DESIGN No. 155

Diamond Bead Bright Graduated Shank Engagement Ring

18K Yellow Gold
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Product Details

The Diamond Bead Bright Graduated engagement ring is a breathtaking and classic design that incorporates a unique and eye-catching feature. This stunning ring features a traditional 4-prong setting that beautifully showcases the center diamond, allowing it to take center stage with its brilliance and sparkle. What sets this engagement ring apart is the incorporation of the same diamond setting in the profile prongs. By extending the diamond setting to these profile prongs, the ring achieves a harmonious and continuous flow of sparkle from multiple angles. This design choice adds an extra layer of brilliance and detail to the ring. When viewed from the sides, the profile prongs sparkle with the same intensity as the center stone, creating a seamless and dazzling effect. It's a thoughtful and innovative touch that enhances the overall beauty of the ring.