Meaning of Your Gemstone Engagement Rings

Meaning of Your Gemstone Engagement Rings

We all know that diamonds are used in engagement rings because they’re a symbol of eternal devotion. But do you know the meaning of gemstone engagement rings? Gemstones are a gorgeous, eye-catching addition to an engagement ring. But gemstones are also an excellent way to add unique sentiment to your engagement ring, as each gemstone has a different meaning.

In this post, we’re covering the meaning of some of our favorite gemstone engagement rings. Read on to learn the meaning of these beautiful precious gems and see which might be right for your engagement ring.

Morganite Engagement Ring Meaning

The lovely pink hue of morganite is complemented by a dazzling diamond and rose gold setting in the Hazel Ring.

Morganite is a rare gemstone with a beautiful, blush pink color. Because of its soft pink hue, morganite is associated with the heart chakra, our center of love. Morganite engagement rings are associated with unconditional love, joy, and deep compassion.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Here, a mesmerizing blue sapphire is used in the unique, vintage-inspired Charleston Ring.

Blue sapphires were once the most popular center gemstone for engagement rings. Before diamonds became popularly used in engagement rings in the early 20th century, sapphires reigned supreme. The blue sapphire was popular due to its rich blue color, but also because of its lovely meaning, which is particularly appropriate for engagement rings. This deep blue gem is thought to symbolize faithfulness, sincerity, and good fortune.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Meaning

A crystal clear emerald cut aquamarine shines in the romantic Skylar Ring.

Aquamarine is a glittering, light blue gemstone that’s often associated with water and the sea. Because of this, aquamarine has long been a gemstone that’s associated with sailors. It’s even sometimes called the “Sailor’s Stone” and is thought to bring protection to those sailing the high seas. Aquamarine is also thought to bring the wearer good health, mental clarity, and courage.

Topaz Engagement Ring Meaning

Blue topaz adds rich beauty to this uniquely lovely scalloped halo engagement ring.

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, like blue, yellow, and pink. This gem is associated with calmness, peacefulness, and inspiration. While all varieties of topaz are said to bring a sense of peace to the wearer, each color of topaz has its own unique meaning. Blue topaz is a popular variety of topaz for engagement rings, perhaps because of its lovely meaning. Blue topaz is said to be a stone of love and good fortune, and is also said to promote positive communication, openness, and honesty.

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