DESIGN No. 554

Three Stone Diamond Open Shank Engagement Ring

14K White Gold
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Product Details

The Three Stone Diamond Open Shank engagement ring is a captivating and symbolic piece that beautifully narrates the journey of love?past, present, and future. This unique ring design artfully incorporates an open shank adorned with diamonds, creating a mesmerizing and contemporary look. The central theme of the ring revolves around the trio of diamonds, each representing a significant phase in a couple's relationship. One of the distinctive features of this engagement ring is its open shank design. The shank, or band, of the ring is elegantly split or separated, creating negative space that adds a modern and airy feel to the overall composition. The open shank is meticulously set with diamonds, contributing to the ring's brilliance and sparkle. The use of diamonds along the shank enhances the sense of luxury and sophistication.