October 18, 2018

Princess Eugenie’s Ring

Princess Eugenie with her now husband Jack Brooksbank and a close up of her stunning pink sapphire engagement ring.

The wedding of Princess Eugenie made news across the world last week, as royal wedding fans tuned into to watch the princess’ nuptials. Anticipation had been building for the royal wedding ever since their engagement announcement earlier this year, which was accompanied by portraits of Princess Eugenie and her now husband Jack Brooksbank. The portraits showed the happy couple together and gave the public their first look at the princess’ incredible pink sapphire engagement ring.

A close up of Princess Eugenie’s pink sapphire engagement ring.

Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring features a gorgeous oval shaped pink sapphire that’s estimated to weigh around three carats. The soft pink gemstone is surrounded by a unique halo made of a mixture of pear and round shaped white diamonds, which gives the piece a distinctive look. The featured gemstones are complimented by a beautiful mixed metal band crafted out of yellow and white gold.

Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring (left) and the engagement ring of the Duchess of York (right).

Fans of the royal family were quick to point out that Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring appears to be remarkably similar to the engagement ring worn by her mother, the Duchess of York, which adds a sentimental touch. Both feature a pink sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo, though there are some differences in the halo shape. Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring halo features a mixture of round and pear shaped diamonds, while her mother’s features only pear shaped diamonds.

Get the look: The Charleston pink sapphire engagement ring features a halo made of mixed diamond shapes, like Princess Eugenie’s.

The princess’ engagement ring shows the continuation of sapphires as a royal engagement tradition. Her mother’s engagement ring also features a sapphire as does, of course, Kate Middleton’s inherited blue sapphire engagement ring which once belonged to Princess Diana.

Get the look: A halo oval pink sapphire engagement ring similar to Princess Eugenie’s.

At her wedding, Princess Eugenie paired her engagement ring with some famous crown jewels. She wore the Grenville Emerald tiara, on loan from her grandmother Queen Elizabeth, which features an incredible 97.70 emerald at its peak.

Princess Eugenie on her wedding day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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October 18, 2018

Get the Look: Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga pictured with her incredible pink sapphire engagement ring from Christian Carino.

The Big News

At Elle’s 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration, Lady Gaga dropped some major news: she’s engaged! The singer and actress gave a speech in which she thanked “my fiancé Christian,” referring to her talent agent Christian Carino.

Gaga gave a passionate speech at the Elle event, during which she confirmed her engagement.

Rumors of Gaga’s engagement have been swirling since November 2017, when she was was first spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring on her left ring finger during her tour for her most recent solo album Joanne. She’s been wearing the ring ever since and, thanks her to speech from this week’s event, it looks like it’s now confirmed that that’s her engagement ring from Carino.

A closer look at Gaga’s pink sapphire engagement ring.

It’s fitting that the always fashion-forward Gaga has an incredibly unique engagement ring. Her ring features a dazzling pink oval gemstone, which appears to be a pink sapphire that clocks in at around 6 to 7 carats. It’s a romantic yet unexpected choice, one that’s likely to spark a pink sapphire engagement ring trend.

Get the Look

Get the look: A halo oval pink sapphire engagement ring similar to Lady Gaga’s.

The design of Gaga’s ring is reminiscent of another famous gemstone engagement ring, Kate Middleton’s stunning blue sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to the late Princess Diana. Like Kate’s, Gaga’s engagement ring features an elegant halo of round diamonds and a chic, simple band.

Kate Middleton’s iconic engagement ring features design details similar to Gaga’s.

The pink sapphire used in Gaga’s new engagement ring gives it an incredibly romantic look, one that’s perhaps even more romantic than her previous engagement ring from former fiancé Taylor Kinney, which featured a large heart shaped white diamond.

Gaga’s last engagement ring featured a sizable heart shaped white diamond.

It’s rumored that Lady Gaga got engaged to Christian Carino around a year after she called off her year long engagement to Kinney. Carino, a talent agent at CAA who also reps stars such as Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, and Gaga seem to be incredibly devoted to one another. Gaga has professed her love for Carino on stage and Carino has been spotted with a tattoo of Gaga on his arm.

Gaga sporting her engagement ring at the 2018 Grammys.

Fans have speculated that Gaga and Carino got engaged sometime in the summer of 2017, which is when Gaga started wearing her gorgeous pink sapphire engagement ring. Yet, even amidst the many rumors of her engagement, Gaga had been silent about her engagement until this Monday’s Elle event.

Gaga seems to be having an exceptional year, with her happy engagement and the incredibly warm reception of her performance in the film A Star Is Born, which has been generating some serious Oscar buzz. Fans of the singer and actress have been vocal about their happiness for Gaga, chairing their congratulations across social media.

There’s no news of wedding date for Gaga and Carino yet, but it’s sure to be a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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August 8, 2018

Let’s Talk About Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement Ring

When Justin Bieber popped the question to Hailey Baldwin in the Bahamas, he chose a truly spectacular engagement ring. The couple took a few days to enjoy the glow of their engagement on their vacation, where the world got its first look at Hailey’s new ring, thanks to some fan captured pictures and videos that surfaced on social media. And the ring Bieber chose was nothing less than spectacular.

The Oval-Cut Diamond

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous (and successful) pop stars of our time, so it’s no surprise that he chose to go all out with his choice of engagement ring. Bieber gave Baldwin an absolutely incredible oval diamond ring. The oval diamond in Hailey Baldwin’s ring is massive, with some experts estimating that it’s around six to eight carats.

A chic and radiant oval diamond ring similar to Hailey’s new engagement ring.

The setting for Baldwin’s ring lets its sizable center stone shine. Baldwin’s dazzling diamond is set in a slim silvery setting, which could be made of either white gold or platinum. The band of the ring is quite slim, which creates a delicate look and helps its large oval diamond look even bigger.

A dazzling oval diamond ring with a slim diamond accent band.

Bieber’s choice of ring for his new fiancé shows the pop star is in tune with the latest trends. Oval diamond rings have become incredibly popular engagement rings in recent years, especially in solitaire or halo settings. This trend is likely due to the unique, yet classic look of oval diamonds, as well as the fact that oval diamonds are a great value, as they look larger per carat than similarly weighted round diamonds. But, of course, the value of oval diamond rings was something Bieber was unlikely to be thinking of, thanks to his estimated $83.5 million net worth.

After Baldwin was spotted wearing her new engagement ring in the Bahamas, Bieber took to Instagram to officially announce their engagement. He confirmed the rumors of his engagement, saying, “Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast,” and went on to profess his love for his new fiancé. Bieber also let his fans know that his choice of proposal date (the 7th on the 7th month of the year) was intentional, saying that the number seven is “the number of spiritual perfection.”

The happy couple has since been spotted back home in New York, with Hailey donning her gorgeous new ring as the couple dashed around town. As of right now, we only have fan and paparazzi pictures of Hailey’s beautiful new ring, since Bieber’s model fiancé has yet to post a close of up of the dazzling oval diamond ring. We can’t wait til we get a closer look at her gorgeous engagement ring! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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