DESIGN No. 265

Graduated Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring

14K White Gold
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Product Details

The Graduated Diamond Cathedral engagement ring is a captivating and beautifully designed piece that features a unique graduated band, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to the overall aesthetic. This ring showcases a petite and delicate band that gradually increases in size as it ascends toward the top set with diamonds, creating a visual progression of size and adding an extra layer of sparkle. This graduated arrangement not only adds an elegant flair to the design but also draws attention to the center stone, making it the focal point of the ring. The hidden three-stone peek-a-boo placement is a delightful surprise, adding an element of intrigue and romance to the ring. Whether visible from the side or subtly revealed, these additional stones contribute to the overall beauty and uniqueness of the design. The cathedral setting, where the band rises to meet the center stone, provides a classic and timeless touch to the ring. It enhances the overall profile of the piece, creating a sense of elevation and prominence for the center stone.