DESIGN No. 989

Three Row Infinity Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold
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Product Details

The Three Row Infinity Diamond Cathedral engagement ring is a distinctive and symbolic design that beautifully represents eternity and endless love. The ring's unique feature is the incorporation of three rows, each contributing to the overall symbolism and aesthetic appeal. The outer rows of the band are adorned with diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle and brilliance to the ring. The interior row of the band is crafted from high-polished precious metal and shaped into infinity twists. The infinity symbol, with its continuous loops, is a powerful representation of eternal and limitless love. The addition of diamond accents within the loops further enhances the symbolism, adding an extra layer of sophistication and significance to the design. As the band ascends, it transitions into a cathedral setting, leading up to the center round stone. The center round stone is securely held in place by four prongs, allowing it to shine as the focal point of the ring.