DESIGN No. 615

Three Row Cross Over Two Tone Engagement Ring

14K White/Rose Gold
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Product Details

The Three Row Cross Over Two Tone engagement ring is a stunning and contemporary masterpiece that combines innovative design with luxurious details. This ring stands out with its unique three-row crossover pattern, creating an asymmetrical and visually dynamic look. The use of both 14K rose and white gold precious metals adds a touch of versatility and modernity to the design. The diamonds are meticulously set in the metal, forming a continuous band of shimmer that extends across the entire surface of the three rows. The unique crossover pattern continues to the top of the ring, where it gracefully leads to the center round brilliant diamond. The center stone is held securely in a classic 4-prong setting, allowing it to be prominently displayed and maximizing its brilliance. The choice of a round brilliant diamond is timeless, known for its exceptional sparkle and fire.