DESIGN No. 583

Wide Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring

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Product Details

The Wide Diamond Split Shank engagement ring is a striking and bold choice that balances both elegance and modern design. This double-row ring features a wide split shank, adding a sense of drama and uniqueness to the overall aesthetic. The diamonds on the band contribute to the overall brilliance of the ring, offering a touch of glamour and sparkle from every angle. As the double-row band ascends, it gracefully splits, creating a distinct and wide opening that draws attention to the center round brilliant diamond. The center stone is securely held in place by a classic four-prong setting, allowing it to be prominently showcased and maximizing its brilliance. One of the standout design elements of this ring is the cross-over bridge prong-work. As the bands split and cross over each other, the intricate prong detailing adds a layer of sophistication and artistry to the ring. The prongs not only serve a functional purpose in securing the center diamond but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the piece.