting them a pair of gemstone studs to match their bridesmaid gown. Seen here in a rich red ruby option, these studs are a great way to enhance any wedding day look. Gemstone studs come in a variety of colors to match any bridesmaid dress.

Jewelry for the Mother of the Bride

Classic Diamond Studs


Certified 14k White Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Show your mother how much you appreciate her with these classic diamond studs. These elegant diamond studs feature two brilliant diamonds set in beautiful white gold. Diamond studs are truly classic, just like the mother of the bride.

An Elegant Sapphire Pendant


14k White Gold 6-Prong Round Sapphire Gemstone Solitaire Pendant

Sapphires have an unparalleled air of sophistication and glamour. This simple and delicate 6-prong set sapphire gemstone pendant lets the beauty of the enclosed rich blue sapphire shine. This elegant sapphire pendant is something your mother will cherish.

A Delicate Ring


Blossom Ring in 14k White Gold

This elegantly designed diamond and white gold band is sweetly beautiful. Featuring three delicately placed marquise shaped diamonds, this band is the perfect compliment to a mother of the bride’s wedding day gown. This is a gift that your mother can wear for years to come. Each time she glances down at it, she will think of the love and happiness she felt on her daughter’s special day.

Want more bridal party gift ideas? See even more fine jewelry picks for your bridal party at our Bridal Party Gifts page.

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July 26, 2017

3 Stunning Bridal Jewelry Ideas for the Summer Wedding

Any bride lucky enough to have a summer wedding should take full advantage of the warm, sunshine-filled day that brings about a captivating vibrancy and exuberance to the already special day. The summer day also provides the perfect setting for the most special person of the day, the bride, to shine her absolute brightest. While the dress is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a bride’s look, the jewelry that complements her dress and engagement ring cannot be overlooked. A bride’s jewelry has the ability to bring her whole look together and add the perfect finishing touch. In this article, our expert team at suggests jewelry pieces for three different bridal looks that will make a bride shine brighter than the sun at her summer wedding.

For the Rose Gold Bride


One of our favorite combinations brings about a true one-of-a-kind look for a bride in an elegant white wedding dress paired flawlessly with rose gold jewelry. The rose gold jewelry provides a dashing finish that fits perfectly with the summer season. This breathtaking diamond pendant features a halo setting wrapped in 14K rose gold. Together with these diamond stud earrings that feature a 14K rose gold bezel setting, this jewelry set creates an ultra-sophisticated yet understated look that is perfect for a summer bride.

Find this look here: Bezel Diamond Stud Earrings in Rose Gold, Halo Diamond Pendant in Rose Gold

For the Classic Bride


A bride who wants a classic look on her big day is making a very wise decision that she is sure to be happy about when looking at her wedding pictures years from now. A diamond solitaire pendant paired with basket diamond studs is a definitively timeless look that can take a bride to the next level. The bonus: you can wear this jewelry for a long time after your big day!

Find this look here: Basket Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Solitaire Pendant

For the Modern Bride


If you’re a trendy bride who wants to be up on the latest fashion, our last bridal jewelry suggestions are specifically for you. It’s your big day and your look will determine a lot of how you feel, so be sure to choose jewelry pieces that you absolutely love! Our first suggestion for a modern bride is a simple-yet-sophisticated diamond solitaire pendant with a bezel setting. The bezel setting makes a bold fashion statement without overdoing it. For earrings for the modern bride, our choice was clear: halo diamond studs. The halo setting is currently one of the most popular, and with these halo diamond studs you are sure to shine your brightest at your summer wedding.

Find the look here: Halo Diamond Stud Earrings, Bezel Diamond Solitaire Pendant

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May 24, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Outfit And Jewelry Ideas

While memorial day weekend doesn’t actually kick off summer, it can certainly feel like it does. This three day weekend sees a lot of people spending time with their families and friends and, because the weather is finally warming up, they are often spending this time having picnics, throwing barbecues, and heading to the water. To help you spend this weekend in style, we’ve put together a couple of summery outfits with patriotic touches. We’ve got two outfit ideas (one casual, the other more upscale) and, of course, some incredible jewelry pairings for each to give you some outfit inspiration!

Outfit One: Barbecue Party!


This look is perfect for a sunshiny day by the water or at a barbecue, or for when you’re hitting the mall. This outfit embraces some of summer 2017’s trends, like the statement sleeves on the red top and the lighter wash of the denim shorts, while keeping an overall classic look. Patriotic red, white, and blue make up the color scheme of this outfit without it being over the top. The paired jewelry is simple and classic, to add a little subtle sparkle to your look. These round diamond studs are the ultimate classic earring. They bring casual elegance to your look while drawing the eye upward to the face. The matching round diamond solitaire pendant, as well as a stunning blue sapphire ring, completes the look, adding visual interest and subtle detail. 

Outfit Two: An Evening Affair 


This more upscale look is great for attending parties and other events, or going out to dinner. The memorial color scheme is more subtle here, with royal blue and summery whites (though you could easily add a red lip or manicure if you wanted to add a touch of red). The paired jewelry enhances the elegance and unique elements of this look.  The six prong setting on these stunning dangle earrings not only adds glamor but makes them unique. This setting is less common than a standard four or three prong setting and compliments the other diamond jewelry in this look. The solitaire necklace has a six prong setting and pairs perfectly with the dangle earrings and beautiful diamond ring. If you need sparkle to your ensemble, this is the perfect jewelry for that. 

We hope you got some memorial day inspiration from these outfits! And, if you’re thinking of stepping up your accessory game this memorial day, you’re in luck: right now Diamond Wish is having a Memorial Day special! Use promo code MEMORIAL to get $50 off on $499, $100 off on $999, $500 off on $4,999, and $1,000 off on $9,999. Take advantage of this limited time sale to add some of our classic fine jewelry pieces to your collection that you will enjoy for a lifetime!


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