DESIGN No. 471

Petite Cathedral Channel Engagement Ring

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Product Details

The Petite Cathedral Channel engagement ring is a captivating and delicately styled piece that exudes grace and elegance. The ring's design features a petite band adorned with four small round brilliant accent diamonds on each side. These accent diamonds add a subtle touch of sparkle and sophistication to the band, creating a harmonious balance. The channel setting of the accent diamonds is not only aesthetically pleasing but also securely holds the diamonds in place, allowing them to contribute to the overall brilliance of the ring. As the band ascends toward the top, it gracefully pinches to frame the center round brilliant diamond. The use of a classic four-prong setting for the center stone ensures that it takes center stage, allowing its natural beauty to shine. The clean and timeless design of the four-prong setting also allows for maximum light exposure, enhancing the brilliance and fire of the center diamond.