How to Find Your Girlfriends Ring Size

Here are 6 simple ways to find out her ring size all while keeping it a secret. Before you select the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend, you will need to determine the correct ring size.

From the search for the perfect ring style to the research of the perfect proposal idea, the proposal process may be stressful at times, but finding out what her ring size is doesn't have to be. We have listed six ways to figure out your girlfriend’s ring size all while keeping the element of surprise and making it a little fun.

1. Borrow one of her rings

When not in use, take a ring and see if it fits any of your fingers. Take note of where the ring fit, or make a quick mark on your finger then later measure the diameter of that same place. If it's a ring from the right hand, this can still work as an estimated size.

2. Enlist a friend

Contact her best friend, sister or close relative to help you. But, first make sure this person can keep the surprise! Usually, a mom or a close friend may already know her size.

3. Make a mark

It may sound difficult at first but it's actually quick. Borrow her current jewelry, lay it on a piece of paper and trace the inner circle with a pencil. Do this a few times to ensure you have the correct measurement. Then measure the diameter of the circle. This will give you the ring's MM. Use our quick finger size guide to match up the MM.

4. The subtle hand hold

Next time you’re simply holding hands, pay close attention to your locked hands. Do any of her fingers mirror any of yours? It may not be your hole pinky that matches but a certain part. Take note, and mark the same part of your matching finger next time you are alone. This may not be entirely accurate but helps to get a good guess.

5. String theory

Make her a 'best friend' ring. Tell her you want to create a best friend ring for her and you need to measure her finger with a strong. This way you can measure her finger then gift her a string ring in her favorite color. To make it an ever sweeter sentiment, make yourself a matching bracelet so it's not too obvious. Hint, her friend could do this for you!

6. Make your best guess

The average woman’s ring finger is a size six. Which is 16.9MM in diameter. Estimate if her hands are a litter smaller or larger and then make your best estimation.


By using a few of the methods above, you've probably concluded a pretty accurate size and now you are ready to shop for the perfect engagement ring. Nice work!

If you can't figure out the right size, rest assured all our rings include a Lifetime Warranty that offers one complimentary ring sizing up to one size up or down

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Hints from the Experts

  • All hands are not created equal. Because the dominant hand may actually measure larger, be sure to measure the left hand.
  • The average woman's ring size is right around size 6.
  • Purchasing a very wide band? Consider ordering a 1/4 to 1/2 size larger. As the ring will take more space on her finger.
  • Request the Diamond Wish free ring sizer here.

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