4 Reasons to Consider Lab Diamonds

4 Reasons to Consider Lab Diamonds

A Lab diamonds unsurpassed sparkle and lower price is making them very hard to ignore, but there are even more reasons why shoppers are choosing a lab grown diamond for their next engagement ring purchase.

A Lab Diamond is a diamond that consists of the same chemical, crystal structure and carbon makeup as a genuine mined diamond, notably differing in the place they are formed.

Highly advanced technology processes replicate the environment in which diamonds naturally take place in nature. Allowing the creation process to take place above ground in a lab, without disrupting the earth’s crust. Being made of the exact same carbon material as natural diamonds, they exude the same strength, brilliance and sparkle factor as the traditional diamond.

Considering buying a diamond ring online? Here are the top 4 reasons to consider a Lab Grown diamond before you make the purchase:

1. Mining Free

Lab created diamonds are grown above ground with high pressure technology requiring no disruption or diamond mining to the earth. Reducing the environmental impact. Because of this lab process they are completely conflict-free. This process has been around for years, but in recent years has grown in awareness.

2. Not a Diamond Simulant

The most important factor to note is that these stones are not diamond stimulants or synthetic diamonds, such as a cubic zirconia or moissanite. As these only optically appear similar. Lab created diamonds are of the same true carbon atom, crystal structure of natures diamonds, starting from a diamond seed. A seasoned gemologist can spot the difference between any diamond stimulant and a lab created diamond with an unaided eye.

3. Budget Friendly

Costing around 30% less, these diamonds are sought after for saving the purchaser money for the same comparable quality and carat size diamond. They are simply more affordable and provide the same excellent brilliance in comparison to natures counterpart.

4. Quality

These man-made diamonds offer all the same quality, physical, chemical, and optical properties of a real diamond that is uncovered from earth. Which means all the same beauty characteristics that naturally develop in nature are also present in lab created diamonds. Just as the earth creates variable color ranges and clarity grades, as is the same with the lab process. This provides a wide selection and variations available for selection in our Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings.

Lab Created Jewelry

Solitaire diamond earrings are a top selected gift for many reasons. Simple single diamond studs offer a versatile style and are a staple to any fashion wardrobe. Selecting lab-grown diamond earrings offers a higher value for the same carat weight studs and provides more bling for the buck. Making the classic lab-grown studs a wise selection for the savvy shopper without sparing any sparkle.

Still searching for an ideal gift but want a very high quality gemstone and yet budget conscious? Our lab-grown diamond necklaces offer a classic solitaire style while flaunting the same unsurpassed sparkle that will last for generations to come. Making the diamond necklace a simply sweet birthday and holiday gift idea that is ageless and never goes out of style. Consider an adjustable length chain. This will allow the wearer multiple necklace lengths ensuring not only comfort but a little added style.


Just as it’s natural counterparts can include a diamond certification, that states the quality and physical characteristics of any specific stone, a lab grown diamond will also include a diamond certification stating the same quality specifications and all the details of a single stone. Common certifications in the diamond industry may include a GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute) or other reputable certificating house. All of our lab created diamonds are not only certified but will also include an appraisal. Differing from the certification, an appraisal can be used for insurance purposes as a statement of value.

In Review

It’s not just millennials selecting lab created diamonds. For all these facts and added benefits that lab created diamonds offer, the are are definitely winning our hearts and our wallets. And, with our unique custom jewelry builder you can create your own unique lab grown ring, earrings or necklace your way. After all, a sentimental jewelry gift means so much more when you are the creator. When shopping online, if you select a lab stone for your center stone in an engagement ring, it just may save you time and cost less. Just consider this lovely vintage Charleston Ring with a 1.00 carat weight round center embraced by a unique baguette halo of diamonds selected by one of our very own Diamond Wish customers that created a completely custom and personal proposal.

Did you know? All our Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry also is eligible for our lifetime upgrade program, which is one of the most generous in the diamond industry. You never lose the value in a lab created diamond purchase because 100% of your paid value qualifies towards any future lab created purchase of any greater quality or value. For life! Shop with confidence online knowing your lab diamonds will always hold their original paid value.

Time to Choose

At DiamondWish.com we offer both natural diamonds and lab created diamonds. Leaving the selection process up to you. Choose what factors are most desirable to you and from there it will be breeze to determine what is the best fit for your fine jewelry item, exclusively handcrafted to order. Both natures diamonds and diamonds created in the lab will offer a lifetime of sparkle.

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