DESIGN No. 601

Fancy Cross Over Diamond Band Engagement Ring

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Product Details

The Fancy Cross Over Diamond Band engagement ring is a truly exceptional piece that combines innovative design with timeless elegance. This ring features a unique double split band adorned with dazzling diamonds, creating a captivating and sophisticated look. At first glance, the most striking feature of this ring is its double split band design. The double split creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect, adding depth and dimension to the ring's overall aesthetic. At the heart of the ring lies a stunning round brilliant diamond, securely held in place by classic prongs. The center diamond serves as the focal point of the ring, drawing the eye and exuding brilliance and sparkle.The filigree detailing adds a touch of vintage charm and sophistication to the ring, elevating its design to new heights. The intricate patterns of the filigree bridge create a sense of delicacy and refinement, making it a truly standout feature of the ring. Its combination of unique elements, including the double split band, crossover design, and filigree bridge, sets it apart as a truly distinctive and memorable piece of jewelry.