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Laura Vintage Leaf Engraved Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold
Metal Type #: 14K White Gold
Stock #: SR1004E-14KW
0.50 Carat D-IF Good GIA Certified Round Natural Diamond
Stock #: RB1103

Product Details

The Bypass Knife Edge Engraved engagement ring sounds like a truly captivating and symbolic piece of jewelry. Its combination of asymmetrical design, nature-inspired elements, and engraved detailing creates a unique and meaningful representation of love and relationships. The bypass style, with its two intertwining bands, symbolizes the intertwining paths and journeys that two individuals take as they navigate life together. This design choice adds depth and symbolism to the ring, reminding the wearer of the shared journey they are embarking on with their partner. Furthermore, the knife-edge band adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the ring, while the engraved leaf-like etching brings a sense of natural beauty and elegance. These intricate details not only enhance the visual appeal of the ring but also add depth and texture to its overall design.

Diamond Details

This deceptively simple ring reveals its stunningly intricate design upon closer inspection with .05 ctw of round white diamonds that decorate the sides of a six-prong setting.

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