DESIGN No. 1150615

Tapered Split Shank Milgrain Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold
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Product Details

The Tapered Split Shank Milgrain engagement ring features an elegant and intricate design. The balanced loop style with a split shank creates a visually appealing and dynamic look. The addition of diamonds along the band, especially with the split and reconnecting design, adds to the overall brilliance and sophistication of the ring. The use of milgrain detailing on both the inside of the bands and inside the halo is a thoughtful touch that enhances the vintage-inspired aesthetics of the ring. Milgrain beading adds a delicate and timeless texture, contributing to the overall charm of the piece. This engagement ring is likely to be a stunning choice for someone who appreciates intricate designs, vintage elements, and a touch of contemporary flair. The balanced combination of diamonds and milgrain detailing makes it a unique and captivating piece.