DESIGN No. 546

Diamond Split Shank Catherdral Engagement Ring

18K Yellow Gold
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Product Details

The Diamond Split Shank Cathedral engagement ring is an exquisite and captivating piece that beautifully combines modern elegance with timeless design elements. One of the key highlights of this engagement ring is the intricately designed split shank. The double-row band, adorned with glistening diamonds, elegantly separates as it approaches the center stone. The cathedral-style setting further elevates the design, with the shoulders of the ring rising toward the center stone in a graceful and architectural manner. The elevated setting not only adds prominence to the center diamond but also allows light to enter from all angles, maximizing its brilliance and fire. The choice of a round brilliant diamond for the center enhances the timeless and classic nature of the ring. Round diamonds are renowned for their exceptional sparkle and versatility, making them a popular choice for engagement rings.