How to Choose a Princess Cut or Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Princess Cut or Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are both beautiful squared diamond shapes. These fancy shaped diamonds can add a lovely, unique look to your engagement ring. But how do you choose between these two shapes? In this post, we’ll talk about the definition of princess cut and cushion cut diamonds, their style differences, and their price differences to help you decide. Read on to learn how to choose a princess cut or cushion cut engagement ring!

Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut: Definitions

First, let’s talk about the definitions of these two shapes so you understand their anatomy and what makes their cuts different.

Princess Cut Diamond Definition

Princess cut diamonds are a modern diamond cut, having been invented in the 1960s. This shape looks like a square when viewed from above. From the side, it looks like an inverted pyramid. The princess cut diamond features a modified version of the round diamond’s brilliant cut and is sometimes also called a “square modified brilliant” diamond.

Princess cut diamonds have many angular features, due to their exterior shape and their faceting pattern, which is composed of triangular and kite-shaped facets. Typically, a princess cut diamond has around 58 facets. Though, they can have as few as 50 facets and as many as a 144 facets.

Cushion Cut Diamond Definition

Cushion cut diamonds get their name from how they look when viewed from above. The table of a cushion cut diamond is shaped like a square with softly rounded corners, like a pillow or a cushion.

Cushion cut diamonds are actually an evolution of a much older diamond cut, the old mine cut. Cushion cut diamonds have the same shape as an old mine cut diamond, but are outfitted with a modern brilliant cut to enhance their sparkle. Because cushion cut diamonds evolved from this older shape, they’re often considered a vintage shape.

Though cushion cut diamond diamonds feature a brilliant cut, they reflect light a bit differently than many other brilliant shapes. Due to their faceting pattern, cushion cut diamonds have a bit less brilliance than some other brilliant diamond shapes. However, they also tend to have more fire, which is the term for the rainbow colored light emitted from a diamond.

Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut: Style and Ring Inspiration

Princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds are similar in shape, yet quite different in style. The princess cut diamond has a very modern, sleek look. The sharp, geometric shape of a princess cut diamond gives it a refined, contemporary style. On the contrast, cushion cut diamonds have a much softer look, due to their rounded edges. Cushion cut diamonds are highly romantic and are often loved by those who adore all things vintage. 

Let’s take a look at some princess cut and cushion cut engagement rings so you can see their style differences in action.

Ella Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The Ella princess cut diamond ring showcases the beauty of a classic princess cut diamond setting. In this design, a princess cut diamond is set in a traditional four prong setting. This ring’s band is accented with round pave diamonds that add extra shimmer to the piece.

Skylar Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The Skylar princess cut engagement ring features a beautiful halo setting that echoes the shape of its center princess diamond. A slim pave diamond band adds delicate brilliance to this ring, while letting the geometric beauty of its halo set princess diamond take center stage.

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Skylar Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Here, you see the Skylar ring setting used with a cushion cut diamond. The style difference between cushion cut and princess cut diamonds is quite apparent in this design. While this setting looked very modern when used with a princess cut diamond, it looks quite soft and romantic with a cushion cut diamond and cushion-shaped halo.

Cushion Cut Three Stone Ring

This one-of-a-kind three stone cushion cut diamond ring is absolutely breathtaking. Here, an exquisite cushion cut diamond is surrounded by round diamond accents. Two larger round brilliant diamonds act as side stones and numerous round diamonds dazzle across the band, giving this ring an eye-catching, icy look.

LeDesire Luxury 2 Carat

Lastly, we have a cushion cut diamond ring from our LeDesire Luxury Collection. This design is extraordinarily glamorous. Here, a spectacular 2 carat cushion cut diamond is surrounded by a double halo setting, which adds dramatic impact to this engagement ring.

See even more examples of luxe princess cut and cushion cut engagement rings in our luxury engagement ring collection.

Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut: Price

Both princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are fancy shaped diamonds, which is a category that encompasses every diamond that is not a round brilliant diamond. Round brilliant diamonds are easily the most expensive diamond shape. This is partially because there is more raw diamond waste when a round diamond is cut. Then, partially because round diamonds are in very high demand, which means retailers tend to mark up their price.

When you compare the prices of round brilliant and fancy shaped diamonds, you’ll find that all fancy shaped diamonds cost less per carat than round brilliant diamonds do (assuming the compared diamonds have the same level of quality). But how much less? And which is a better value between princess cut and cushion cut diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds currently have princess cut diamonds beat when it comes to value. On average, princess cut diamonds will cost 10% less than round diamonds of the same carat and quality. While cushion cut diamonds cost around 25% less than round brilliant diamonds of the same carat and quality. However, cushion cut diamonds are starting to become more expensive, due to growing demand for the shape.

Final Thoughts

Princess cut and cushion cut diamonds are both lovely choices for your engagement ring. If you’re still on the fence between these two diamond shapes, browse our diamond shape guide. There, you’ll learn even more about cushion cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds. You can also browse through the other diamond shapes to see how cushion cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds shape up against the competition.

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