Each Diamond Shape’s Unique Meaning

Each Diamond Shape’s Unique Meaning

More than any other diamond quality, a diamond’s shape makes the most impact on its overall look. And the diamond shape a person chooses says a lot about their style and personality. Wondering what each diamond shape means about its wearer? Here are the unique meanings of each diamond shape.

Round: The Classic Beauty

Round diamonds are the most popular of all the diamond shapes. That’s because this shape is not only the most brilliant (meaning, the most sparkly), but the most classic. Those who choose round diamonds have a chic, timeless sense of style. Round diamonds are simply the best choice for those who love a traditionally beautiful look.

Princess: Modern Brilliance

Princess diamonds, which have a square shape, are often chosen by those with who love their high shimmer and contemporary style. Princess diamonds have brilliant cuts, like round diamonds, but have a much more modern look, with their sleek, simple lines.

Cushion: Old World Beauty

The cushion cut, once called the old mine cut, has a beautiful vintage style. This shape, which looks like a square with rounded corners, was the most popular diamond shape of many vintage eras and has been coming back into fashion with those who love their ageless look. On top of their beautiful old world look, cushion cut diamonds have a much more fiery light pattern than most diamond cuts, giving them an extra dash of glamour.

Asscher: Antique Sophistication

Asscher cut diamonds are the top choice among those who love the romantic, yet boldly geometric look of the 1920s. When you think of asscher cuts, The Great Gatsby might come to mind, or perhaps you might think of the art deco design of the Empire State Building. The unique facet pattern of Asscher cut diamonds gives them a sophisticated, antique-looking beauty.

Emerald: Clearly Refined

There’s no diamond shape more refined than the emerald. This shape, which has been favored by style icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Beyonce, looks like a rectangle with cut corners and has a flashy step cut. The cut of an emerald diamond lets the pure beauty of the diamond shine through, which lends them an understated, chic glamour.

Oval: Distinctively Classic

The elongated shape of the oval diamond gives it a elegant air. This diamond shape has a brilliant cut, giving it beautiful shimmer, but has a more distinct look than the round diamond, which has made it popular among those who like the traditional look but want to stand out from the crowd.

Pear: Style-Setting Sophistication

The pear shaped diamond, also called the teardrop diamond, is for those who want to turn heads. This is one of the least common diamond shapes and is usually chosen by style setters who appreciate the pear’s distinctive sophistication.

Marquise: The Royal

The marquise diamond, named for the Marquise of Pompadour, has a royal elegance. This particularly unique diamond, which is shaped like an oval with pointed ends, is often chosen by those who are incredibly sophisticated, with strong ideas about their own unique style.

Heart: Sweet and Playful

There’s no diamond shape more sweet than the heart diamond. This beautiful diamond shape says that the wearer has a sentimental side and likes to have fun with their style.

Radiant: Dazzling Glamour

At first glance, the radiant cut looks similar to an emerald, with its rectangular shape and cut corners. However, the radiant diamond has different facets that create much more shimmer. This diamond shape is for those who love sparkle and glamour, and like to go big with their style choices.

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