April 18, 2019

Unique Oval Diamond Rings

Oval diamonds are quickly becoming one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes. This shape is loved by brides who are looking for something dazzling and glamorous, yet a bit more unique than a standard round brilliant diamond.

There’s so much to love about oval diamonds. They have an elegant style, high brilliance, a slimming effect on the fingers, and they even look bigger per carat than other diamond shapes. Oval diamonds have a higher surface area on their table (their top), which means that this top surface area is maximized, making the diamond look bigger.

To celebrate this stunning shape, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite dazzling, distinctive oval cut diamond engagement rings. Read on to see our list of our top unique oval diamond rings!

Emilia Diamond Ring

The Emilia Oval Diamond Ring has a romantic, vintage-inspired design. This eye-catching ring features a shimmering oval diamond enclosed in a luxe halo setting, which rests along a unique band. The band of the Emilia ring boasts delicately engraved round and marquise shapes crafted from 14k rose gold. Inside these shapes lie round diamond accents, which add to the beautiful brilliance of this lovely engagement ring.

Nicole Diamond Ring

The Nicole Oval Diamond Ring features a spectacular triple band. In this design, three rows of diamond set rose gold lines overlap to create a distinctive, contemporary look. Atop this band rests a magnificent oval diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which beautifully match the diamonds along the band, creating a cohesive— and highly brilliant— look.

Vivian Diamond Ring

Looking for glamour? The Vivian Ring is your perfect match. In the Vivian Oval Diamond Ring, the chic silhouette of the ring’s center oval diamond is echoed by two gorgeous diamond halos. These luxurious, size-enhancing halos are complemented by a slim diamond set band, which adds even more shimmer to this boldly beautiful design.

Alice Diamond Ring

The Alice Oval Diamond Ring is delicately detailed and absolutely beautiful. This romantic style features a halo set oval diamond that rests along a twisted diamond band. Underneath this ring’s regal raised setting, this design features two engraved swirling accents, which echo the shape of the ring’s unique band. Available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, the Alice Ring can be customized to create your ideal oval diamond engagement ring.

Want to see even more unique oval diamond rings? Click here to view our full collection of oval diamond engagement rings.

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April 16, 2019

Meaning of Your Gemstone Engagement Rings

We all know that diamonds are used in engagement rings because they’re a symbol of eternal devotion. But do you know the meaning of gemstone engagement rings? Gemstones are a gorgeous, eye-catching addition to an engagement ring. But gemstones are also an excellent way to add unique sentiment to your engagement ring, as each gemstone has a different meaning.

In this post, we’re covering the meaning of some of our favorite gemstone engagement rings. Read on to learn the meaning of these beautiful precious gems and see which might be right for your engagement ring.

Morganite Engagement Ring Meaning

The lovely pink hue of morganite is complemented by a dazzling diamond and rose gold setting in the Hazel Ring.

Morganite is a rare gemstone with a beautiful, blush pink color. Because of its soft pink hue, morganite is associated with the heart chakra, our center of love. Morganite engagement rings are associated with unconditional love, joy, and deep compassion.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Here, a mesmerizing blue sapphire is used in the unique, vintage-inspired Charleston Ring.

Blue sapphires were once the most popular center gemstone for engagement rings. Before diamonds became popularly used in engagement rings in the early 20th century, sapphires reigned supreme. The blue sapphire was popular due to its rich blue color, but also because of its lovely meaning, which is particularly appropriate for engagement rings. This deep blue gem is thought to symbolize faithfulness, sincerity, and good fortune.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Meaning

A crystal clear emerald cut aquamarine shines in the romantic Skylar Ring.

Aquamarine is a glittering, light blue gemstone that’s often associated with water and the sea. Because of this, aquamarine has long been a gemstone that’s associated with sailors. It’s even sometimes called the “Sailor’s Stone” and is thought to bring protection to those sailing the high seas. Aquamarine is also thought to bring the wearer good health, mental clarity, and courage.

Topaz Engagement Ring Meaning

Blue topaz adds rich beauty to this uniquely lovely scalloped halo engagement ring.

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, like blue, yellow, and pink. This gem is associated with calmness, peacefulness, and inspiration. While all varieties of topaz are said to bring a sense of peace to the wearer, each color of topaz has its own unique meaning. Blue topaz is a popular variety of topaz for engagement rings, perhaps because of its lovely meaning. Blue topaz is said to be a stone of love and good fortune, and is also said to promote positive communication, openness, and honesty.

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April 16, 2019

Alternative Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

In the past few years, it’s become more and more common for brides-to-be to choose what’s called an “alternative engagement ring,” which is a term for a non-diamond engagement ring. Wondering why so many people are going “alternative?” It all comes down to style and uniqueness. Alternative engagement rings come in a dazzling array of different colors and styles, allowing brides to choose an engagement ring that both feels more personal and stands out from the crowd.

With alternative engagement rings, there’s so much to love— and so much to choose from! In this post, we’re highlighting some of our favorite alternative engagement ring ideas to help you get inspired and find the alternative engagement ring style that’s right for you.

Add Brilliance With Accent Diamonds 

The beautiful depth of a blue sapphire is enhanced by shimmering accent diamonds in this double halo cushion cut blue sapphire engagement ring.

One of the best things about choosing an alternative engagement ring is being able to add rich, vibrant color to your ring with a center gemstone. But while gemstones provide beauty through color and luster, they’re usually not particularly brilliant (meaning, sparkly), especially when compared to a highly brilliant white diamond. But why not get the best of both worlds— the color of a gemstone and the brilliance of diamonds— by choosing an alternative engagement ring with accent diamonds?

Accent diamonds can add beautiful brilliance to an alternative engagement ring. And while all gemstones look gorgeous in an engagement ring setting with accent diamonds, we’ll admit that one is our favorite: blue sapphires. The deep color of blue sapphires looks especially stunning when surrounded by accent diamonds, as their rich color pops against a brilliant white background.

Go Unique With Unexpected Shapes and Gemstones

A pear shaped morganite gives this halo morganite engagement ring an utterly unique look.

Another great thing about alternative engagement rings is they give you the ability to express your personality through your ring by allowing you to choose something more unique. So why not lean into that uniqueness by choosing an unexpected gemstone shape and a less common center gemstone?

There are so many unique gemstone shapes you can choose from, like emerald cut, marquise, and pear shaped. And there are also many unique gemstones to choose from, like morganite, amethyst, citrine, emerald, and so many more.

Embrace a Vintage-Feel

A shimmering blue topaz is surrounded by a lovely vintage-inspired halo setting in this eye-catching halo blue topaz engagement ring.

Gemstones lend themselves to a vintage look. While diamonds are the most popular center stone today, during the vintage era, gemstones reigned supreme. So for alternative engagement rings, leaning into the vintage look is an excellent way to enhance the charming, unique appeal of your center gemstone. And there are many gorgeous vintage-inspired setting options available for gemstone styles (for our engagement rings, you can always select your desired gemstone, then sort to show only vintage setting styles).

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April 16, 2019

Engagement Ring Finger: The Meaning Behind

Shop the vintage inspired Reagan engagement ring in rose gold here

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the engagement ring finger? Traditionally, we wear our engagement rings on the third finger of our left hand (the finger right next to the pinky). But why is that? In this post we’ll cover everything you need to know about the engagement ring finger, including its history, its meaning, how people wear their rings today, and whether or not you have to wear your engagement ring on your engagement ring finger.

The History of the Engagement Ring Finger

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There’s a lovely, sentimental reason behind the tradition of wearing engagement rings on the left ring finger. The practice of wearing an engagement ring on this specific finger dates all the way back to ancient Rome. Back in ancient times, people thought that there was a vein in this finger that led directly to the heart (though, modern science has proved this isn’t true). As the heart has long been associated with love, people began wearing their wedding rings on this finger because it was thought to be connected to the heart.

The Engagement Ring Finger Today

Shop the halo Nicole engagement ring in rose gold here

Today, most people in western countries such as the United States wear their engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand. Though we now know this finger doesn’t have a special vein that leads directly to the heart, wearing an engagement ring on this finger is considered traditional.

However, in other parts of the world, the tradition is to wear a wedding band or engagement ring on the right hand. For example, it’s traditional to wear an engagement ring or wedding band on your right hand in Russia, Greece, and Spain.

Other countries have different traditional placements for engagement rings and wedding bands. Or different traditional placements during different times of courtship. For example, in Brazil it’s traditional for both the bride and groom to wear engagement rings on their right hand, then switch their rings to their left hand after marriage. While wearing engagement rings and wedding bands on the left ring finger is a dominant tradition in many western countries, different countries throughout the world have their own unique cultural traditions.

Do You Have to Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Engagement Ring Finger?

Shop the Merilyn oval cut halo engagement ring here.

In western culture, it’s traditional to wear your engagement ring on your engagement ring finger. But if that tradition doesn’t feel right for you, know that you can wear your engagement ring any way you like.

Not everyone follows the “ring finger” tradition. And there are many reasons people choose to wear their ring in a different way. For example, people often find that wearing their engagement ring on their dominant hand is uncomfortable. So, many people who are left-handed often choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand. Additionally, many people just prefer the look of wearing their engagement ring on another finger.

There’s really no wrong way to wear your engagement ring. In the past, it was culturally frowned upon to wear your engagement ring on a non-traditional finger. But, today, it’s becoming more and more common (and more and more culturally acceptable) to buck tradition and wear your engagement ring however you like. So, if you like the idea of wearing your engagement ring on the traditional engagement ring finger, by all means do! But if you want to wear your engagement ring on a finger that’s not your traditional ring finger, go for it!

An engagement ring is an expression of you and your love for your partner. And you can express that love in any way— or on any finger— you like!

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March 26, 2019

How to Choose Anniversary Bands

An anniversary band is a wedding band you give your partner to celebrate the anniversary of your marriage. While many people choose to gift anniversary bands on major anniversaries (like the fifth or tenth), they can be given on any anniversary. If you’re considering giving this romantic, thoughtful gift, you might be wondering how to choose one. You might wonder what kind of style should you choose, if there are rules to choosing an anniversary band, or if an anniversary band is meant to replace a wedding ring. We’ll answer all these questions and more in our guide to choosing anniversary bands.

Are Anniversary Bands Supposed to Replace Wedding Bands?

Many people wonder if anniversary bands are meant to replace their partner’s wedding band. The answer to this question is that it isn’t necessarily meant to, but it can. An anniversary ring can really be worn in any way the recipient likes. It can be worn in place of a wedding band, alongside a wedding band, or as a fashionable right hand ring.

If you like the idea of an anniversary band becoming an updated wedding band, be sure to choose an anniversary band that complement’s your partner’s engagement ring.

Are There Rules for Anniversary Bands?

There really aren’t rules for anniversary bands but there are some anniversary traditions you can keep in mind. While old-fashioned rules say that gold isn’t given until the 50th year of marriage, modern conventions have gold as the color of your year one anniversary. Let’s go through some of the modern conventions for giving jewelry on major anniversaries.

Year One: Gold

Gold is the modern tradition for gifting jewelry on your first anniversary. It makes sense: gold is precious and so is your first year as a married couple.

Gold is a highly versatile precious metal, so you should have no trouble finding a gold anniversary band that would fit your partner’s personal style. You can choose from traditional yellow gold, chic white gold, or romantic rose gold for your partner’s anniversary ring.

Year Five: Sapphire

Sapphires symbolize truth and loyalty, making it fitting that this precious gem is the traditional gift for a fifth year anniversary. While blue sapphires are the most popular variety, sapphires actually come a rainbow of hues, including the second-most popular color for sapphires, pink. No matter which color you choose, sapphire anniversary bands are classic, elegant, and something your partner is sure to love.

Year Ten: Diamonds

A ten year anniversary is incredibly exciting. You’re marking a decade of life as a married couple— that’s truly something to celebrate. If you want to follow tradition, the best way to celebrate and show your partner your appreciation is with the traditional ten year jewelry gift, diamonds. You can get your partner an anniversary band with just a few diamonds or go all out with a beautiful infinity band.

Do You Have to Follow Tradition?

If you love tradition, you may want to go with the gemstone or precious metal that matches your anniversary year. However, you definitely don’t have to follow these traditions if you have something else in mind. If you want to get a diamond anniversary band, your partner will be just as thrilled to get it on your third anniversary as they would on your tenth (if not even more so!).

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to wait for a major year to give an anniversary band. You can give an anniversary band on any year or even on multiple years.

What Style Should An Anniversary Band Be?

There’s no rule on what kind of style an anniversary band should be. When considering style, just think about what your partner would love. Would they want something sleek they could add to their wedding stack? Or would they maybe want an ultra glam ring that could be worn on its own? Choosing the right style for an anniversary ring is really just a matter of choosing the right style for you and your partner.

Browse more anniversary bands at diamondwish.com. 

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