What is Your Gemstone Personality? Find Out Your Birthstone Traits

What is Your Gemstone Personality? Find Out Your Birthstone Traits

Are you curious to know what your gemstone personality is? In this post, we’ll cover the birthstone of each month, what they symbolize, and the character traits of those who possess this birthstone. Continue reading to find out your birthstone traits.

January: Garnet

Wearing this garnet gem symbolizes love, consistency, faith, and loyalty all the while boosting energy levels and self image. Those born in the month of January value friendship. You are very protective and supportive of those you truly care about.

February: Amethyst

This stunning amethyst purple stone is a symbol of serenity, peace, and even royalty. Bringing balance, calmness, wisdom and a high level of self restraint. If you possess this birthstone you are multi-talented, courageous, and adored for your honesty.

March: Aquamarine

This soft blue colored gem symbolizes youth, love, adventure and hope. It provides a level of calmness and protection for those that wear it. If this light blue aqua gemstone is your birthstone, you are protective and find that you are at your happiest when with family.

April: Diamond

The diamond showcases strength, everlasting love, and unaltered determination. If the diamond is your gemstone, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re transparent with your love and embrace the fact that you’re a hopeless romantic.

May: Green Emerald

This mesmerizing green emerald gem speaks of health, faithfulness, fertility, and a comforting spirit. When wearing this stone you may experience improved memory and higher levels of intelligence with your intuitive nature.

June: Alexandrite and Moonstone

These flaunt luck, good fortune, love and a highly creative, imaginative spirit. Bringing good omens to those around you. If these gemstones are your birthstone you exhibit a nurturing and motherly nature to those you care about. Alexandrite changes color in the light. Similarly, you adapt well to any environment you’re put in.

July: Ruby

This bold fiery red ruby gem helps you exude charisma and passion. You have a harmonious, hardworking nature with an excitement for life. Ruby rings are often worn as a provider of energy, strength, and life force with a strong sense of yourself.

August: Peridot

This tantalizing green peridot stone is a symbol of strength, creativity, vibrance, energy, and a naturally curious nature. You may find yourself as a joyful and radiant guiding light to those closest to you with your extra zest and problem-solving capabilities.

September: Sapphire

This beautiful blue sapphire gem represents dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, wisdom, and purity. These wearers showcase leadership and are industrious, honest, mentally strong, highly motivated, and tend to shy away from showing their emotions to the world.

October: Pink Tourmaline

The soft pink gemstone is a showcase of hope, innocence and creativity. People who flaunt these gemstone have a sincere heart, compassionate spirit, and optimistic outlook. Naturally you showcase a high enthusiasm and creativity towards life.

November: Citrine

The citrine gemstone is said to bring mental clarity with strength and healing for both the body and mind. Those born in the month of November  are fair-minded, friendly, exhibit a flexible nature, as well as mental strength.

December: Blue Topaz

You can see an array of blue hues in the blue topaz gemstone. Those that possess this gemstone showcase a high level of calmness.You’re perceptive and cherish the quite moments in life. You also pursue your dreams without worrying about what others think. This gemstone can help increase deep sleep while providing aid to ailing health.




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