DESIGN No. 331

Diamond Cathedral Filigree Engagement Ring

18K White Gold
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Product Details

The Diamond Cathedral Filigree engagement ring is a timeless and classic piece with a touch of vintage elegance. The design features a half-diamond band, where the size of the diamonds gradually increases as it ascends the cathedral-style setting toward the center round brilliant diamond. This graduated arrangement adds visual interest and draws attention to the focal point of the ring. The vintage influence becomes apparent when examining the profile of the ring. Filigree metalwork, characterized by delicate and intricate detailing, is incorporated into the design. The combination of the half-diamond band, cathedral setting, and filigree detailing creates a harmonious blend of classic and vintage elements. The graduated diamonds contribute to the sense of movement and balance in the design, while the filigree adds a layer of sophistication and a nod to historical craftsmanship. The use of a round brilliant diamond as the center stone ensures a timeless and brilliant focal point. The elevated setting of the center stone within the cathedral design allows for optimal light exposure, maximizing the diamond's sparkle and brilliance.