DESIGN No. 1063

Criss Cross Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

14K Rose Gold
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Product Details

The Criss Cross Round Diamond Halo engagement ring is a stunning and well-balanced design that seamlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary flair. This exquisite ring features intricate criss-crossing diamond bands that elegantly lead up to a dazzling diamond halo, creating a harmonious and eye-catching composition. The intersecting diamond-set bands create a sense of movement and sophistication, enhancing the visual appeal of the ring. This design not only adds a touch of modernity but also provides additional sparkle and brilliance to the piece. The central focus of the ring is the beautiful round brilliant diamond held within the captivating diamond halo. The halo setting not only accentuates the center stone but also contributes to the overall radiance of the ring by surrounding it with a circle of smaller diamonds. This design choice maximizes the sparkle and brilliance of the entire piece.