DESIGN No. 170

Diamond Catherdral Bead Bright Engagement Ring

14K Yellow Gold
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Product Details

The Diamond Cathedral Bead Bright engagement ring is a timeless and classic beauty that exudes elegance and sophistication. This ring features a carefully crafted design that highlights the brilliance of the round brilliant center stone and adds a touch of glamour to the overall aesthetic. One of the distinguishing features of this ring is the cathedral setting, where the sides of the band gracefully ascend to meet the central four-prong setting that cradles the round brilliant diamond. The arrangement of diamonds in varying sizes creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect, drawing attention to the intricacies of the design. The bead bright setting, characterized by diamonds set in close proximity, maximizes the brilliance of the diamonds, contributing to the ring's overall sparkle. The clean and high-polished sides of the band add a touch of simplicity and sophistication to the design. The smooth and reflective surfaces create a seamless and polished appearance, allowing the diamonds to take center stage and shine brightly. The use of precious metal in a high-polished finish enhances the ring's luster and contributes to its timeless appeal.