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Design Your Own Engagement Ring

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  • Solitaire settings are the most popular engagement rings right now. Especially ones that have prong set accents diamonds. The use of delicate prongs to hold the diamonds allows for maximum light to enter the diamond resulting in higher sparkle and scintillation. Solitaire options are known for keeping the focus on the center stone.

  • The most secure style setting for the center diamond or gemstone is a Bezel setting. A Bezel setting is precious metal that wraps around the stone while overlapping its edges to provide maximum protection. Bezel settings can either fully or partially wrap around a diamond.
  • The most secure setting in regards to the side diamonds is the channel setting. Channel setting is where diamonds are held together by rows of metal on both sides so the diamonds aren’t exposed to potential impact.

  • The setting is the best way to express your unique style and should be something that brings you happiness and joy. From classic to vintage or modern to nature inspired, your ring represents what you want it to.
  • Consider all factors when choosing your perfect setting, shape and carat weight greatly influence your style ring as larger center stones have a certain height and width requirement. Make sure you accommodate for your lifestyle, if working in environments where your ring could be impacted by machines or tools, you may want to consider a lower profile style setting or a secure setting like bezel sets. For those with low impact jobs typically have less risk of damage and can choose any style that suits their preferences.
  • Budget is also a factor to keep in mind, consider halo settings when on a limited budget, this style provides a larger look to the overall size with less impact to the cost compared to a larger diamond size which has a higher price range.

  • Choosing the right metal for you can simply be your color preference, it could be guided by your own body type or based on upkeep/ maintenance.
  • Not all skin tones are the same and the color of precious metals range on the wearer. Consider your undertones and what colors look best on you when looking for the perfect metal color.
  • Your body will also influence you as well if you have allergies. Platinum is the most pure and naturally hypoallergenic precious metal in the world today. If allergic to nickel or various allows consider platinum. If you are not overly sensitive and you like yellow or rose gold consider 18K options as they have a higher gold content which lowers the amount of other alloys added. If you do not have allergies and want the most cost effective options in a precious metal then 14K is a good option for you.
  • When it comes to maintenance of the precious metal you choose, know that platinum requires minimal upkeep whereas gold requires more.

  • Round Cut is still the most popular shape preference today. According to GIA, more than 60% of engagement rings are round cut. The more trending shapes include Oval, Radiant and Emerald cuts . The perfect diamond is the diamond you choose.

  • We have a wide variety of wedding band options to choose from. To give you peace of mind we also have a selection of bridal sets that will make your search for the perfect ring an easy and fun experience.
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