The Best Places To Propose in LA

The Best Places To Propose in LA

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Los Angeles is huge, sprawling city, with a population as diverse as the city itself. LA is home to beautiful beaches, incredible mountains, and bustling cityscapes. Because LA has so much stunning scenery, there are tons of amazing spots to choose from if you’re thinking of proposing in the City of Angels. Are you looking for an incredible proposal spot in Los Angeles? Look no further— keep reading to see our top LA proposal spot picks. 

The Santa Monica Pier

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One of the most colorful, beautiful beach spots in LA is the Santa Monica Pier. This pier features shops, restaurants, arcade games, an amusement park, and, of course, a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. The Pier is exceptionally pretty at night when the amusement park lights up the Pier with pops of color. This is a fun, whimsical proposal spot that will have her smiling from ear to ear.

The Gardens at the Getty Villa

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Located in the Pacific Palisades, the Getty Villa is an art museum with some incredibly beautiful gardens. The Villa features four immaculately kept gardens (the Inner Peristyle, the Herb Garden, the Outer Peristyle, and the East Garden) that are inspired by and modeled after ancient Roman gardens. These gardens set a beautiful scene for a proposal and are an especially great spot to propose to a history lover.

The Observatory at Griffith Park

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The Observatory at Griffith Park, located in Los Feliz, offers some of the most beautiful views of Los Angeles. Night or day, visitors to the Observatory can enjoy an incredible view of the city from the top of the park. The beauty of the Observatory makes it an incredibly romantic proposal location.

The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens 

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If you’re dating a nature lover, the Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library are a perfect proposal location choice. Being in the Botanical Gardens is like taking a tour of the world’s gardens. The gardens are enormous and feature many different themed sections, like various Japanese gardens, Australian gardens, and their Rose Garden, which features more than 1,400 different varieties of roses. The gardens are all incredibly beautiful, making them the perfect backdrop for a proposal.

The Last Bookstore

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The Last Bookstore is an iconic bookstore located in downtown Los Angeles. It is, as the name says, a bookstore. But it’s unlike any other bookstore you’ve ever been to. The way the books are displayed in this incredible store makes the store as much an art installation as it is a bookshop. If the love of your life is a bookworm, there’s no better place to pop the question than The Last Bookstore.

Proposal Idea: Hide a love note with your engagement ring in one of the books and leave her clues all over the Last Bookstore until she is lead to them!


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While this last spot is located on the far edges of what’s known as the Greater Los Angeles Area, Disneyland is still technically in Los Angeles and we couldn’t skip including such an amazing proposal spot. If you’re dating a huge Disney fan, there’s no better proposal spot than “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

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