Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

With a stunning array of unique, delicate, and classic (yet updated) designs, there’s a lot to love about this year’s engagement ring trends. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or are looking for a chic, understated option that’s perfectly you, there’s something for everyone in this year’s beautifully varied trends. Ready to see if any of this year’s trends are “the one” for you? Here’s our list of the top engagement ring trends for 2019.

Rose on Rose Engagement Rings

Primrose Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The “rose on rose” trend combines two trends: rose gold and the rosy-hued gemstone morganite. Together, these blushing pink precious materials create an incredibly romantic look.

Delicate Silhouettes

Skylar Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Delicate silhouettes are all the rage for 2019. In particular, delicate, slim ring bands have become incredibly popular. Thin bands have two big advantages: first, they look extraordinarily elegant and, second, they make your center diamond look larger by comparison. What’s not to love?

Sleek Stacking Rings

Skylar Diamond Wedding Rings

To get a truly unique, custom look, many brides have been taking advantage of the sleek stacking ring trend. This trend involves getting two or more wedding bands to create a dazzling wedding set stack. We love this trend because it allows you to get creative and create something completely your own. You can choose stacking rings in the same style or mix and match different diamond shapes and precious metals.

New Three Stone Styles

Meghan Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings are always a classic option and, perhaps due to Meghan Markle’s stunning three stone engagement ring, they’ve been having a revival. While three stone rings always have a lovely traditional look, they don’t have to be boring— we’ve been seeing many three stone rings that incorporate unique, modern design elements. Some styles we’re loving include three stone rings that combine different diamond shapes, incorporate gemstones, and have more drastic size differences between the three stones.

Understated Engagement Rings

Elise Yellow Gold Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

Understated engagement rings have a subtle beauty. This year, there are two trending understated ring styles: simple solitaire engagement rings and wedding bands worn as engagement rings. Wedding bands are a particularly beautiful and unique choice for an understated engagement ring, offering an unexpected, yet incredibly chic, look.

Chevron Style Bands

While they were originally designed to compliment certain engagement ring shapes, it’s becoming more and more common for brides to wear chevron bands in multiple ways. These angled bands have a contemporary look that works beautifully when worn alone, as part of a unique ring stack, or, of course, with a complimentary engagement ring.

Oval Engagement Rings

Skylar Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Oval diamonds are classic, yet unique. This elongated alternative to the classic round brilliant shape has been rising in popularity for the last couple of years and its popularity seems to only be growing. Perhaps that’s because of this sophisticated diamond shape’s versatility. Oval diamonds look gorgeous in every setting, including solitaire designs, three stone rings, halo settings, and rings with diamond set bands.

Intricate Diamond Halos

Kinsley Double Halo Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Halo settings have been a big trend for a few years now. They’re glamorous, gorgeous, and a great way to maximize the visual impact of your center stone. While simple halo settings have been more popular in years past, this year a new halo trend has emerged: ultra intricate halos. Brides have been flocking to more intricate halos to get a dose of this beautiful setting’s impact, but with a more unique look.

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